Group Sessions

Session 1 – 2018-11-15

Hello and good evening to you all, my friends. To give me a label, it is I, Thoth. So, my friends, it is back to this question of empowerment. We are in the process of experimentation with the manners and means and approaches that may most effectively and rapidly help from this human level progress to be made in a rapid way. Whereas there are certainly viewpoints that we have to suggest, viewpoints, many considerations that we can bring...

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Session 2 – 2018-11-29

Dear friends, a very good evening to you all. It is I, Thoth. I am looking forward to an exciting evening today, where we take these materials forth, and we actually help to make them practical. There are a group of consciousnesses defining this being. We originally started with this idea of there being the me. What is the me? What is the I? And we have approached this separation at a broader level to suggest there is this spiritual aspect,...

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Session 3 – 2018-12-13

Dear friends, a very good evening to you. It is I, Thoth. So, my friends, let us take forward this space. I would like to commence with a brief review of the focus and approach that we have been taking and then we shall step slightly further forward with this consideration. From looking at the idea of me and what is the me or what is the I, we are looking at the ability to redefine that, to fluidly reassess what that actually means. Now,...

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Session 4 – 2018-12-27

Good evening, dear friends. Tonight it is an aspect of energy that steps forward that we refer to as, Archangel Metatron. In particular, there is a desire to bring forward a greater awareness of the process of incarnation, for that spiritual aspect of yourself is attached to these bodies. With my dear friend, Thoth, there has been this development of process, with the idea of stepping back slightly from the body, of dissociating from levels...

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Session 5 – 2019-01-10

Hello dear friends, it is I Thoth. Okay, my friends, so time to take forward this work we are doing, a step at a time, and yet, I wish to interpose here a short recap on the focus of our sessions, that is where we seek to guide this experience. There is this essence of you in this fundamental understanding of your beingness as a spiritual being and that potential separation therefore of your existence from the physical body. And there is...

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Session 6 – 2019-02-07

Good evening dear friends, it is I, Thoth. There has been a slight delay in commencing this session while there was some necessary adjustments being made to dear Rick's physiology and energetics in the region of the back of the neck. I wish to commence by discussing some factors here that will address, partly these aspects that dear Rick is addressing, and also, dear Anne, your question about sleep. There is this possibility to be stepping...

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Session 7 – 2019-02-21

Good evening my friends, it is I Thoth. Thank you for this welcome as I come back to haunt you once again. Let us return to my favourite topic of empowerment and I want to talk about another subject here, a related subject, which is the art of trying. A good deal of effort is focused on trying and it is often noticed that trying does not seem to work as well as it ought to. Results can be somewhat elusive in the subject of trying and we wish...

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