About Magical Awakening

Magical Awakening is an energy modality sourced by Brett Bevell of Academy of Love and Light and is overseen by Merlin and Lady of the Lake. I took the first course in August of 2020 because the primary feel around it was play, and, of course, because it is Merlin and Lady of the Lake and I live in Avalon. I just had to say “Yes!” It is similar to Reiki in that it can be sent remotely and can be sent to groups. It really surprised me I started to use it as I did. The reflections back on it are so powerful and consistent, I have continued to play with it.

I took the courses through Level 8, completing in January of 2022. Some of the tools we use in this modality are Dragon Fire, the Holy Grail, Arthur’s Crown, and the Enchantments from each of the four elements. I recorded notes after the sessions several times and I offer one here to give you a flavor of the energy we play with and in.

Currently, I offer group sessions on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. your time. Suggested donation of £10 per session. We do not meet physically. We do not meet on Zoom. We show up for the session in our own space. The session is intended to last 30 minutes. Some have experienced the energy being available after that time, so feel free to rest in it or play in it as long as you wish. Come with an intention to receive. It may be specific. It may be general. I suggest allowing yourself to just relax during this time, and notice what you notice.

You may choose to sleep while you are receiving it. You may set the intention to receive it at a different time on Saturday, if there is a better time for you. Again, play with it. Notice what you notice.

I now record the energy of the session as we are in it. I offer words where they wish to express. I send the recording out sometime after the session as we have found it helpful to have words put around the experience. Yet, it is not necessary to listen to it.

Contact me if you would like to join a session. Or make a payment and be sure to give me your name, email address, and which Saturday(s) you would like to receive. I believe there is more to come with what is available from this offering. Let us see what unfolds.