I leave for Japan in 4 days. This was one of those long-time-coming and all-of-a-sudden whirlwinds. There are two stories that have interwoven around this trip. Both revolve around a close friend, Amy.

I was privileged to be on a phone call on September 21 that just ignited every cell in my body. I thought it was off-the-charts energy. I was certainly in one of my highs. In asking Amy what it was like for her, she said she has never seen me vibrate so high. She did also answer something on how it was for her, but she did not have the experience I did. I intended to share with you all then, but I have only managed a short Facebook post to date. As I get closer to my leave date, I am reminded to share more of the story.

I have never been to Japan. Neither have I had a call to go there. But then, neither had I felt a call to go to England before my first trip there and now I live here. Amy has lived in Japan. She has a love for the people, the country, the land. I set the intention years ago that when I traveled to a new place, I desired to do so with someone who loves that area.

I believe Amy would love to take anyone to Japan. Building on that, though, she has been telling me for some now that she believes / sees that my message may be very well-received in Japan. She has had it in mind to make that connection. I don’t say no when people see things. I just let it sit and watch what opens, unless it is something I really feel I do not want to do.

I need to insert a story here. I believe it is significant. Time will tell. I made an extended trip to the USA in May-June-July this year to see if I wanted to move back to US due to the separation with Rick. Several or many times, I have questioned why I am still in Glastonbury. That was a story also. The question came around again, so I scheduled a tour of the Midwest and seeing family and friends. Early on, within a week, I saw clearly that if I wanted to move back, the perfect home would open and energetically, as well as physically by family and friends, I was welcomed back.

In knowing that with clarity, as I looked again at options, I came to the same conclusion. I love my home in Glastonbury. Everything works. I know my life is a blank slate, is in transition. Until I know what I want to do, where I want to go, I prefer to stay in my current home in Glastonbury.

A little while after this, while on the trip, I was giving an impromptu workshop in Missouri. While I was sharing a story about a business meeting I had been in, my throat caught. I started coughing. I couldn’t speak. I looked at it. I looked at the story I was telling and I had flashes of memories and knowings around what I will just call the spiritual guardianship of Glastonbury. In my world, that was what I called one of Barry Taylor’s roles. He passed a year ago. Glastonbury is large in its diversity; I do not know what others think, see, or know on that topic.

Much flowed through me, and I said out loud, “I wonder if that is why I am in Glastonbury.” I felt Barry had tried to pass the baton to Rick and I from when we met him early on in our time in Glastonbury. He tried again with me about 6 months before he passed. I could see energetically and hold the expansiveness, but I could not energetically connect to work with him in passing it on. I did not know my cousin was a medium until that moment. Everything happening within me at once, and I “see” Barry coming through/over my cousin’s shoulder, and she says: He is saying “Uh, duh!!”

Do you know those moments??  I think I laughed for five minutes there was so much that landed there. Fast-forward to coming home to Glastonbury. I found myself outside more, walking different paths. One day, I didn’t want to go back home. I sat in Market Square at the monument. I have never sat there before. I found myself closing my eyes and watching my channel of light anchor above and below. I heard myself saying, “Yes. I am here.” In this human body, I watched what I was doing, and I agreed. I am here. I am in. In that moment, the dogs in the square around me started barking. One was right next to me. I thought of the dogs from the Spain adventure, and I didn’t even open my eyes. I smiled inwardly. I repeated my vow or my agreement. I am here. And I breathed.

So, I shared that story because in my understanding, this was significant for Japan to open for me. And again, this is where I say time will tell.

Japan was not something Amy spoke about often, but after I anchored myself in Glastonbury energetically, when she spoke of it, I could feel it within me. I noticed it was in my vortex. I thought about it without her prompting. I noticed I started speaking of the possibility of travel to Japan when I spoke to others. Amy started saying she could feel us going in this calendar year. I watched, as I do.

On the 20th of September, Amy and I had a spontaneous conversation and Japan came up again. I suggested we not wait for more knowing or more details, and we just start to book something and see if doors open or close. Does it come together with ease and flow, or not? How do we know unless we try. She had felt it for a long time. I could feel it now. I suggested we did not need more.

Simultaneous to this timeframe is the second story. I think it was about a year ago, Amy told me of a friend of hers who went back to Japan to be part of a 2 ½ year project. In my simplicity, this group was going to different locations on the Earth to leave harmony stones either in the land itself or with an indigenous leader / guardian of the land. One of the places they intended to come to is England. Again, in simple terms, they are creating a prayer grid around the Earth. Amy “saw” me being part of that and told me about it. Again, I didn’t say no energetically, but mentally I just saw I did not fit what they were looking for. So, I let it be.

Amy held the space, her sight, and would bring us up to each other periodically. Again, when she spoke it after I anchored in Glastonbury, I could feel in my gut that I was part of this project. I shared with Amy the change within me.

