Dear friends, a very good evening to you all. It is I, Thoth.

I am looking forward to an exciting evening today, where we take these materials forth, and we actually help to make them practical.

There are a group of consciousnesses defining this being. We originally started with this idea of there being the me. What is the me? What is the I? And we have approached this separation at a broader level to suggest there is this spiritual aspect, a viewpoint that can be adopted and where we can start to recognise and say, “Okay, well there is this piece, from this slightly held back, slightly reserved perspective, stepping back slightly, is what is going on within this humanity. Is this my mental component dominating? Is this an emotional component? Or is this a physical component dominating through the way its senses are connected to the spiritual aspect?

Now, here we are going to that next level where we are looking at the fact that these different bodies, these aspects, are made up of energies. They are built by energies that are drawn to you one piece at a time. They are drawn by the desire of your thoughts, for as you set a particular vibrational level with a thought, set a particular frequency, then similar frequencies are activated and become engaged. Pieces of consciousness, which are simply energetic, start to align and magnetically bond with the essence that is initiated, that particular message, for there is then this feeling of growth. There is this feeling of greater aliveness as one joins, shall we say, a group, or a little mini group of consciousness occurring within this human construct.

We are interested in deliberately having the experience that would be preferred. Part of this is having a clarity of that which you want. Without that which you want, then the existing patterns that have built up continue to run. This is how they have been set up. You want them to run. You have built them that way. You build things here in physicality in that way, in the external world. You put the plumbing into your house because you wanted to continue to deliver the results that that plumbing can continue to bring. However, when there is a change of mind about how you would like your house laid out, and you would like to add a facility, a bathroom, into another part, then you step, my friends. You step back a little bit from just living in the house as it is, and you look at the related parts of it, the design of it, the way it fits together, and you see how you can more easily introduce the new component that you wish.

As we are dealing with this experience, and this experience is composite because it relates to the physical body, a sensation that is being delivered. It relates to the emotional experience, and certainly it relates to the mental body that is running over and reviewing different aspects and considering different ways that things may be done. That experience is a composite experience and yet there is this desire to take you into the direction of having a better experience. But what is a better experience?

As you step back, there is this opportunity in itself to observe and to notice that which is occurring. The additional thought process I would like to bring to your attention into that stepping back is also an attunement into what you might like to bring forward, what you might like to add, what you might like to reattune. For the way that consciousness works is that as you attune to that aspect of what you would prefer from a slightly more relaxed, slightly more laid-back, slightly more external point of view, then there is this opportunity from that space to rearrange the pieces that make up the experience of the beingness that you are having. How can we say? When you are very engaged at the human level, then it is more difficult to notice a particular piece of energy and to remove that energy and let it go. It is, how can we say, it is like working on a motorcar engine with the engine running. You do not really want to put your fingers in there, do you?

My friends, the act of stepping back is this point of engagement where you are effectively turning off the automatic motors, and from that perspective, there is now this opportunity for, shall we say, an engineering approach of actually looking at something that is not now working in the way that you would like to be experiencing. It’s not to say that it is not working. It may be working perfectly in regards to the way you had intended it when you set it up. Or, maybe it is an idea that you caught from somebody else. You saw somebody responding and acting in a certain way and found yourself mimicking that as being normal. However that has become a part of your system, as you look at it now, as you step back, you can see parts where you would welcome perhaps a change, to welcome a different experience to see if you like it or if you do not. And from this slightly stepped back experience, you can call for the energy to engage within this physical construct to start to deliver this experience that you would prefer.

You are sowing the seeds. You are binding the kernel of an idea into your composite being, and that kernel of an idea may yet need to seed somewhat. It may need to find a sweet spot. As it is growing, you as the gardener of that domain may choose to train it in a certain direction. Indeed, as you may work horticulturally within a garden space. Or you may decide that it is unwanted, and you may decide that it is time to invite that to go and let it go without binding and holding onto it.

These decisions are easiest made from this point of stepping back. Stepping back, then offers not simply stepping back from the experience externally that you may be invited to engage in. Stepping back is also allowing you step back from the engagement that your physical human structures are offering you as a standard response to the external circumstance.

For instance, if something difficult or painful happens externally, is it necessary that your body and your human construct delivers for you a painful and awkward experience? In this idea of stepping back, there is that opportunity to be present to that which is happening externally, but you can start to choose consciously the level of how you would like to see this human body respond to a certain set of circumstances. How would you like that to feel? And then, as you notice that there is a different feeling, you recognise this is being delivered by an aspect of consciousness bound into your own being, for that which you are feeling is specifically that which is bound into this human construct.

You are not feeling emotion across a distance, shall we say. You are feeling what you feel directly. There is this opportunity for you to rearrange that experience. And as you make some adjustments, there is that opportunity then to step back into the human construct, the human composite experience and feel it. Has that make a difference? Or is it advisable to step back and continue to make some slightly further adjustments?

There is then a mastery of design of your own beingness to be experienced. And it is good to start with small items, shall we say, small things that possibly have caused you a difficulty. You may focus upon those. You focus upon them from this slightly stepped back space. You focus on them with a clarity, with a well-wishing, with a certain enthusiasm, with a certain curiosity, with a certain interest.

If you have not stepped back and you are within these constructs, and you seek to make that change, then it becomes the application of a great deal more effort, for now you are more in conflict with that part that you do not like. When you have stepped back, you are simply adopting your role as the director of your experience, as the director of energies. Once you step into the physical, things become more physical and it becomes more effort to manage things from that space.

There is this teaching and concept where people refer to entities and directing entities. Entities are often associated with possessions, which are considered to be quite severe. But on a minor level, any piece of energy in a way could be referred to as an entity. There is an opportunity to offer instruction by seeing clearly that which is not wanted anymore and releasing it. From this stepped back position, this is done much more easily than from within the human construct.

