Let us hold an energy that relates to the topic of magic. Let us allow for a field, and a feeling of magic. As this field is contacted and felt, then there is an opportunity to retune the sense of being.

Let us play now experientially with a potential adjustment to this field of being. Perhaps you may desire to explore that identity of dancer, without mentally defining this. Allow yourself to attune to that energy, and perhaps to the archetypal energy that sits behind that. There is a lightness, and a laughter, and a movement, and a freedom, and a fluidity. With it, offers an engagement, an opportunity for engagement.

A vortex is established. There are perhaps two ways of manifestation. One is the act of you being drawn into situations which allow for an experience and a fulfilment of this adopted level of being. And the other is simply in holding this that you draw things to you. Both drawing to you and allowing yourself to be drawn to could be considered an aspect of magnetism. Both are equally valid and indeed the opening to both allows for a greater opportunity.

In the energy of the seed, there is this effortlessness. The seed is encountered through desire, supported then by some deliberate contemplation. The seed thought is fed energy. It is expanded. And it is still a seed thought, which may then be focused upon occasionally, as in the watering of a seed in nature to be allowed to spring into life. When it does spring into life, it may surprise you for with it, you are summoning a different level of being, something that feels different, another level up in that awareness of joy.

In the assistance and support of others, there is this opportunity for an openness in your energy, a process which is ongoing, and in your case is already expanded and has found roots. From the lightness of the energy of the dancer, there is the sowing of seeds with less precise mental descriptions and definitions. The act of seeking to explain something in logical and reasonable language often reduces access to the level of magic. The level of magic is the level of magic. It is felt by others as something that sparks their curiosity, sparks their interest.

Precisely, they are drawn because there is a mystery. An explanation given at the logical mind level enables the logical mind to then put that experience into a box from the level of being at which they may sit. And so, it is just another of the collection of boxes at that level of experience of being. Yet, something, some seed that is cast that does not have an answer, but holds a mystery, that invites the raising of the curiosity within a being, that may then continue to work with them as they sleep, as they travel, as they work.

My dear, we are aligning with the principle that is openly and avidly displayed in this domain by nature. Nature casts seeds and allows them to take root or not. You may notice as it is portrayed in the series that you enjoy, The Good Witch, that she does not explain her magic. People just notice that something happened. They realize there is some magic there. They have a curiosity. In that moment, their energy is lifted out of who they are being into a possibility of exploring something different.

It is appropriate for those who have troubles and difficulties to continue exploring with the methods that are available already conventionally within this culture.

Your difference is empowered by this realization that there is for you a natural mastery of the concept of magic.

In some aspects of magic, it is not so much what you say, but what you withhold. It is necessary for others to see this for themselves. If they simply have a word for it, they can file that in the appropriate file box with the label on it. This does not allow an opportunity for a change in the level of being that is required to feel differently. This teaching perhaps goes somewhat against what many have been focusing on.

The extraordinary mysteries of the creation and the power of them is felt increasingly as one opens to that space. And it is a mystery, and it is joyful. It is ever evolving and ever delivering of extraordinary and expanding experiences.