Invitation to “Moments with Marybeth”

Golden heartsDo you know what it feels like to sit in the presence of magic? Do you love to see results in your life? Do you know what it feels like to be safe? Such different questions.

On a very simple note, Moments with Marybeth is conversation. It is laughter. It is play. It is community growing as we each are growing. It brings us easily into the best version of who we are now. It offers stability. It empowers us to live our next steps with intention and awareness, identifying our own wants and harnessing the possibility of dreams. The magic is felt.

Moments with Marybeth is different things to different people. We gather recognizing we are in sacred space and sacred time, making anything possible. We gather with intention to step into the next greatest version of who we are, whether this is to become comfortable breathing in our bodies, or feeling that we belong, or knowing we make a difference, to having the courage and knowing the timing to take that next major step we have been reaching for.

Marybeth is a teacher’s teacher, as she offers connection and energetic leadership, both demonstrating it as well as bringing a laser-precision to the words she offers. She has mastery of an energy that is uplifting, inspiring, awakening, and empowering. Marybeth also holds a safe and welcoming space for wherever you are on your journey. Stuck energies simply release in her presence. All are welcome. There is power, magic, healing, and creation in her voice. She finds the gift in difficult challenges. In her own words, she creates life in ‘perfection and ease’.

Moments with Marybeth, on Zoom, is available Thursdays, 3 to 4 p.m. UK time. Donation requested of £11 / $14 or what feels best to you. Payments can be made in either currency on the Payments tab. Please contact me to request a Zoom link.

Monthly payment option: Monthly charge is £44 or $56 per month. This a slight discount from the weekly suggested donation. This includes access to the recordings of the sessions, and also includes the Magical Awakening sessions on Saturdays.  

Moments with Marybeth, in person in Glastonbury are currently on hold

Know you are welcome. 

Please note: all Zoom calls are recorded. From 24 September 2023, recordings will be made available to all who paid for the monthly package. Recordings may be used, now or in the future, directly or indirectly for [teaching / promotional / podcast] material. By participating in the recording, you are consenting to the recording being made available to the general public at the discretion of Marybeth Armitage.

Moments with Marybeth – Recordings

You will find a sampling of the recordings of “Moments with Marybeth” here:

25th August 2022 - Aligning with Mother Earth

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

18th August 2022 - Trusting our way forward

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

11th August 2022

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

31th May 2022 - Yeshua and love

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

17th May 2022 - New ways of looking at experiences

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

19th April 2022 - My voice is sound healing

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth

12th April 2022 - Masters walking this earth plane

by Marybeth Armitage | Moments with Marybeth