About this website

An invitation to play:

This website is one of my playgrounds. It is a means for expression, for bringing into tangibility that which I am playing with. It is a means for including, embracing, and engaging with others.

I feel the website being fluid at the moment. It is not complete. I feel like it is growing into itself and more will be revealed as I play and as others join me in play.

It might be this website is the structure that is beginning to land the fluidity that is me. As I look around my world and speak with people that come into my sphere, I see modeling this role is important right now, this ability to create from the fluidity. Knowing we know what we are doing at one level and being comfortable that we cannot explain it to others or ourselves yet, that it is not complete. It is like being a seed, having been a dormant seed not aware of our own aliveness, and then starting to come online, starting to sense what type of tree or flower or herb we are, and even if visible, not defined enough yet for others to be able to experience it fully.

If the process of spiritual growth through play sounds fun to you, let this be your invitation to connect with me.

Ways to connect and play:

One of the ways to connect with me is simply to read Marybeth’s Posts. You connect in with my energy here. You may also receive some thoughts or inspiration or ahas. Often what I put words to assists others to see more clearly what they are doing themselves. It validates. It accelerates. It allows us to rest. It allows us to move forward with ease. It allows us to remember we are not ever alone. We are holding hands as we step out of the old, as we walk the lines of this transition, as we step further into this next golden age.

Connect with me by commenting within the posts or blogs on this site!

You can also connect with me simply by opening the website and tuning in for a few minutes. Just breathe. It is my desire to continue to add to the energy of the Home Page where you can feel yourself enter the environment. You can feel all stress and tension dissolve. You can just be. You can rest. Or you can do more within it. I feel infinite possibilities here. It just depends on who shows up to play.

With Rick, my beloved partner and husband, we have created a sacred space, a retreat space within our home that is continuing to develop into an offering for the physical community around us. It allows people to be in the clear energy here. It allows things to happen. My feel and my desire is this website opens the same portals to be accessible to more people than those that can visit us. The two are very connected.

I like who I am. I like what I have created and what I am creating. I am learning that what I have (internally) is what others want. I am stepping up to express that which is within me, to put it on offer so those that want to play here also have the potential to find me and to play. I offer myself as a tuning fork or as the radiance of the sun. Soak up that which is yours, which feels right to you. Attune to that which others have created and integrate it within your own structures. Maybe this is offering a different way of being than you have been aware of. There might be nothing more to be done than to open the website and feel / know / see / hear, “Oh, yes.” Feel your body take a deep breath, and then move on with your day.

There is also available some past play I have done with others. Feel free to read, to play with, to take as your own Group Sessions, Explorations, and Body Consciousness work.

I have started a group called The Infinite Playground. We are intentionally playing in the Golden Age, landing it, bringing it in. In some ways, it is just playful, grounded, supporting energy, just playing with friends. I have started to share some of our play, and I am looking for ways to expand that. It will come as I feel it or as I get feedback on what is helpful to you.

I am learning I have a unique piece to add to the Earth plane at this time. While I see it as being an energy, a frequency, or even a resting place, a stronghold, I am also aware it helps when I speak from the energy. I am starting to play with what can loosely be called workshops. Maybe these will be live, maybe they will be recorded. Over time, you can expect to see these available.

I am looking to see how I can assist, how I can be of service as each of us finds and steps into our unique purpose, how I can play with and align with others in their creations, how I can make myself and my energy connection available to anyone wishing to play with me. There can be something very powerful for myself and the other when these connections happen. I am drawing more of this to me as it inspires me, lights me up, and adds to who I am and who I am becoming.

You may visit the Magical Awakening offerings to connect with me.

You may connect with me by sponsoring me monetarily. Take a moment and make a donation if that resonates.

This website seems to be an extension of me, fluid and evolving. It is intended to be participatory: energetically, with feedback, or directly participating. Let your participation be as fluid as my creation. Try something. See if doors open or close.

It is all play. And for those that know me, I take my play quite seriously!