Q:  Is the body consciousness and the ego one and the same? Also, is this the same that we’ve referred to as the subconscious? I’ve always sensed that the subconscious stepped up into the creating role to fill the void left by the Christed Oversoul after the fall of consciousness. And that it was simply doing the best it could, but was trying to fill a role that it was not qualifed to fill. Would this be accurate?

A: Let us now look at some questions brought forward. Some of those questions are directed at definitions of words. The challenge with equating one item to another is that different people hold these definitions of nonphysical realities somewhat differently. There is a mental idea.

Let me give an example from dear Rick’s Clairvision practice. There is the word ego used with small “e” and there is ego used with capital “E.” With capital “E,” it is considered to be the very high principle of the individual, a definition also brought forward by Steiner. Ego with a little “e” in that system refers more to the emotional responses and attitudes of the individual, a perhaps more selfish level.

So, we have questions of definitions. These are valid, for these ideas, indeed, help to convey an area in which to look. With our particular body consciousness approach, we are desiring to engage in the feeling awareness. As we refer to the idea of body consciousness, our preference is to allow that to be relatively undefined.

There has been the suggestion that the body consciousness is an energy that moves from one body to another as bodies die and new ones are born. It represents a level of spirit connected with the planet and connected with nature and connected with the programs set up on this planet to allow for an experience, the experiences gained by the higher level of spirit coming and joining such a body. As experiences, learning, wisdom progresses, the, let us call it, higher spirit … it is not to imply a “better than” principle here. What we call a high-level spirit may very well choose to incarnate, for instance, in association with and ant colony, having a particular interest in how consciousness works.

The assumption therefore that the consciousness connected with such an ant colony is of a lower level than, say, a human being is somewhat arbitrary. There is a sense to that. There is a sense of level of mastery and level of capability at these different levels of consciousness. Perhaps, when one is comparing the appearance of something, there is certainly a hierarchical sense. And yet, in the evaluation of spirit that is occupying even, shall we call it, the least of these roles, or the highest, why then there is not that same differentiation.

Our desire here is the recognition that your experience of yourselves is at a certain level where you are not particularly aware of, even your heartbeat, unless you focus upon it. You are not particularly aware of the breath very often. Although these two items I mention are available at a higher level with focus. Many activities within the body are operating.

Our suggestion to you, the model that we would recommend playing with here, is to consider the operation of the body to be managed by a body consciousness, which is engaged in both perpetuating the genetic sequences, and also making minor modifications to that in the course of time. These modifications may come partly from the calling level of the species itself in response, for instance, to better survival in changing external circumstances.

Also, these changes may come about through the connection with body consciousness with what we are referring to as the higher spirit here, that has come and co-joined and cohabitants within this physical vehicle.

Our desired recommendation would be to look for an interface between what feels like yourself and that which is more the domain of this body consciousness. As you acknowledge that there is a division there, then there is this opportunity to work more effectively with this intelligence that we are referring to as the body consciousness. What is it capable of? What does it control? What are its motives? How may you assist it in its evolutionary path? How may you communicate more effectively?

One of the reasons that we encourage this approach is because of its connection back to the essence of Source. It is our perception, from my level, if you will, and that of those aspects of consciousness with which I operate and hold certain understandings, and believe me, our understandings are subject to change also in this exploration of who and what we are. As we look at the Source, the challenge of the Source as one composite being, as one intelligence, as one consciousness, its desire, there is a desire within that consciousness to explore itself, to find out what it is. There is that aspect of self-awareness that has arisen, but aware of what?

When you wish to look at your face, you do so by reflection. As a self, as an individual that has no connection with anything else, it is difficult to see oneself. Indeed, the idea of seeing oneself suggests taking an external, perhaps internal, but certainly a separate viewpoint. A separate viewpoint is allowed. And therefore, it has been the mission of the One to create or allow multiple aspects within itself that can create an experience of multiple viewpoints of itself.

I refer that principle back to this question of the body. As the spirit and body are merged, and emotions are felt, there is this sense as the human being: Well, these are my emotions. This is me. I am creating this. Whereas there is a truth to the extent that we are all responsible for our creations, it is also true that we exist within, we move or adopt a beingness within a playing field that has already been significantly created. There is a momentum. There are rules that govern how, for instance, these bodies operate.

The assumption, therefore, that from the viewpoint of occupying a body that one is capable of creating anything within that body, that viewpoint needs perhaps some inspection. Whereas there is a truth to the element that we, at one level, may create anything, yet when we have entered into an agreement in order to experience an environment, we have agreed to holding many rules in place in order to step in and to play the role of a particular piece within a particular pre-created setup. In that environment, the capabilities of creation are deliberately restricted and the joy is in experiencing the All That Is from within that viewpoint of limitation. And at another time, one might adopt an alternative viewpoint in alternative locations.

Our desire, and the approach we are adopting here, is to consider that there is an alternate beingness operating this body, and how you might interact within it, or with it. We are encouraging you to move to the viewpoint of being the “boss” if you will. If you think of one of your companies or one of your governments, there is the head that makes decisions and then there is a body beneath him or her that can endeavor to enact those particular desires and orders.

Insofar as you consider the body to be your own and yours, there is a tendency that we see in human beings to therefore bypass this intelligence that is available. There is an intelligence and it is an interface. Let us give you an external model. Consider you are seeking to drive a car, and instead of operating with the steering wheel that has been provided, you get out of the car and you twist and point the wheels every time you wish to go around a corner.

The domain of the details of the body is more within the domain of this body consciousness. We ask you to operate within that model, and then move through feeling it, this is not so much a thinking process as it is a feeling process, to identify a graceful and harmonious way in which you may begin to acknowledge this body consciousness and work very constructively with it for the creation of those experiences that you would prefer.