This is the first post I can remember that I have not had clarity for a title. And I have linked this in with the body consciousness work / play, but I am not sure it belongs there. This offering is planting a seed, showing what is possible both now and what we might be aiming for.

Let us focus on taking further forward that which we were looking at in that last meditation, and add to it.

Let us assume, first of all, a meditative stance, a further tune-in to the quietness and essence and power of the still mind. As a footnote to that last comment of still mind, my friends, I draw your attention to the fact that it is not the power of that still mind, but rather that with a still mind not providing distraction, then there is an alignment and connection with the deeper level of power that runs through you.

In the quietness of these moments, there is the equivalent of a vertical tuning rod running through the center of these bodies, an antenna. In the quietness, this antenna may allow an attunement to an energy flow. Think of the imagery of a post struck by lightning in which electricity is circling around the post. There is a vortexual field of high potentiality available to this vertical pillar running though you. There is an attunement. Even as there is a feeling of a pull towards the poll and its energies, there is now a tangible field of increased strength radiating from your body.

If you feel a disharmony in your body with the other energies that are becoming active here, I recommend that you simply follow along with this session, be guided by this session. This pillar will provide a stabilizing principle and frequency, which will continue to allow those other body energies to reattune and realign.

Notice if there is a freedom in your energy. We touch in here, once again, upon the energy of the dancer. There are fine tuning adjustments you may make to this energy, this current, this vibration that you feel running through your body. As you make slight adjustments to your body, to your body posture, it will also affect alignment at the throat, the manner in which you may express. There is this establishment of a coherent field. As coherency becomes established, there is a substantial jump in the diameter and potency of the radiance and field around you.

There is felt a lightness in the body, almost a sense of walking on air. In this coherent energy that you are able to bring to bear, there is opportunity in immediate nature. Simply as you are walking outside, or even in the garden, there is on the one hand a certain radiance. Because of the nature of that radiance, it will bring back to you images and feelings of harmony.

Synchronicity is also empowered by this field that you hold and generate, for as this energy touches upon things, they respond. The energy that is awakened in this manner becomes a multiplier on the energy that you radiate, for it brings the frequencies surrounding you into alignment, allowing for a resonance to occur. This is an expansive effect. Over time it becomes increasingly powerful.

There is opportunity to imbue within these frequencies thought and feeling of that which you may desire to manifest or experience. This resonance, as you attune to it and hold it and operate from it, has the effect of sowing many vibrational seeds through the vicinities, domains, in which you pass. These energies will be increasingly supportive of your evolution of core energy and frequencies.

If it be of interest to you, and as you develop a feel for this resonance, this energy, then you may choose to see how far you may extend it. With it, there becomes an extent of feeling. It is a field of feeling. You may feel things move through it at a certain distance. There is a heightened awareness, and yet it does not involve effort. For the frequency of this particular clarity, there is already a blueprint laid down and available. And as the resonance is touched, that which has already been pre-established, simply responds.

This will also bring to you an awareness of the works of other masters who have gone before. As you touch the frequency, you become aware of this expanded band of knowledge that is available. There is not simply one. There are different harmonics.

As you include within your range of choices a deliberate consideration to allow your energy to vibrate on such a band, even not knowing precisely where that band may be, you will feel points of connection where there will be heightened clarity and a knowingness.

In the future, as you work with more than one such band, there will be open to you an opportunity to work on whichever band feels most appropriate for the subject matter at hand. As you vibrate at a particular band, you become one with that band. There is no effort to the knowing that ensues, and yet there may be a focus around that process of attunement. A little experimentation with the idea of different frequencies or wavelength bands, whatever that may mean to you, until you touch upon a band just like the moving of a tuner on a car radio, there is a resonance and a feed-back and a connection.

This is an expansive principle upon which we touch. I am moving us, perhaps a little ahead of the game here in making this offering available. It is my desire to seed this so that you may grow into this.

Let me offer you one more visual example. When we consider the frequencies that need to be omitted to generate visible light, it is quite a narrow band within your electromagnetic spectrum. As you play with certain frequencies, you see nothing. There is no feedback. Feedback is more arduous without sight, for one is then perhaps working with other less-rapid means. As the frequency of a device suddenly moves into that band where energy of visible frequency is issued. Much then is instantly revealed within the environment. A great knowingness presents itself, where before there may have been complete darkness.

Perhaps there is also a parallel to the levels of attunement. As you become close, in our example of light, perhaps everything would appear red. But as you tune further, you can reach that sweet spot of white light emitted where objects may be seen in their own natural colors.

Very well, thank you. I appreciate, once again, your time, this opportunity to communicate and this opportunity to experiment with you about the taking forward of our principle of effortless awakening. My blessings to you.