And yet, my friends, to our topic! The purpose of creating these tetrahedrons has been to create a structure in which energy can be held, and thereby, maintained. In setting up an energetic structure and putting intention behind that, that it be created with persistency, and then setting certain energies in motion inside that tetrahedron, we can then leave a legacy of goodwill, a legacy of connectivity, such that those who may come into the space may then more easily connect to their empowerment, to their dreams, to their intuitions, to their sense of possibilities.

Let us move to take us straight into a meditative space with the engagement with, and the connection to a tetrahedron that we have initiated and built energetically in this home earlier, the three of us. This would be, Marybeth, and dear Rick, and myself. To help with the process visualization, let us consider the point of this tetrahedron to be somewhere perhaps into the ceiling above the central access point that would be formed by these three physical bodies. And let us consider the size of that tetrahedron reaching down to something of the order of the tabletop. There is a sense of this energy connecting to the physical bodies, and yet also a sense of it being held from that point above.

We pick a structure that may hold energy, and we pick a tetrahedron simply because it is the simplest three-dimensional structure. Let us just feel, quietly, this idea of a translucent structure that is able to hold a shimmering energy. Also, there is opportunity to allow this structure to morph slightly, to allow your perception of it to vary, to include color or spin. Let there be some sense of spin to this structure.

Let us tune to some of the qualities of this structure. One of the qualities is clarity, such that an attunement to this structure may allow, and whether that attunement be conscious or unconscious, may allow a clarity of thinking. Another quality woven into this space is a sense of nurture, a sense of support, of well-being. And from the tip of this structure, there is a point of connectivity to spiritual dimensions. There is a flavor around this table this evening to further weave into our structure, the theme of beauty. As this theme is woven with a spinning movement into the energies of this tetrahedron, let it be such that a connection to this energy may open the eyes of those so connected to the greater perception of beauty. The realization of beauty, where perhaps beauty was not previously appreciated, to that greater recognition of God essence that lies in all things, behind all stories. And let us also weave into this structure a sense of harmony.  Let us allow that which we weave to be supportive, contributive to and in alignment harmonically with energies in this space. Let us weave an appreciation of coming together, of opening of individual viewpoints, of empowerment to hold own counsel whilst simultaneously reaching for that intuitive, connected, inspired and uplifting impulse.

At the pinnacle of this structure is the quality of love, appreciation, the ability to breathe deeply, to breathe in the creation, and to breathe out that flavor of love that is infused with individual qualities that we each hold. Let it be known here and now that there is great potential above the point of this tetrahedron. There is a space of spiritual opening, a space of magnificence, a space of power, a space of creativity openly and easily connected to the energies of inspiration.

Let us add now the flavor of persistence to this structure, and persistence qualities. Let there be an access point to the All That Is that allows this structure to remain empowered naturally and effortlessly.