Body Consciousness

02 – Beginning to work with

In starting to be aware of body consciousness, you may recognize a similarity to the conscious dream space. You will recognize the potentiality here that this dream space is not so much your own dream space, but a connection with this body-consciousness. Understand that this is not the essence of who you are, but rather that process of your letting go and allowing an engagement with the body-consciousness and the manner in which it moves and...

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03 – Making a Connection

There is a presence of the body consciousness in the solar plexus region. The primary concern of operation here is for the survival of the body and the well-being of its cellular members. There is available, here, a vast store of knowledge. This beingness is very engaged in the processes of digestion and manufacture. This body consciousness does not operate so clearly through words. It is not language based. There is an awareness of vision....

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04 – Potentials

Here we are with this opportunity to continue this very significant piece of work. The box has been opened to this awareness and engagement with body consciousness. In this differentiation between yourself and your awareness of working with this body consciousness, then different understandings are assuredly arising. One of the pieces that will arise for you as we explore this space will also be a different viewpoint, a different perception,...

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05 – Tuning In

Let us now take just a few minutes to tune into this body consciousness. Feel its presence. The center of its domain is more the abdomen, the belly. Its major functionalities are the digestive system, also the sexuality. The breath provides a very good interface to this body consciousness, for the breath is a space where deliberate, conscious control may easily be taken, and yet it is also managed and very much a part of the domain of the...

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06 – Programming

My dear friends, much is becoming apparent here, much is emerging, shall we say, from some shadow spaces. Shadow does not imply bad, but shadow simply implies unseen, unrecognized. Within your consciousness, the composite consciousness of your being as a physical being, is this consciousness that is responding to its own programming. That body consciousness will indeed seek to serve you well. In the process of serving you well, it is open to...

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07 – Operating with Spiritual Self

You may wonder, dear friends, about the mechanism of hypnotism. In the process of hypnotism, as the conscious element of the individual is moved aside and direct rapport with body consciousness is engaged. In such circumstances, body consciousness is capable of extraordinary things, fed and led by ideas of clarity, expectation and precision from that being that is invoking that hypnotism. There is, in a normal sense, a confusion of being,...

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08 – An Example

I will give one example here. You may experience a different quality. Let it make itself known to you, if there is such a one present for you. Be aware of what you notice. The body consciousness is programmed, in this case, with life issues reflecting back and holding certain aspects of grief. You are invited to recognize this grief as not your own, not you, despite the fact that the feeling of them may be somewhat intense. There is then...

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09 – Gaining Mastery

Issues are made more complicated by there being a chain of thoughts. As there are a chain of thoughts precipitating a particular effect, recognizing one or two aspects of that is helpful. It is a start. And yet, the point of clarity comes as you recognize that none of a feeling of lack of wellness, no aspect of it at all, is necessary. No compromise is necessary. And as the space of no compromise is held with clarity, and yet without...

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10 – Spontaneous Change

I wish to draw your attention to potentials for change, and manner of changes. There is an expectation for a change over time, perhaps a gradual change. At the end of a period of a year, one might look back and notice that there has been significant change in the year. This is common enough. I wish to draw to your attention that in the direct work that you are addressing now, there is the potential for a spontaneous change. This occurs when...

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