About a half a year ago, we had a channeled session come through that was relevant to me at one level then, but has come into fruition now.

From the Mastering Alchemy class, we worked with a point below the body called the Earth Star. This is an energetic point that our energetic body (chakras) can connect to, and also a point that the Earth’s energetic body can connect to. There are different levels of well-being that can be attained by being aware of and using this connection.

There can be an access to additional energy available to the body through the Earth Star greater than what is normal. Think lifespan or health/healing as an example of use here. I have had spontaneous experiences with this, so I have reference points to what the channel was pointing to. There have been moments when I step into my power and feel a power running through me. In these moments, there is the connection above to Spirit as we are often taught to connect to, and simultaneously, there is a connection and an access to this energy below. I feel it like a dance in my being. In these moments, I know more than my physical body. I know my energetic body. I feel a sense of empowerment through my being. There is a clarity and a focus. I know what to do. I know what to say. Yet nothing is needed. My most powerful experience of this was when I was in Egypt last. I remember thinking that I “could power a city.” I also remember not understanding that thought as it landed, but that was one way to put words to the experience of the power I was feeling. It was potential energy. It was powerful, but very calm. There was nothing I needed to do with it. I was just fully aware it was available to be directed as I wished.

From that channeled session:
“In Egypt, the circumstances came together in a way to enable a powerful opening for you. Now, there is some time that has transpired since then. And your awareness has grown. And your willingness to step up has grown. And your awareness of your power and your willingness to take this deliberately is available to you. And if you summon this energy through your body, why, it will respond, for it is one of the harmonics of your being. And, there is this question of leadership, for as you step out and hold those energies, it will be easier for others to observe and feel and match those energies.”

At that time, I was well aware of what I felt in Egypt. I also “understood”, or maybe I just believed, that experience showed me what is possible for me, showed me one of the “goals” I was shooting for. I believed it the way it was expressed here – that the energies of Egypt allowed that to open as it did. But I did not know how to recreate it purposefully outside of Egypt. As I write that, I remember my ballroom dance experiences from earlier in life and know it is just about knowing what is desired, and the body will “learn” how to do it. And I am sure I worked with this knowing, this success at that time. That is how I move forward. So, I did not know how to do it at that time. But I knew what to do with the not knowing. I knew how to invoke the knowing. And I was also aware of my relationship with the beings that speak to us through these channelings, and my choosing to trust them. So, I chose to believe what they told me. And even if it wasn’t possible for me to summon this in that moment, I saw that if I believed I could, then it would be true in this reality at some time. In some ways, it is just learning to take time out of the equation.

We have continued to work with archetypes, both as Horus brought them in, but also others. I am learning to invoke the energies I want to engage more consciously. Just recently, I had an opportunity to want to have access to that same level of power I had in Egypt. I decided not to wait for it. I decided to invoke it and just use it. And it worked. I see that it was not as powerful as what was available then, but it was a step up and a calling on it consciously and then seeing the results. Now I know how to do it. Now I know it works. Now it is mine. And since then, I have had many opportunities to enhance and refine this. My power grows, or the connection get wider, with every use. I feel the momentum behind this ability coming in now. I use it for little things. I use it for significant things. I am learning to trust it and trust myself. The results, or the reflections back, are very quick, so that is quite helpful.