Earth energies are strong and there is a density to them. Spirit from above fundamentally holds a much lighter space, and exists in the spaces of greater ease, fluidity, and sense of spaciousness. It is more the equivalent, let us say, of operating in the air, moving through the air then moving through water in the oceans below. So there is an energetic adjustment to be able to match Earth energies in a significant way.

As you reach for those energies, there can be a certain overwhelm of the senses, which is seen as a certain unconsciousness. This is not because anything is specifically wrong. This is because there is a stepping up of your energies needed in order to be able to maintain a conscious awareness while operating in these domains.

This is a case not of being taught something specifically. This is merely a question of having that opportunity for you to get better in touch with that which you already know and to be able to open these energetic flows and to utilize them in your life experience for the purposes of empowerment. There are healing capabilities connected with this particular work.

There are capabilities connected with Earth energies. The Earth energies hold know how, and provide the seeds and the energetic constructs in which life flowers. So, the energies contained within the Earth have a full knowledge of how to change and alter form, how to grow forms, how to merge forms, and how to bring forth new combinations of life. For the Earth to bring a transformation, for instance, from something like a caterpillar to butterfly, why then you are seeing a transformation there which is simply demonstrated as one of the earthbound basis of knowledge.

These avenues of knowledge are there to be opened up. They are, however, not readily accessible. You could almost say that they have been somewhat sealed off. It is not appropriate knowledge to those people who have not established a proper awareness in and around integrity, for all energies, of course, can be used constructively or relatively destructively. So it is only through the mastery of your energies and the alignment of your energies that these doors open. The key parts have, however, now been attained.

Be aware of the clarity and within your own space. Notice if there is a clarity of integrity, and a wobble-free space available to you where you are not tempted into, and in fact cannot be tempted into a misuse of these abilities. As we come to reinstate and release and make available these energies on the planet, you will understand it is important that they are released in a way that does not simply allow the previous wobbles of integrity to reinstate themselves, simply because this would bring us back to where we have been with nothing achieved and perhaps with the older energies further re-ingrained.

So therefore, there has been a significant lead period to get to this stage, and many have worked very hard, very diligently with great intention upon this question of personal integrity. It is not necessary that all matters of integrity be fully addressed here because there are some issues that may still arise. What is important is that you know that when something arises within you that is somewhat out of balance, you know that you would not be acting on that. So it is not a question of having had to resolve them. It is the ability to recognize them as they arise.

So indeed, it is a new day today, my friends, and this new topic is now available to you. Let me formally announced that these doors are opened, upon this request. And it needs to be a request from yourselves, you see, to open these doors.

You will have ongoing guidance from several different aspects if you choose to play here because this particular piece that is opening is in fact very broad. I think you are aware of this. This is not the one specific small piece. This has to do with the unlocking and making available of very significant Earth energies. This also impacts, of course, into longevity as an obvious extension of health issues and into healing capabilities.