Yet, what they were looking for remained the same. Energetically, I now wondered if Barry really was a guardian of Glastonbury and if I really did accept the baton. Is it real to others? Also, I had a conversation with new neighbors and found myself telling the story of learning my ancestors left England on the Mayflower and in the next 30 to 40 years. I remember becoming a citizen here and realizing it was not so random, but I had come full circle to be back in England for this time of great change.

But, on the surface, I was definitely not what they were looking for. The correspondence with her friend was going along those lines. That did not surprise me at all. I was just aware of the new knowing within me and wondered how / if it would play out.

My memory says within 48 hours, they shifted completely. The leader of the project suddenly said she wanted to meet me and could we all set up a video call. Of course, the answer was yes.

Let me repeat the timing. The spontaneous discussion on Japan and opening to look at travel this year was September 20. Early September 21 was the video call with Amy, her friend, and the leader of the project. This is the call that was off-the-charts energy for me.

I knew everything they were saying as I heard the first words. I was “One” within that energy. I understood their project in a way I had not before. So many synchronicities. I had been reviewing some past notes and understandings with and for a friend recently, reminding me of how I assist the Earth with the energies that are opening and expanding. What this group’s project was is parallel to what I am here to do. In hearing them, I knew something already happened. Whether I am a direct part of anything else did not matter. Our meeting and speaking was significant.

It is called the Aska Project. Here is the link if interested to hear more from their perspective.  https://www.askaproject.com/en  In particular, it is the Beacon of Hope project.

As projects like this do, it has changed a little from the original plans, and they have learned more as they have gone along. There are nine places on the planet to do ceremony and bring the harmony stones. The last one, Botswana, is now not going to be completed until 2025 and that is going to be the linking ceremony between the current project and the next one they are starting to envision.

Big Island, Hawaii, was the first because it is connected to the core of the earth. This was chosen for stability, to build the grid around. In my understanding, what they found when they were there, is the purpose of the ceremony was to resolve Lemurian karma and to bringing back or restore the Lemurian energy to the new world.

After Hawaii was France, then Mount Shasta, USA. Next was New Zealand, India, Russia, and Peru. These have been completed.

The final one is England. Some time during this project, they understood that England is almost like a reflection of the initial ceremony in Hawaii. Hawaii symbolizes the beginning of the Lemurian energy, restoring the energy. And England is to put the end to Atlantis karma that has been governing this earth. It is understood that when the karma is resolved, the energy that is beneath the karma will be free. This energy that is freed is the energy way before the time of memory of Atlantis. It is ancient. This energy is needed for the creation of the new Earth.

There is more to come back to from this conversation. But let me pause here and share more of what I was seeing. Just the night before, I was looking for a friend to see if I had any information on Andromeda. In researching that, I read locations of Lemuria and Atlantis. In that particular source, Atlantis was England and I think two other countries. I did not remember knowing England was Atlantis and it really highlighted. I could not find the source when I looked again, but it made this piece really resonate when they spoke it. Another piece that highlighted here was a conscious watching and belief I had been playing out a role from Atlantis in my current life. I cannot really say I was clearing karma or doing anything helpful. I just felt a connection to Atlantis and had a knowing that something is playing out. And the third piece I knew within me is that I am that ancient energy that will be released in the ceremony here in England.

Another piece I remember from the conversation was a reference intended to show the possible ancient connection between Japan and Britain. There is a study that was done recently by a Japanese man. He found that a particular substance that was used to make the sword that was found in Celtic culture was also the same substance that was found in the mountain in Aso, Japan.

Now, I was on a high. I was seeing so much. When I heard the words “sword” and “Celtic,” I went to Excalibur. This led me to share some of my knowledge of Glastonbury and the sacredness of this land.

Finally, they shared with us they have planned an Earth Family Festival in Japan on November 11. They have invited all the tribal leaders that they connected with through this project. At this time, when all are gathered, they plan to have prayer, and they expect that after the prayer, they will get more information on where to go in England and what to do there. Within me, I knew I needed to be in Japan at that time.

Given my conversation with Amy the day before, giving my go ahead to start to plan a trip to Japan together, and let’s just see what opens, I did ask if we happened to be in Japan on the day of the festival, could we attend. I found the answer interesting. They said that all the people they needed to say a prayer were chosen already, but we could come to observe. That was all I had wanted. A little later, we were also invited to the ceremonies that would take place in the days before and the other activities planned for the tribal leaders. As it stands now, we are planning to only attend Earth Family Festival. I feel this will give opportunity for me to meet those from other countries it may be good to have met physically. I need to just be there. After the planned activities are complete for the others, we then have some sacred time in the days following planned with both Amy’s friend and with the project leader. And that gives Amy and I time to just “be” in Japan, as was the original intent.

In some ways, wow! What a whirlwind. I suggested we look into travel this year and see what opens. Five days later I had my flights booked. Yes, doors open. It is a beautiful energy to follow, to say yes to. It is high energy and high synchronicities within my experience.