Good evening dear friends, it is I, Thoth. There has been a slight delay in commencing this session while there was some necessary adjustments being made to dear Rick’s physiology and energetics in the region of the back of the neck. I wish to commence by discussing some factors here that will address, partly these aspects that dear Rick is addressing, and also, dear Anne, your question about sleep.

There is this possibility to be stepping back from the body somewhat. There is an intense binding of the spiritual consciousness into the body in the region of the neck and the back of the head. In the process of this binding into the beingness of the body, it becomes more difficult to make adjustments.

Let us start with an image of the child growing up. Where the child is growing up, there is a much softer connection of the spirit to the physical body and there is an openness to seeing and hearing and noticing that which is going on. There is less active mental content going on, partly because the subject of language has not been taught or understood as yet in the same way. Now, as human life develops and adolescence and adulthood is reached, there is a hardening, shall we say, of the consciousness, which is, if you like, a practised, trained and repeated way of speaking, feeling and thinking that is established.

Now, these patterns are, to some degree, useful, and yet they are patterns. They do not actually represent so directly who you are. They are more the aspects of identity that you are adopting in order to have an experience. We are advocating this approach of stepping back, becoming aware of stepping back, not simply from the physical body but stepping back also from the mental body that is defining and describing problems that are being experienced.

From that level, inside the mental body at that level, yes, and inside the emotions at that level, yes, but as soon as you step outside of that, then a different level of perception becomes possible. It is then possible to form energy around this new level of perception, this new idea of who you are.

Consider the young child. The young child will grow into the environment in which the child is brought up. The child that was brought up 200 years ago may then come to display very different characteristics than that same child brought into an environment today. And yet the essence is the same. What is different is that the patterns of conscious behaviour that have become established are different. We are looking at the ability to change these patterns of behaviour.

One of the considerations here is that as you step back slightly from this aspect of your identity, of who you are being, and by that we embrace both the emotions and the mental thought pattern, or there is an expansiveness that you hold that is massively beyond the limitation of the mental and emotional frequencies experienced in this physical body.

As you step back, there is this opportunity to start to hold to a different level. And yet, now there is a choice. There is an option. There is pull, if you like, back into the habitual human consciousness’ experience. There can also be an intention to hold oneself somewhat separate from that, and to be invoking and choosing a different level of perception.

Dear Rick is going through, on a nightly basis, some periods in which there is a considerable stiffening within the throat and within the back of the head. There is a desire to allow those holds and bonds to loosen. And yet, because they have been tight for a very long time, the initial repeated experience is simply that they feel tight. There is the possibility as one seeks to call back from the human consciousness somewhat, there is the tendency in the moment to say, ‘Oh, this isn’t working’ and therefore, to not persist. But we do encourage persistence.

Dear Anna, when we look at this question of sleep, then there is this question of who is this identity that is being troubled by sleep issues. As this other part of you can step back and ceases to be bound to that part that is struggling with sleep issues, then the sleep issues themselves start to fall away, for you are simply not identifying with and allowing yourself to be pulled into the beingness that is repeating that pattern. The beingness that is repeating that pattern will desire to continue to exist as what it is. And yet, as you step back and hold a somewhat different vibration, a different viewpoint, then the energies of the human consciousness start to reform about the new pole that you hold.

Dear Rick, there is yet some assistance required on your part. That persistence is not one so much of effort, but there is nevertheless some intention. There is some underlying intention, calling for a different experience, expecting a different experience, allowing the experience to change, and yet, not requiring that it necessarily happen in any specific timeframe. The requirement that something happen within a specific timeframe becomes a resistance to “It’s not happening.”

It is simply a case of persistence, persistence in stepping back from the identity that is holding energy in a certain place, and persistence in invoking a different experience. The new experience does not need to be too closely defined, for it is a general seed of experience that is being grounded and watered at this point.

For now, I wish to take us back to having an experience of how we may do this so that we can foster and develop this ability. This ability may then be applied to the planting and development of many ideas, in essence, whatever idea it is that you are sufficiently curious about, that you may wish to explore, to play with, to develop, to enhance, enjoy, understand. So, you are becoming masters of altering your perception.

Let me, perhaps, give another example of, or suggestion about how this may work. We have drawn this to dear Rick’s attention in the last week or two. Imagine that you are in the exact same environment that you are in, and yet, that you are emitting light of a particular colour. Let us take the example where you are emitting red light into your environment. Whatever is in your environment, of course, is whatever it may be. But the reflection of that environment that comes back is going to be tinged with, coloured with, red. And yet, that red that is being reflected back is a colouring coming from the energy that you are transmitting, the energy that you are emitting, which is empowering you to see and to interpret this environment.

So it is that as you take command, more command, of the physical mind, which may desire to think within certain patterns, which then encourage a reflection back from the environment aligned with those patterns that are running, as you step back from that, you can choose to emit a different energy. As you omit that different energy, then it is that your environment starts to reflect back incidents and experiences which are tinged with the different energy that you are deliberately emanating. As the physical humanness has the experience also of being exposed to that energy, then the physical you, the mind, the body and the emotions, begins to re-tune itself to the light of that reflection.

The energy that is being transmitted is the default energy, except insofar as you step back from this default level of being that is established and running, and deliberately invoke a different energy, not with anticipation that there is an immediate change, but simply that as you invoke the different experience than the energy that sits behind you, the energy that is creating universes, starts to form around the ideas that you are holding, the ideas that you are transmitting. You may become more specific in those new ideas, but the experience of your life starts to change. And indeed, experiences that might previously have been troubling or worrying may, to this new level of perception, be no source of concern at all or even a cause of interest or curiosity.

