We have recently returned from a trip to Rome, several Greek islands, Malta, and Italy. While we were on the sea, heading back towards Italy, we had a channeled session that gave some insight into a broader look at history and civilizations, and also thought about where we can go and what is possible now. We have started to post pictures on Facebook, with more to come yet, but also sharing this perspective of our trip if of interest to you.

Dearly beloved, this is I, Yeshua.

I wish to take forward this question of historical perspective, and to talk a little more about myself and the role that I have played. Now, the teachings correctly state my claim upon the title of a Son of God, and my oneness with the One Great Consciousness. My role, in some ways, was by agreement that some teachings should come forth, and was to help to set a compass direction for humanity. That compass direction is not enforced. It is simply a pointer which may optionally be followed, and yet the presence of that pointer has maintained a certain consistency. Of course, in the nature of the progression of exploration of viewpoints by different civilizations, groups may take on such compass points and build their own perspective and their own set of rules around such perspective. And yet, still, there is the valid kernel, which when meditated upon, allows individuals to align around that greater harmonizing heart space.

From another perspective, my energy is truly radically different from that which was presented in the particular historic role presented through the character and personality of Yeshua. As indeed are the essences of yourselves. There is perhaps an opportunity here to sit back and consider the historical viewpoint and passage of different civilizations on this planet from a much broader perspective. In your lifetime, there are many different areas that interest you, many different areas of experience. Those experiences can be quite radically different from each other. And yet, as you progress with such ideas within your consciousness, there is a greater buffet of ideas from which to draw, into which to weave your next chosen steps.

Perhaps one further word just on my own role as played out in history. There is this question of being a son or daughter of God. And it is apparent, as one looks at the broader aspect of this, that indeed everybody is equally a son and daughter of God. The difference for myself was the consciousness with which I was able to hold that concept while being in the physical, with an unwavering clarity. And not simply as an idea, which is a movement in that direction, but to also hold it in such a way that the feeling of it could be reflected through my personality, and also experienced through connection with my physical body. So, the attunement of the physical body was adjusted to support that experience.

There is this potential now for you to allow these potentials of energy to become reflected to you through your physical bodies, to begin to play actively in this space and role of a son or daughter of God. The One son, the One daughter, simply because as that consciousness has expanded, the awareness of that Oneness is reestablished experientially within the being.

Let us step back a moment to the concept of history. As you are becoming aware, a great deal more of experience is attributable to ideas of history than actual history, and indeed, the ideas with which actual history can be reinterpreted influence that experience, just us experiences in life may at the time be challenging or perhaps in the moment very uplifting, and yet seen from a future perspective, there is, shall we say, a different take on those events, for they are seen within the holding hands of a different perspective which alters the meaning or interpretation and apparent nature of that experience. It becomes possible, as one looks at broader historical perspectives, to appreciate that each historical time has been an exploration into an aspect of humanity, into an aspect of the human experience.

Just as in a lifetime, as it progresses, the past pieces are seen differently and available to be fitted into a broader pattern, so, different epochs of mankind provide focus into areas of experience, which help to form and guide the next inspiration, the next desired set of experiences. And as those are accumulated in the unconscious memory, unconscious in the sense of not necessarily being readily available to the individual living in current experience, yet as those experiences engage, there is a prevailing wind set that helps to provide an unseen guiding hand towards next aspect of experience to be explored. This forms part of an agreement at a broad level where individuals then incarnating into a particular age have a broad awareness of the general direction that is to be explored.

Within the broad constraints set upon human direction, there is, of course, significant freedom for individual roles to be played out. And yet, there is a level of programming brought forward from the continuity of the society into which children are born. This creates a natural starting point for the next level of progression as attained in the duration of successive generations.

Let me point you back and reaffirm something that you have come across in the teachings of the Clairvision school in cross-referencing statements brought forth by Steiner, that the agreement behind the splitting of the sexes was part of an exploration of possible futures, for the desire of those reincarnating was not simply to lead a life of contentment, perhaps even blissful contentment, but yet to utilize experience for an expansion in awareness of All That Is. The splitting of the sexes caused a reaching by the individual for a greater level of wholeness. And, as indicated, this created both a reaching for a wholeness with a partner in the human experience, but also a greater reaching for Spirit on a conscious level.

As you scan through known history, there are these patterns of experience being brought forth in different ages. There was a considerable spiritual initiative in the Egyptian focus and in the bringing forth of stories, for this potency of stories was much recognized. These stories were represented through personification of archetypes, which when aligned with by the individual could cause a focusing and an attunement into that aspect of All That Is. In Egyptian times, it was understood still that these were fundamentally archetypal energies. And yet, to make them available to the individual, some level of personification of those energies was helpful. Yet the concept of archetypal energy was still embodied in many of the representations through the presentation of different bodies, other than human bodies. Personifications included combinations of human form with other animal species for representation of aspects of personality.

The Egyptian experience was reaching to bring forth for individuals the conscious realization of the God-self in a practical human experience. And yet, this was attainable only by very few within that civilization. Humanity then progressed to dismantle that civilization, and yet to keep alive some of those ideas. There is a natural progression from Egyptian representation of archetypal deities into the Greek pantheon of gods. There was a move to recognize two aspects in particular to increase. One was a concept of equality, where concepts of democracy were brought forward. Another aspect was the bringing forward of the beauty and magnificence of the human form, for there was this growing desire to identify more, not so much with simply worship of gods, but the recognition of the God within.

