Question: How do I develop my existing business, my ability to reach more people with what I am doing?


There are times when it is appropriate to simply be in a flow, where general intentions have been set and there is then an allowingness of the flow of life to carry one forward. And there are times when you may desire to deliberately engage this flow of life energy.

Within this question, there is the particular topic or area in which a more extensive flow is to be engaged. And yet it is not so much of the figuring out of that as the clear holding and setting and engaging of an emotion with intent for speed or break through in a particular area.

For the flow of energy to become engaged behind you, there is this energetic polarizing. As you take an idea, one perceptual way of looking at that, is that you create a positively charged idea, and you also create its opposite, which is negatively charged. And then, there is the deliberate focus on that positively charged end, and a flow of energy will start to engage, set up by these polarities. For the flow of energy to occur, it is necessary that there be these two polarities. And yet, from the viewpoint of your experience, your attention may simply be predominantly on the one polarity. And therefore, that is the emotional level that will be engaged and experienced.

This deliberate polarizing empowers and enables manifestation to occur faster as a result of the greater engagement of energetic flow. We are saying nothing that is radically new here. The emotions are used to create, in particular, desires backed by a passion. Where there is a deep passion behind an idea, then something can engage and start to manifest. In the absence of passion, or a holding a desire that something happen but perhaps also a holding back of a willingness to engage for other reasons, perhaps there may be a lack of self-confidence or perhaps a less-conscious concern around matters of not succeeding, for instance as these factors can be quite common, these take the edge away from that sense of passion. There is engaging with this sense of passion at the higher level of that which is desired, which may then be translated into a specific manifestation and creation.

My recommendation is that there be a fairly broad remit, that there be focus upon the deliberate polarizing, the generation of these polar aspects with focus moving into passion, the passion of attainment of that which is really wanted.

The establishment of these polar energies sets up the potential for flow of ideas. As those ideas engage, particularly as they embed within them certain archetypal energies, then this translates through the energetic and physical biology into an energy flow of manifestation.

There is this passion arising. And there is also then an engagement with and a consideration of that passion that becomes a clarity for forward steps. The passion allows for further synchronicities which help to engage those steps by which forward progress may then be established.

There is also a recommendation here that people will recognize within themselves the manner in which these matters are truly being held. Therefore, if there is an element of desire along the lines of “This would be nice,” and yet when it comes to the idea of flowing substantial energy, there is a back-off from so doing, and a resistance to putting out such effort or such energy, then energy that would be provided from the creation behind you will not be able to flow. That flow is sensitive to that which is being felt and experienced within the physical and emotional body.

The emotional body is therefore both an accelerator and decelerator of these energies. A further accelerator of these energies is something that you frequently engage, dear Marybeth, and this is the statement that I Am … fill in that condition. I Am That, where that I-am-ness embraces within it the necessary qualities to bring about the manifestation of that which is desired.

For some, therefore, this constitutes a reprogramming of the predominant emotional programs habitually being run through a human individual. The recognition then is not so much about the need to push through with an idea, but a pre-stage to that is the addressing of your own conviction, or of each person’s own conviction that they can indeed do this.

It is the retraining, therefore, of the emotional body in its range of responses to start to allow a commitment and an engagement and a higher energy flow where the question is no longer, “Can I do this?” or “Do I want to do this?”, but is more about expecting this to manifest and being interested in how it is going to be manifesting. The how-to steps do not work while the internal engine, the passion of the individual, is not engaged. As that passion is engaged, we have this concept of the funnel, where energy that is available becomes funneled into a specific purpose, and a flow is established.

Therefore, we are looking not simply at a change in what someone may do, we are looking at a change in who this someone is being, where “the part of who he is being” we are referring to are these habitual emotional patterns. At one level, it is the same being, at that perhaps slightly higher level. But at the level of the more physical human, why the vehicle is set up to run energy in a certain way and the reprogramming of that is the equivalent of letting go of that specific being for the adoption of a more empowered level of being, where passion and emotions may be engaged as an engine to accelerate flows.