I would like to speak to you on empowerment. I wish to start off by giving you some background. I want to utilize the term ego. Of course, we need to look at definitions when we use terms because people have different understandings from such terms.

One of the challenges at the level of the godhead is the issue that everything is one and everything is at an absolute state, an absolute state of perfection. The challenge then is to have an experience. We have previously discussed the idea that to have an experience, there needs to be contrast. And so, a creation is formed in which the possibility of the opposite of perfection is available. It is through the experience of contrast that the real recognition can be felt of the magnificence that we are, or that I am, for collectively, there is also at the godhead level this singularity, I, of which we are all a part.

There is this entering into the creation. An essential piece that is required to be able to enter into the creation is a structure, a construct, that can maintain a level of separation. If whilst operating within the creation there is that full realization of your connection with the godhead and being part of the godhead, then there is this stepping out of the experience. The experience ceases to have meaning, for if you can simply snap your fingers and instantly change the reality to anything you choose, very soon it begins to have no meaning. Initially, though, that may seem an exciting prospect.

Please track with me here. It is an understanding of this that really does open the opportunities for growth within the creation. There is a structure that is created, and I am going to label that as ego, this ability to hold an identity that is separate. That ego component then holds that with some steadfastness, some rigidity, to avoid the accidental slipping out of the creation and back into oneness at the godhead level, which would bring a termination of this experience, which is that which is desired. It is playing in the creation and being able to discover reflections of yourself, reflections of the god aspect of yourself that becomes so extraordinary, so revelationery.

Let us take a situation where the ego-structure has been rigidly defined to work within a specific context, let us say then, as a human being on planet earth. Now, you are operating through that ego and as that ego. The thinking processes are capped by the structure of the ego to retain a significant degree of limitation. You strive, but when you strive as the ego, as that individual separatist element, then you are striving as the limitations that are built into your own structure. I say your own structure here, for in some ways this ego is not you. You are part of everything. You are far more than that. The ego is a creation. It is like taking on a form of a body in order to allow you to have an experience. If you wish to have an experience as a human being, or if you wish to have an experience as a bird, or you wish to have an experience as a leopard, or some other animal on this planet, for instance, then it has meaning if you take on the constructs and the limitations that bind you to that experience.

Very literally, when you seek to expand your beingness, you are butting up against the limitations that have been set. They are almost like parameters within your programming. There is reference then to subconscious. People say, “Oh, yes, this is happening in my subconscious.” The subconscious is holding out of your awareness many factors. Being held out of your awareness limits your ability therefore to change them. Certain parameters are being held in place. At that subconscious level, there is an awareness below what you would perceive as your current level of consciousness. It is that level of programming that you do not have access to and it is highly beneficial in its construct.

For instance, there are many pieces that you do not have to concern yourself about in operating the human body. Many of its functions are happening at a level that does not require your conscious attention. This allows, through the construct of the ego, this opportunity to focus on that which is interesting to you. It enables you to focus your attention specifically in the creation and to see it uniquely from that viewpoint.

And then, as you hold that viewpoint, over time there becomes this dawning potential of your own God aspect starting to shine through. There are ways to allow that God aspect to shine through the particular construct, the limitation that you are imposing, that you are playing in, but without disrupting the game, for that is not the intention. Then there is this opportunity within that construct to develop and perceive as the essence of truth and power and love that you are, where the God love energy may be increasingly reflected into the environment. It is an energy that is coincident with appreciation, as there is this alignment with this deeper appreciation of the opportunities for this extraordinary experiencing that the creation has made possible.

My friends, one of the challenges here then is that if you are using the thinking mind, which is aligned at the ego level here, then this very thinking mind that you think will help solve your issues is also the part that is programmed to provide a set of blinkers upon your view, restrictions. And so, you strive and yet in a way you are striving against this other part of yourself. So, there is a rebalancing of this. How better then to hold this?

If there is a willingness to accept that this model I presenting to you is an active possibility, and I suggest that you look at it in that way, as a possibility with which you can begin to explore. Then this thinking mind can begin to extend power to that spiritual aspect and allow some of the inspiration and some of the ideas to flow from that spiritual aspect, and to start to trust. This does not require a big stepping out. It is a case of trying smaller things in the process of aligning this spiritual aspect better with the physical limitation experienced at the ego level.

