List of tools used in Magical Awakening:


  • Dragon Fire
  • The Holy Grail
  • Arthur’s Crown
  • Enchantment of the Elements
  • Mists of Avalon
  • Merlin’s Wand
  • Excalibur
  • Magical Jewels of the Grail


These are literally the tools received in the three attunements.

Under the Enchantment of the Elements, the wizard can call on any of the four element, or any subset or combination of subsets of any element. The volume of possibilities here is limited only by one’s knowledge or imagination. Brett put out a list of 100 subsets for each of the four elements, and there may be more in the book that I am reading now. I am sure I can list ones he does not list, just as there are items on his list I would not use because I don’t have a knowledge of them to know to call on them.


Other tools I notice I draw on are sound and the color codings from Mastering Alchemy.

Sound I am just beginning to play with. The color coding come in fairly often.


  1. Elemental enchantments to open your energies to the potentials in the healing
  1. Earth – rose quartz, heart opening, gentle, soft, warm, but solid, tangible
  2. Air – bring your consciousness into an awareness of self-love
  3. Water – deep, slow moving river; permanence, belonging, present
  4. Angel Fire – high vibration cleansing energy, gentle
  1. Dragon Fire – burning away that which you were now able to release, particularly along these lines holding you back, chakras, also went back in time and cleared that which was not you through this lifetime. Somewhere in here, mountain roots came in.
  2. Grail – safety, well-being, wholeness – flowed through all your bodies, chakras, systems, organs, cells, mental, emotional, physical, karmic, amping all parts of you into knowing your wholeness in divinity. Not sure if it came through here, but the magnificence and glory of Petra came through at one point. A recognition of, an acceptance of, a remembrance of.
  3. Arthur’s Crown – again sent through all the systems and bodies to awaken the wisdom, to open the clarity, to awaken separation consciousness back into remembering and bringing the consciousness back into Oneness. Awakening you.
  4. Mists of Avalon – purpose is to enter the deep mystery of the Divine. I saw your painting here and your deep connection to Avalon. I saw your connection to Merlin and Lady of the Lake, and offered this tool to open that space further for you.
  5. I asked for gifts, enchantments from each of the elements to leave with you, and last step was to integrate all you were given
  1. Air – energy signature of chimes, loosening and moving old energies out, keeping your space clear
  2. Earth – energy of clear quartz – I saw clarity in this, but it offers many gifts. Research if you like.
  3. Water – energy of the element water itself, bringing the emotional body into serenity
  4. Fire – Empowerment Fire – empowers, motivates, gives confidence in moving forward. I also saw this having something to do with your will.