Hello and good evening to you all, my friends. To give me a label, it is I, Thoth.

So, my friends, it is back to this question of empowerment. We are in the process of experimentation with the manners and means and approaches that may most effectively and rapidly help from this human level progress to be made in a rapid way. Whereas there are certainly viewpoints that we have to suggest, viewpoints, many considerations that we can bring forward, this remains an experimental process, for the result is how effective is this process. It is argued that we are really ready to look at this question of the “I”, of the “me” with a view to a new definition, with intention to bring a different experience, to allow a different experience.

At the one level, one might refer to this as identity. The sense of identity, when we conventionally speak of it, may be associated at the mental level, for the mental body, the mental attitude of oneself offers certain aspects of personality, shall we say. However, we are really looking to get an experience of stepping aside from all of the human “me” parts. This is stepping aside from the thinking mind, stepping aside from the feeling of the body as being me, stepping aside from the feeling of the emotions as being me.

We are looking here at a, shall we call it, a physical vehicle which indeed has its own consciousness. These bodies are local to this particular planet. We are now looking at this process by which the spiritual aspect of yourself, which is that part with which you remain identified through different incarnations. We are now looking at how that may re-gain its position as being slightly separate from the physical body, whilst also joining the physical body and thereby being able to address a number of issues that become more problematic when that spiritual “I” becomes identified as the same thing as the physical “I”. So, this human “I” is really a composite.

Of course, here we talk words, but the desire is to establish an experience of this. There are some ways in which this might be experienced. For instance, through an awareness at different points in the day, and a re-connection with the idea of the “I” or the “me”, there is this opportunity to look at the body as a body that you are connecting or working through.

Let us give an example. Supposing you are dealing with a difficult issue at hand. In the normal composite human consciousness, you would have lost any identification of separateness from your own body, and you will have become a being responding to the external situation and engaging fully in that external situation. We are wishing to encourage the skill where there is a part of you that is slightly stepped back and where you are recognising that you are working through a physical body in communicating with the external circumstance.

If your body, therefore, is feeling, let us say, a stress or a discomfort, your role is in encouraging, if you like, acting as a coach to that physical consciousness to help guide it through the experience that it is having with those external factors. This stepping back may initially feel as though one is being less present and less able to deal with that external situation, and yet it is extending an ability from your perception to both address those matters going on within the physical consciousness of your own body, whilst simultaneously also being able to have some focus on this external situation.

A process engages with this that then enables a higher level of energy, which is more accessible to you from this viewpoint, to begin to progressively flow through the physical body. And there is a growth in consciousness available to the beingness of the physical body which is somewhat separate from your own, for the body has its own consciousness. As that consciousness grows and awakens, then you get to have the experience of incarnating and occupying an awakened physical body. That level of consciousness then becomes available to you, opening to you a very significant range of additional abilities.

So, my friends, this is that which we are seeking to empower. The question is, who is the I, who is the me?

At the higher level, my friends, our view is that the I, the me, has no identity. It is outside of these components of creation. And yet, it is in moving into the creation that an experience can be gained. The “I” becomes a matter of definition. There is some choice therefore as to who or what you define yourself as. There is an opportunity at the simple human level to identify oneself as, for instance, in some instances, as the victim of certain circumstance. Where the body consciousness might be feeling that and reflecting that, you then have the opportunity to respond with it from that perspective, or there is the opportunity to step back slightly from your own body consciousness, and to work with that body consciousness recognising what it is feeling.

As that degree of separation opens, then there is an opportunity for you to hold a different vibrational level close to your physical body and the physical body consciousness may then begin to adjust, attune, if you like, to vibrate more at the level that you are holding for it. Now, there is then this level of “I” which is, shall we say, slightly removed from the physical body, and then beyond that, there is a further level of “I” which we might refer to as a higher self, and beyond the higher self, there is a further expanded level of being. There is a chain of levels of beingness down into physicality.

Now, in terms of simple empowerment at this physical level, the idea here is not so much to work with some of the very high levels. There has been an intention for yourselves to engage with this particular physical level. Where we seek to bring some additional perspectives is simply to expand the level of mastery at this physical level. In this particular physical level, there are opportunities which are not available in more, perhaps we could call them, spiritual dimensions, but those that are less rigidly defined than at the physical. The consistency of the physical provides a different learning experience for spirit than other domains in which it operates.

There is much to be gained here, my friends, by playing. And yet, if perhaps you are able or willing to play with us on this matter of the “I” and the “me”, then our desire here is to bring about an expanded playing field, an expanded sense of awareness, and an expanded ability to determine the energy of your own physical bodies, and thereby to allow more of yourself, more of that higher aspect of yourself to physically land and incarnate within these physical bodies. As this process extends, many benefits become apparent. Health becomes a significantly enhanced facility. The ability to hold a brighter and uplifting energy that attracts others of like ilk is also extended.

My friends, I would like now to sit back quietly with you and to begin to hold an energy, becoming aware of a somewhat meditative stance, if you like, of your own physical body. Becoming aware of the hands and feet, allowing the breath to relax into a comfortable rhythm. Allowing, if you will, a certain uprightness in posture from the waist upwards.