The ego force became very strong on the earth in the sense that there has been some significant suffering which has caused the ego-mind to focus on survival. A lot of programming has been built around survival and protection, which of course is a set of fear-based constructs. Those very fear-based constructs, anything that you decide to protect yourself from, requires first a holding of the construct that there is something that you need to be fearful of. The very act of protecting is reinforcing the ego creation that there is need to be fearful. Then there is this opportunity to progressively loosen this.

It is a decision. It is a deliberate decision. For, dear friends, you are fundamentally creators. The reality into which you are born, you may say or may feel that, “I have not created this. This is the way things are. I have simply arrived or shown up into this space.” This is certainly a viewpoint that we wish to run with, this particular viewpoint that you have arrived. But you have arrived in something that has been created collectively to a certain degree. It is not because it needs to be inherently this way. It is simply a starting point from which you can pick up your own co-creative experience.

One of the extraordinary things which the mind may seem to deny is the fact that as you start to move and allow your mind to form around more expansive ideas of the creation, including this creation right here, right now, this present time moment in which we suggest to you that many realities coexist. Your experience of it is much influenced by the manner in which you are holding viewpoints on this environment.

So it is that if you can allow more of that spiritual inspiration to come through, then there can be a less dependence on the need to figure things out, to work things out. Indeed, the part that is figuring and working things out starts to feel and ease, a sense of well-being, a realization that that is not necessary. What is necessary is for that thinking part to align with the realization that simply holding a thought, holding an idea of that which you prefer and allowing your human beingness to feel that, to have the feeling of that within your body, that is enough to start bringing about these changes for you. These may be changes in your external circumstances, which it seems could not be changed by that, but will indeed magnetize around the ideas that you are progressively holding and emanating. The environment is designed, the whole creation is designed, to reflect back to you that which you are putting forward, that which you, in essence, are creating.

If your creative energy is going into protection of fear and concern of something that might happen, then recognize that whilst providing that protection, it is also creating the issue that you need protecting from. So, it is not a sudden letting go usually, but there is this opportunity to have a progressive letting go. Perhaps with smaller items there is this opportunity to play when it does not count, when it does not matter. What you will experience as you play in this space is a growing confidence.

First there is the thought that you are planting, the new thoughts that you are reaching for, which are like seeds. They start to germinate. It may be a little while, but then some evidence of your changed attitude will start to reflect back to you out of the environment to take you forward. And as you continue to play with this, then the potency of this ability for you to influence your environment grows. This is where it seems as though there is one reality and therefore if you feel that you do not wish to impose on that reality because that may impact others.

Now, if you are willing to hold an idea of the experience you would like, to be that version of yourself that can draw those experiences into your being, how would that beingness feel? What would it feel like to be that person that draws the experiences that you prefer? There is an opportunity in the day, perhaps several times in the day. Let us suppose in the day there is one item that causes you to feel tired or restless or less well at ease, something you need to do that you do not like doing and are doing with some form of resistance. Is there another version of yourself that you can initiate that might feel that differently, that might be able to maintain a sense of well-being in the face of these, even these smaller matters?

This is where you no longer accept the thought patterns that are established in this ego construct. You simply do not allow them. It is not that the thought patterns are wrong. It is that there is this opportunity to choose different ones. You notice simply a thought pattern and you notice how you feel in response to that. Your guide, then is, “Who would I need to be? Or what would I be? Who would I be if I was able to feel differently in regard to this issue?”

The work of the soul down here, its concern is who you are being while you go through different experiences. The actual experiences themselves are less important, for even in difficult experiences you can find your way to being someone who is outstanding in your own viewpoint. Be the circumstances difficult or joyful, there is that opportunity for you to bring through that aspect of your Godhood that allows you an ease and a mastery and to shed the light of your being into these different spaces.

And so there is then this working out of the relationship, or perhaps this introspection into this kind of egoic layer, for one is not seeking to remove this. It is an adjustment. It is an adjustment where perhaps that egoic layer that controls thought and belief strongly is being softened so that it holds many things in place, but starts to allow a greater fluidity in your experience, as though you were starting to, shall we say, cheat a little. My friends, you start to bend the reality around the corners. The egoic body is comfortable and allowing that process. And then you can find a new way for you to balance your own spiritual determinism with experience here in the physical.