So, my friends, that is a bit of the background theory that we wish to present tonight. But really, of course, it is a case of: Is it possible to experience this? This is not so much about theory, except insofar as it gives the mind the opportunity to focus in alignment with these principles.

Let us move now to a more meditative space. Let us see if we can bring about some form of tangible experience. I invite you all to adopt a meditative posture, and to allow the body to enter a quiet space.

There is a slight withdrawal from the physical senses. This might be experienced as stepping back from a heart centredness to slightly behind the heart. Or at the head level, this might be experienced as stepping back slightly from the physical senses of sight, vocal cords, hearing. There is this awareness of the space slightly behind the physical body. And in this level of being stepped back, there is an awareness also of the lines of connection to the physical senses.

From this space slightly behind the physical body, find the space that is comfortable for you. Notice these lines of connection into the physical body. The emotional and the mental bodies live in the domain of the physical body, and therefore, this stepping back also opens up a slight separation from them. Let us focus for a moment on the connection to those, from this space slightly behind the physical body. Notice these lines of energy that connect the physical body to mental body to emotional body.

And in this step back-ness, there is a quietness arising within the physical body. There is a stillness, yet not a sleepy space. There is an alertness, an awareness. And from this space slightly behind the physical body, let us bring the idea of comfort. Let us associate with the idea of comfort. There is a certain energy that can form around that idea. Let that pass from you into the domain of the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body. Let there be a flow of energy flavoured with a sense of comfort and well-being.

There is an ease of breath in the body. There is a natural unforced sense of uprightness within the body in this relaxed state of alertness. From this space of awareness at the back of the physical body, let us scan the bodies, mental, emotional, physical, for any vibration that we may notice that is not quite aligned with comfort and ease. There may be some tension in the belly. Perhaps there is some tension in the forehead or the chest. Perhaps there is, in the emotional body, as you scan it, some notice almost like a little cloud some aspect of worry or concern.

There is an ability to notice these almost in the way that an x-ray makes available to the medical practitioner patterns within the body. As you are scanning, notice also this flow of energy that you are able to initiate and encourage, bringing comfort and well-being. From this slightly external viewpoint, you may increase the flow of energy to a certain point. This energy allows that area to unpack itself a little, to become less dense, less tense, like a masseur working on tight muscles.

As we bring this energy of well-being into the body, let us add into the seeding of that energy, that the energy can continue to work in the body beyond the session. It may continue to bring a deeper sense of well-being into that part upon which it is focused. It brings an increased level of light and an increased level of warmth. In that relaxation, in that area, there is opportunity for reconfiguration in this light and warmth. In the mental body, it may be a reconfiguration of a group of ideas that a greater harmony may result. In the emotional body, there may be an ability to de-intensify a particular emotional pattern. In the physical body, where a particular pain or discomfort may have been experienced, there may be a focus of this warmth and this comfort set with intention to continue to allow that physical difficulty to unfold itself.

In the adjustments that are made, it is not so much the replacement of energy as the reconfiguring of that energy, for energy carries a consciousness. It carries ideas within it. And these ideas are placed within it by your intention. Your conscious intention brings a flavour to that energy. As you become more deliberate in your choices, these human beingness’s become more fluid. They become soft and pliable like the body of an extraordinary gymnast. It is the invoking of energy, accompanied by ideas that embed within these beingness’s that then allow experiences to be had.

Let us now take a few minutes to sit quietly and to scan again, from this perceptive point, slightly back of the body, noticing the lines. See what you might like to feed into this human beingness that it may realign its beingness to allow the experience that you might prefer. So, my friends, consider manifestations that you will enjoy, that you would like to see and offer them into this human beingness.

As the human beingness is adjusted to vibrate energetically with those things that are wanted, then this physical vehicle radiates that energy outward from itself, flavoured with what it wants, and the environment naturally begins to reflect back aspects of that energy, flavoured with what is wanted, which becomes the experience. The more you retune this human beingness to radiate energy reflecting that which is wanted then the faster and more powerfully is that manifested and reflected back within the environment.

There is an opportunity for a deliberateness here, a deliberateness of creation and manifestation. When the environment is not reflecting back that which is desired, then this is a good moment to be stepping back. And from that slightly stepped back space to be connecting that which is desired and bringing more of that energy back into the physical bodies, so that the physical body may vibrate with and radiate with that which is desired.

Disappointment is the mechanism of allowing the human construct to vibrate in tune with a reflection back of that which is not wanted. The mastery is to step back slightly from the physical and reattune the physical with that which is wanted, and then the time period is extended an opportunity was presented to reinterpret what might have been seen as negative and realising that that is offering the possibilities that are wanted.

My dear friends, there is a well-being in these bodies. There is a stillness and a calmness. And there is a creativeness available to each of you, individually and collectively. As you progress through these next two weeks, I ask, request, if you will, that you play with this concept of stepping back. Let us see if it is possible to actually make changes in the beingness, not just over the course of a year, but let us see if it is possible to bring some changes, some practical successes in these next two weeks. Small successes that build allow confidence to build. As confidence builds, then results flow more smoothly, faster, for proficiency, an expectation and with a lightness and the joyfulness of a dawning mastery.

Thank you, my friends. This has been a delightful opportunity for me to join with you, to engage with you. I acknowledge the energy here, for even as you have been willing to play with these ideas, so also this has brought more empowerment through, we have grounded some of this energy more firmly onto the planet itself. My friends, my great appreciation for this opportunity to play with you tonight and for now I shall step back. Many blessings.