The Book of Life on planet Earth, the Order of the Magi, ancient symbology energies are spiraling around once again. The Book of Life has many names. It is best known as the normal, everyday, playing deck of cards. Being hidden in plain sight as a children’s game is what allowed it to survive through the ages. This symbolism is innately known to all of us. This modality came into my life decades ago. I let go of it and it came back around after my move to England. The energy behind it is amping up again.

As I see it, there still remains a veil over the wisdom that lies within it. It does not yet have a cohesive energy around it. Different authors even name it something different. Yet I know in my core this is significant. After a conversation with him, I have affiliated with Alexander Dunlop. He is the author I resonate with currently. He offers basic information on this modality, a daily game to play, coaching, and different levels of courses.

He has launched a new Daily Game today, June 1, 2023, that I am testing out. Click here if you would like to learn more about the daily game. Click here if you would like to look up your cards and find out the game of your life. I expect to bring more of this wisdom and knowledge into my work and I look forward to this playground opening and expanding.