The Golden Age

The Gathering

And so, it begins. From the beginning at our home, named The Gables, I have seen us having parties here, get-togethers. At the beginning, I saw it as an Open House to show those we knew where we moved to. We didn’t follow through because we were just renting. After we purchased, we didn’t follow through because it was not new anymore. In 2021, I again saw visions of people gathering here, and more than just for a facilitator running a...

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Astral Construct – Victor

Victor: Thank you so much for that validation, Marybeth. I am going to talk a little bit about the energies I've been working within this astral construct, to see if you guys have any commentary on that. The last time that we spoke, I said it out loud as an affirmation. I am the next Golden Age. Now, what my experience of the astral has been, its clicking and its making sense. I had a couple dreams this week and actually quite a few astral...

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Astral Construct – Amy

In listening to what Victor saw in Amy's play in the astral construct he set up, I was surprised with how much related to our play with the Golden Age. I started to feel it becoming more tangible. And, even reading it later, I can feel my excitement growing. Victor: Amy, do I have your permission to really quickly just give you a check in on what I see regarding what you've been working on in the astral? Amy: I would like that, thank you....

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Astral Construct – Marybeth

In July, I started a group with two other people. I thought we were taking the Magical Awakening offering forward, looking at how to create a group structure around that. That is yet to unfold as I came to understand at the second meeting that their focus is bringing in the Golden Age. I did not even remember speaking to them about the Golden Age, but it is so much of my essence now that not only did I speak it, but I was heard. At the...

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