There is a presence of the body consciousness in the solar plexus region. The primary concern of operation here is for the survival of the body and the well-being of its cellular members. There is available, here, a vast store of knowledge. This beingness is very engaged in the processes of digestion and manufacture.

This body consciousness does not operate so clearly through words. It is not language based. There is an awareness of vision. There is a marked capability with regard to feeling. There is a feedback system within the body, whereby groups of cells have a certain glow. The communication of well-being can be assessed from this sense of glow. It is a form of light energy. This being is capable of initiating certain gene sequences. It has a connection through to the genetic line of the family.

As this being moves, or engages, then, as its presence focuses through different parts of the body, it carries with it a certain tension. There may be a certain relaxation of beingness at this level with alcohol.

This being is accustomed to a sense of invisibility, a sense of anonymity.

There are some qualities that are quite noticeable in this beingness, that of persistence, also a consistency, wanted or not. This body consciousness is capable of generating certain fields which will influence the behavior of the individual.

The level of intelligence might be considered more along the lines of that between a human being and a pet. There is a certain connection, a certain affinity when that relationship is built. And there is a quite different order of engagement in terms of the world roles that are played.

There are certain frequencies on which this being operates, that gives it access to thought forms about the body templates. There is a flavor of consistency of pattern, of habit.

I draw your attention to this manner of control that effectively leads into the ageing process. There is a repetitiveness of pattern that this beingness typically establishes. There is less energy of initiative.

In consciously engaging with the body consciousness, there is a certain enhancement possible to the consciousness of this body consciousness. There is an awakening as we bring into this space these slightly higher levels of frequency, these constitute that level of awakening.

The body consciousness may become more relaxed and present within the body and through the body. There is this greater opportunity to communicate to it. There comes an opportunity for an interlocking of arms, shall we say, at a certain level.

We have begun.