There is now a certain group attunement. There is a growing vortex of connection. I wish to allow into this vortex aspects of aspiration. As you may feel this expanded vortex, you may notice that your beingness has extended beyond the physical body and yet you hold the physical body within your extension of your energy field. In this space, there is a certain peacefulness and yet it is not a sleepy peacefulness. There is a clarity. And within this clarity, there is an engagement. There is possibility. There is a connecting awareness with an intention which is an integral aspect of the beingness and experience that you bring and that you wish to experience.

In this space, there is this opportunity to connect with this bigger part of your own being, perhaps you may feel it now. Recognise the potency in this expanded level of your being. There is a field around you individually, and in this group. It is holding these bodies.

From this level, there is an appreciation for these bodies which are like your own child, allowed to grow to maturity and yet you still remain the guide, support, and parent of this physical body. You may feel now there is a ripple going around the group. There is a slightly raised vibration within these physical bodies. You may feel it in the legs, thighs, through the buttocks. We may remain connected above to this bigger aspect of spirit that allows more energy to flow into these bodies.

As you bring this connecting energy into the cells of the body, it is like a light that you start to bring into your own physical body. As the cells and cell groups and organs brighten, those cells through their structure, with their DNA, begin to open to their own connection, with wisdom, experience, through the genetic line. There is opportunity for the skills of these physical vehicles to turn on as you bring more light down into this physical construct.

As you maintain a more even awareness of the entirety of the physical body, the hands, the feet, the arms, the legs, the buttocks, the back, the neck, you will begin to occupy not simply the head as a control center, but you occupy more, extend your field more from this expanded level of I into the whole body. With this expansion of your own being into the physical, you bring with you, you allow with you, a flow of energy from above, and you have opportunity to flavor that energy with your intent that the vibrational level, the energy level of the body, may begin to attune more to that which you choose to bring through.

In this space, my friends, before you seek to hold a space amongst others, you first hold a space with your physical body that you may establish the vibration of your choosing there, and then with that secured and stable, you may irradiate that energy of encouragement, clarity, upliftment into the space that you occupy which then allows others around you to begin to attune to that. This is a mighty gift to bring, my friends.

Within the head of the human structure, much is concentrated for there is the closeness to the eyes, which are the windows that bring in much information. There are ears and, of course, the ability to smell and to speak. And yet, as the identification ceases to be just with the head, but more with the whole body, then the organ of skin, which covers the whole being, is sensitive to feeling. It is not just sensitive to touch but is able to attune to other energies. This attunement allows an extended perception.

You may notice if you will, for a moment, the ease of breath, the effortlessness of breath, and the ability that you all have, are all developing, to hold the stability within this higher aspect of yourself. Supporting and nurturing the physical vehicle as your first and best friend, and recognising that independent of you, this vehicle may grow rapidly in its own consciousness if you extend to it your awareness that this indeed can happen.

There a beautiful calmness, my friends, in this group, a stillness. There is a grace and also powerful forces here for, for good. You have all done much homework here. What we reach for now is an acceleration of this process. There is a readiness. There is a curiosity. How far could this be taken? Let us put a vision on a time. I wonder how far the consciousness of my body might develop in the next six months? I wonder how consistently I may be able to hold to this higher level of my own self? I wonder how easily in the event of a problem, I might remember to withdraw slightly from my own body, connect to that channel of light that is a part of me and is available to me and remember to flow that into body? How much might that become established in a 6-month period?

This is a time where consciousness is ready to grow, my friends. The background work has been done. A lot of the hard work of the aligning of ideas, of experiences, of the mastering of the basics of life have been addressed. There is now this open field of ideas available to humanity, which this slightly higher level of yourselves is bringing through and making available. In particular for yourselves, and other similar groups, there is this awareness of growth in consciousness over which you can preside and which you may invoke in your roles, remembering your roles as creator, remembering that energy answers to you, joyfully.

In this slightly expanded level of being, there is vast energy seeking a means through which it may express. If you will summon it and if you will shape it, as the potter may shape his/her clay, if you create an opportunity for it to take expression, then there is this desire, this passion, this love, this commitment, and this engagement that is available. And in six months, the opportunity to allow an expanded aspect of this to play through these physical bodies that you individually maintain and manage, 6 months is a long time my friends.

As we communicate here, as we speak, these are seeds of ideas. If you will, from this slightly expanded aspect of yourself, take these as seeds and willingly allow these seeds to be planted within your physical beingness, within your mental beingness and your emotional beingness, then there is a harvest to come.

It is not about hard work. It is about recognising old patterns and perhaps deliberately resetting that, reaching for this slightly higher space, calling for energy of consciousness to pour down into the physical body, allowing that to manifest into the physical space of engagement and realising the potency of who you are.

I appreciate this time with you this evening. I look forward to your review and your consideration, both amongst yourselves as a group, but also simply spiritually within yourselves. I look forward to co-creating, for this is not simply a creation of an aspect of spirit which we are labelling with this name of Thoth. This is a co-creation of the seminars. What can we build? My friends, I think the answer is going to surprise you. And as these seeds take greater roots, then there is a natural acceleration.

I look forward to feedback, telepathic feedback, discussion from the group. If it suits you, it would be my great pleasure to reconvene with you at the next appropriate occasion. My great blessings and appreciation for this opportunity to connect and to take us all forward in the fun of creation and manifestation and empowerment and the establishment of joyfulness into life on this planet. My friends, many blessings.