The bringing in of such an energy also made the idea available to those who were less far forward on their path, bringing forward the little ego, but also strove then for its self-importance, its personal realization. This came forward further within the Roman civilization, which still preserved some aspects of democracy, and yet that hung in the balance as the role of Emperor became more firmly established. And it sought further the deification of human beings, where a movement changed from focus on archetypal awarenesses to the glorification of human being with less inner reflection.

A number of civilizations played in and around these principles, until the concept of democracy was more firmly established once again in England. And although the times may seem very different, now from then, yet in the broader flow of civilizations, the current civilization is perhaps little more than younger brother of these civilization from the time when I was present in my role as Yeshua. The general compass continues to be set, for activity that may occur that is contrary to the greater values that humanity brings forth merely helps, over time, to clarify the next direction that humanity is to explore.

A major change has been brought forth, commencing with what has been called the Industrial Revolution, which has provided the impetus to expand means of production, means of survival, and also means of communication through and to people, so that humanity may recognize its role as a whole on this planet. And that that role can be progressively recognized, not simply by the ones and twos with vision, but can begin to be perceived by all individuals, so that all individuals may play more wholesomely, more fully in subtly realigning the directions to be explored.

This representation of yourselves in the ocean, on a ship, provides an analogy to the path that is taken by our civilization of humanity as it moves forward, for the path is not fixed. There is a compass and there can be variations to right and left. There can be stops for exploration. And yet constantly, the civilization moves forward. Part of that energy of the civilization moving forward is in the process of older people with less flexible notions of future simply letting go of the reins, and letting go of their engagement in society through the release of death. While there is this constant process of new birth, bringing forward the new ideas and new directions.

The future of humanity is radically assured and yet persistently expanding beyond the limited perspective that accompanies, appropriately, dealing with the specific age in which one is engaged. Communication with societies in other physical locations, and by this I mean on alternative planets, is a step yet to come. And when enough of humanity is agreed upon the desirability of that, and when enough of the intermediate games have been played out such that sufficient of society has gained sufficient experience and is ready to move forward, then there is this great opening into another phase. And yet, this whole passage of humanity and its own expansion is but a small sliver of your expansion as an expanded being engaging in multiple simultaneous expansions across different levels and dimensions. The great joy is the ongoing opening, an awareness of these overlapping level of consciousness.

By taking a broader view of the direction of humanity, by allowing that to land consciously within your beings, then those frequencies become bound into Mother Earth’s energy more strongly. And as the numbers of you grow that hold such thoughts and ideas, then there is a summoning of those experiences to be brought forth and the necessary steps to allow that to happen become self-aligning. With this broader viewpoint, specifically for the two of you, there is room for you to consider, to play with ideas of where you might like to take this civilization, what direction you would like to explore next. And simply holding that with a degree of clarity within yourselves is enough to allow this iteration of planetary experience to adjust and align.

That alignment can take two forms. When many agree upon a chosen direction, then the whole of the broader experience becomes more focused in that direction. While not so many are aligned on a specific focus, then there is sufficient fluidity within the multi-dimensional levels of Earth energy as to allow subsets of experience. And then a group of such minded people may begin to experience the path that they desire as a subset within the broader aspect of that which is happening within humanity. This then honors the individuality.

In addition to the numbers of people holding such ideas, there is also the potency with which an idea may be held, for the potency behind an idea, such as the ideas I held in my role as Yeshua, can be sufficient to catalyze the imagination of many, and to cause the torches of those so catalyzed when touched to others to allow more fires of inspiration to be rapidly born.

My friends, you might choose to think of your life as a journey in a beautiful cruise ship across the ocean of humanity. Notice how well you are fed. Notice how easily you may move from one experience to another. Notice how you may touch upon the ideas of one civilization and then upon another, have some flavor and experience of them and yet are not bound by them or limited by them. Notice how such an engagement with ideas can extend to you greater aspects of weave, consciously. The creation of additional threads that you may choose to bring into your ongoing experience of life. And notice the beauty and the harmony that is permitted here.

Notice also how the touching of cruise ship with visitors upon different shores also brings a benefit and an exchange for those people who receive the occupants of the cruise ship. The symbol of the cruise ship represents travel through time. The vibration in your body as you attune to that represents very clearly, this flow from one experience to another. In the past, each stop on an island might have represented a lifetime. Now, you have this opportunity to scan energies, to scan histories, to bring them together into a meaningful way and to honor those histories. Even those which appeared in the intensity of the experience to be less constructive have nevertheless, from a spiritual perspective, added to the clarity with which new experiences are summoned.

As we look at this touch upon broader civilizations, across time, this slightly artificial division of time, which helps to keep certain experiences apart. This same concept of cruise ship applies indeed through different experience of different dimensions. And yet there is much to be played out within this physical dimension. It is a matter of choice. As you align your energies, that will open for you your ensuing experiences.

My dearest friends, it is joyful to be with you tonight. It is joyful to be able to experience this session with you in this environment on the oceans which indeed represent such a great bulk of the surface of this planet, and in which you spend such relatively little time. Very well, my friends, for now I shall take direct leave of you. Many, many, many blessings. May you continue to focus upon the joy that you are, and allow that to flow through and manifest in this ongoing stream of experiences which you call for and generate. Many blessings, my friends.