My dear friends, much is becoming apparent here, much is emerging, shall we say, from some shadow spaces. Shadow does not imply bad, but shadow simply implies unseen, unrecognized.

Within your consciousness, the composite consciousness of your being as a physical being, is this consciousness that is responding to its own programming. That body consciousness will indeed seek to serve you well. In the process of serving you well, it is open to different forms of programming to deliver experiences that you appear to prefer. That consciousness is also encoded with a direction to provide a consistency of playing field. The ground rules are not changed on a whim. When it is perfectly clear that a rule change is required, when there is a clarity of direction, then there is an answering to the helm of that command, an answering to the certainty.

Where there is a lack of clarity, then that body consciousness will fall back on running its own processes and procedures. This includes the adjustments of programming to which it has been subjected, significantly in this lifetime, but also responding to that heritage of experience, that genetically inherited status quo. Status quo is not something that is entirely static, but which adjusts gradually over time.

A significant part of the role of that genetic body consciousness is specifically to provide a stability, such that change may happen gradually, that the goals, the intention, of the spiritual aspect joining, adjoining with the body consciousness, may thoroughly explore the goals and avenues presented through this physical domain. Precisely, it is an empowering aspect of the physical domain that it provides a consistency of theme that is open to adjustment, but not readily and likely open to adjustment, for to do so, would avoid the deeper and more penetrating aspect that is available within the physical domain.

When that clarity of leadership is available, there is a permission slip provided to the body consciousness to engage in more rapid change. It is indeed not that the body consciousness does not desire that, but rather it is faithful to its training, to that with which it is charged. In so doing, its intention is to serve you. A very significant part of that programming that is based around survival is for the purpose of serving you.