Think of that child in that growth stage where there are not the pre-established mental and emotional patterns, just drinking in the environment and leaning and leading in the direction of curiosity and interest. In this space of stepping back, there is a curiosity about what is it that is possible to achieve from this viewpoint? Exactly how great, how extraordinary, how unlimited might it be possible to be?

There is no need to answer the question. It is more a sending out of energy from that level, and the environment will reflect back possibilities. If a possibility is reflected back that you like, then it is one that you can play with further, even as Einstein might play with that idea of a light beam travelling from the clock to his eyes and wondering how that could influence time. There is a lightness and joyfulness in such contemplation. It may be flavoured by certain conditions that you bind into that energy.

If you are seeking development in a certain area, or understanding, you may also choose to add into that joyfulness in the experience, You may choose to add an opening, a growth in awareness, into this experience. You may choose to add some excitement, some curiosity, some interest, some growth, some well-being, some abundance.

You may choose to add into those qualities an unwillingness to compromise those qualities you are choosing, a certain insistence, if you will. You may choose to add into that expression an anticipation that the universal energies will indeed oblige, are on your side, and are seeking for someone to play with, someone to explore with.

In this reaching, we are reaching for the greatness of the beingness that is you. We are acknowledging its presence. We are acknowledging its extraordinary awareness, extraordinary capabilities, that do not have to be worked for, for they are inherently that God aspect gift, that very essence, deep essence, consciousness, that you, that we, are. There is a certain breath moving through these bodies now as we align together. There is a quietness, there is this stepping back from the normal, active processes and there is a certainty in this awareness of who you, who we, are.

Let us just hold this energy for a moment.

As we hold this energy, let us invite our physical beingness, mental and emotional, to absorb some of this energy, to lighten, to retune about this different awareness, to realign around this different access to knowingness. There is, in these beingnesses that we are holding now, there is access to a knowingness. There is an essence here, a kernel of being.

As we hold this kernel, this essence of being, let us consider and invoke lightly an idea of opportunity. If there was to be expansion in these lives, in your experience of life, what would that be? Not answering the question, but holding the energy of the question, that the universe may present opportunities, perspectives, choices. As these physical consciousnesses align around this energy, there is a well-being and a sense of health that is also imparted in this realignment.

Now, my friends, I wish to take you on a slight journey. Let us consider and feel where it may be possible for you to be within a two-week timeframe. This is not a huge change that we look at. But in two weeks’ time, there is this potential for your experience to be different, perhaps slightly different, perhaps subtly different, perhaps, in some aspects, more obviously different.

From this relaxed space, let us tune into an idea of how it might feel, how you might be feeling, what you might be experiencing in two weeks’ time. A new you, a different you, where some seeds that you have planted have begun to come to life as shoots, or previous shoots perhaps have begun to come to fruition.

Let us attune to this beingness of two weeks ahead in this timeline, where we may be sitting in similar seats again. And yet there will be differences. Would you notice, as you attune to those differences between a present version of you and a future version of you, that there is a fluidity for there is this sense that they both currently exist now. There is this fluidity, then, in which you may simply move to be more connected with the you of two weeks in the future. No work to get there, simply a re-attunement, a realignment, of your vibrational energy around the you of two weeks hence.

We offer you this concept of light body, not as something so dramatically different from the physical body. It is more that in this stepping back, your experience is lighter, you work with less dense energies. There is more freedom to adopt alternative perspectives. The alternative perspective delivers an alternative experience, even as you emit that light that is then reflected back from the environment. In some ways, the environment appears the same and yet your experience of it changes, like the adjustment of a kaleidoscope.

We wish to offer you another seed here, my friends, and that is in the viewpoint in the energy that you emanate. Let us add the seed that the potency of this energy that you emanate may increase, impacting and uplifting the potency and the speed and the ease, the graciousness and the magnificence with which you may influence your environment. For also this light that you emit into the environment from the essence of your perspective becomes, through reflection, another choice made available to others, to your friends, to those you connect with.

There is more that you are emitting in this energy that you are now emitting. There is the quality of beauty. There is a quality of harmony. There is a potency of integrity. This integrity that you naturally transmit is something of which you may be less obviously aware and yet there is a potency in the love, in the core essence of your being that is deeply reflected in this field of integrity that provides opportunities for growth around you.

There is a deep well-being in these bodies established this evening. There is this stepping back from that normal consciousness. My recommendation, dear friends, is that perhaps for the balance of this evening, this sense of being stepped back may be maintained to allow the normal consciousness an opportunity to realign further around this beingness of well-being, beingness of integrity, this beingness of curiosity and empowerment, an ability to choose, an ability to redirect, ability to grow, ability to expand.

How great might it be possible for you to become in these next weeks and months? Not in response to small ego requirement, but simply as the realisation and the manifestation of this expansive growth of your beingness, extending also, by example, opportunities to others.

In this stepping back, there is this offering of leadership to that which is perceived as your own identity. As you influence that and realign that now, a certain mastery of life is established. Let us sit quietly just for a moment.

Dear friends, I thank you for joining me here this evening and honouring me with your company and your time. On this plane, we love engaging, exploring and playing with you, that enhanced mastery may be the outcome. Many blessings, dear friends, and for now I will take my leave.