It is my pleasure to join you tonight, for you step into a new domain, and you pick and choose on the word “magic.” You see, much of our tradition is really about magic. The sense is that magic, if we use that as a word in a more conventional setting, is taken to be something that is not real, that is perhaps a fantasy or imagination. And yet, as there is a recognition of the mechanisms at work, why then indeed, the creation actually abounds with magic. The whole principle of the creation is indeed one of magic.

As magic becomes your focus, my dear, then you simply become in tune with the fundamental nature of existence itself. It is, however, the recognition of that that allows this transition. Insofar as the conventional mind, operating within its perceptions of reason, it will confine reality into that which is currently being experienced. Insofar as the regular mind will do that, then it is a strong restrictor or limiter of the potential for magic.

A new concept that you are both in the process of taking on, to a greater level than you have done so before, is this recognition that, in fact, there are different yous. In the work that you have done with body consciousness and what has been referred to as the composite beingness of these two, why then, that combined with the environment, the teachings of the times of the cultures, has set certain boundaries or limitations upon forward progress of most of the population.

The limitations are artificial in the sense that if one chooses to look beyond the narrow bounds of limitation, then actually there is this realization that that limitation is more a clever trick with mirrors. It is done through embedding and triggering a set of beliefs which are established as somewhat foundational. Therefore, magic that is experienced and witnessed is dismissed and an alternative explanation will be put upon such event.

There is also bound into the human consciousness this focus on survival, which we understand very well and is indeed very practical. And yet, you raise, precisely, in one of your considerations, who is the “I”? My dear, that is an absolutely relevant question here.

The “I” that is having certain experiences is a composite being that is generating a set of energies, of frequencies, that are interpreting the reality in accordance with those frequencies and what they draw. There has been this suggestion in the work that you have been looking at with body consciousness, that you notice the flow of energy, but that you also notice the structure that flows that energy as actually being a different level of creation, on a different frequency.

So it is in recognizing this opportunity for a shift in beingness. At present, there is a reality, an idea of a reality, being generated in the fields of the composite beingness. And it is those ideas that are providing structures for the energy to flow. The energy than flows precisely because it is being guided by those structures that have been set up. The energy that is then perceived, for that is where the attention goes, onto the energy that is flowing, is then taken as an affirmation of the structures that have been set up. So, there is a wheel of feedback set in place here that is fundamentally self-reinforcing.

So, this question of the “I” is indeed a variable. There can be a fluidity in that description of the “I.” To feel as the “I” that feels in the way that you would prefer, and to align with that sense of “I”, allows the filters in your consciousness to start to readjust. Therefore, it is normal that the magic is not necessarily immediate in its change. It is more biological in the sense that an idea is formed. And then around that, allied, associated, and harmonic frequencies begin to be attracted.

As that attitude is maintained, then the energy, the momentum builds, first of all in non-physical worlds around that. There is a building of an energy impetus. And then particles will start to form and coalesce actually within the physical world that allow a place of manifestation to arise.

Part of this question of magic is the recognition that magic is real. Magic is a real experience. If one is also willing to allow for this fluidness of being, then one may transition from one level of being to another, speedily and gracefully. As the mind recognizes the potency of this and as the mind sees the efficacy, experiences some success of allowing such attitudes and such experiences to arise from such change in attitudes, why then the mind can bring its belief in alignment with this principle.