Topic/Question: “I quit my job several months ago to be full time with Astrology and creative workshops etc. I was all guns blazing as the energy of the moment took the lead!!! I feel more on purpose doing work I love as clients come, but there is a real anxiety about money as it is running out. The money I keep getting from clients keeps me going but its not stable at the moment.

“I feel like I’m stuck because the thought of getting another job is almost (soul destroying). It is not that working for someone else is a bad thing but I’ve had 20 jobs in my life and most of them lacked meaning. My SOUL is crying out to me to keep sharing my gifts and trusting this journey then more money will keep appearing.”


This money / work concept is a significant one for many. I wonder if there is something we can create more consciously here. As usual, I take personal opportunities to create templates, ways forward, for all.

One quote came to my mind. Before enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment: chop wood, carry water. I put the word / label “enlightenment” to every step we take in awakening, in coming more in alignment with our soul, all of these shifts big or small we each are going through. From one perspective, I feel what we are striving for is this connection with our soul. We then try to put meaning to it and think we should be doing something, or we should have a particular job. And yes, that can help. Yet my experience is also that when we are connected, we simply bring this connection into any job we have. And the job of chopping wood needed and carrying water needed still looks the same before our growth and next layer of soul connection as after. From this perspective, it may not be about the job, but how do we step into … whatever label you put on it … but that which has deeper meaning to us. From another perspective, if we are using a job to make us comfortable enough and busy enough that we do not look at these inner pulls, then not going back to chopping wood may be very good for us.

We are yet in a world where money gives us freedom and freedom is valued. In the last couple years, I have listened to some entrepreneurs speak of what is coming with regards to demonetization. The belief is that “soon”, 10 years out? 20 years out? we will have created an earth where the cost of living, of survival, is minimal and all will have access to it, and then more time can be spent in other forms of creation or self-expression. As we all get comfortable with Artificial Intelligence, then there will not be need for people to do jobs they think they don’t want to do. Until then, any job we have gives us the opportunity to contribute to society and most often to connect with other people in some way. What happens when we can each hold a connection to our soul, which is a spark of the Divine, or access to the Divine, so that when we go into our “job”, we are giving others access to this higher energy? I plant the seed for thought that in order to give that experience to others, you have to be it. You have to be in the energy. You have to have that connection (that I believe is what we are all striving for now.) Meaning, it is not draining, it is self-sustaining.

There is no right way nor wrong way to get to these new levels of consciousness we are reaching for. We will each do it in a different way. Most likely we will each try different paths until we find the balance that works for us. So, we will choose fluidity in where we live sometimes and we will choose creating a stable home base other times. Same exactly for jobs and making money. We will try different expressions. Working for others is simply aligning with (wholly or partially) another’s self-expression. For those coming to a workshop, that is simply others aligning with (wholly or partially) your own self-expression.

I personally wonder if we could make this shift easier on ourselves if we did not have to directly link our awakening to our income at this point. What if we could see our job as, not being separate, but as the playing ground for practicing our mastery (of holding this connection of who we are as Divine in this who we are as a human being.) Outside our job, we need a means of feeding our soul to take us to the next level of knowingness, of wisdom, of love, of sense of purpose, of capability, of certainty, of joy. Inside our job, we get to practice the current step we are on, which often will be a means of upliftment to those around us, just by being us, which we can then understand our “job” to be both a contribution to society in the direct means for which it was created and also this upliftment to specific people who come in contact with. It does not need to be spoken to be effective. Just watch how often someone leaves your presence with a smile on their face.