We recently did a channeling session where Sekhmet came to speak. One of the biggest pieces I took from it was a deeper understanding of the concept that in present day, we are not required to learn from mystery schools, rather our daily life takes on that role. For me, there were several gems in this one, and the energy came through with such clarity. I understand Sekhmet as an archetype much more than I did before and see how I resonate with it, and can learn to use it even more. I offer it here for you in case of interest:

Dear friends, it is I, Sekhmet.

My representation of energies in Egypt incorporates a certain fierceness, a certain protectiveness. Yet this is an outward fierceness, for this is built on and ensues from a foundation of love.

It is interesting to span the energies from Egyptian times to the energies of the present world. In those days, energies were presented substantially externally. There was a great deal of representation of spiritual worlds, spiritual forms, spiritual thought, and there were substantial external challenges to life. The circumstances are different now. And the more challenging energy that had been directed in holding outward form is now more relevant in holding internal form. For the worlds of each of you, what I may refer to as the internal worlds of each of you, have expanded as the external cares have been relatively addressed, whilst always needing some attention. And there is an internal frontier, the frontier within the mind – body structure. And there is this opportunity for mastery of the physical and energetic form that you inhabit.

The opportunity is available, not so much by energies of mystery school or tradition, but through this path of self-discovery, self-awareness. There is this recognition of power from the emotional base, desire, the wanting. And there is a process of clarifying, of harnessing energies, a process of internal alignment. And as internal alignment is attained, this is demonstrated in external reflections and speed of manifestation.

There is this greater and increasing awareness of structure. In Egypt, structure was exhibited in external form. Now is the opportunity to explore structure in internal form, and to rearrange structure to hold, adjust, allow energy flows in alignment with intent. And even as there is external intent, yet also, there is intent for greater alignment of these internal capabilities of the physical vehicle to permit the channeling of energy for the greater empowerment of the being. Those disciplines that were previously made visible and affected externally are now, in this time, to be applied internally, including in the circumstances where there may be no immediate apparentcy of spiritual energies. For this is about the mastery of your own vortex, the mastery of your own interface with these physical bodies. And the great goal of this age is not the external mastery of the environment, but the conscious growth in awareness of the internal terrain.

So, my friends, I wish to take some time with you now, for us to sit quietly with focus upon that notion of mastery, that recognition of the possibility of mastery at increasingly higher levels, and to feel into each of these bodies as to how and what that would mean. If you choose to make it available to you, there is a certain fierceness in my energy, a determination. Within my energy is that concept where defeat is not possible. I am.

Let us be aware of the posture of these physical bodies. Let us be aware of bringing light, points of light, into these physical bodies. Let there be a sparkling of lights in these physical bodies. Let there be a myriad of points of light emerging in these bodies, not out of this dimension, but simply emerging into this dimension, giving strength, giving empowerment. These bodies are powerhouses of light. Let there be an attunement, an awareness of the process by which these points of energy are manifested and opened into the physical body. Notice the breath, changes to the breath, as you notice this physical structure lit up internally, as one of your Christmas trees.

Now, let me bring through that alignment with Egypt, the mighty powers and forces of consciousness that were tangibly harnessed, and brought into alignment with our bodies. Let these be available to you now. The energy of the spirit of Egypt, flowing through the pharaohs, flowing through the nations, flowing through the constructs. Let the taste and flavor of this consciousness be available to you, not to exclude or replace that which you have become, but as an addition to. May this be another keyboard of energies to which you have access. May the brightness of the energies of Egypt be represented to you by a certain goldenness, a certain golden sheen.

There is an access point in these energies to powerful nonphysical energies, to extraterrestrial consciousnesses. There is an expansiveness, a portal, if you will. Let this portal of connection be available to you, that in reflecting upon it, you may call upon it and allow there to be an opening and a flow. There is a certain feel to this. Notice what you feel.

Know this energy seeks expression. And if you will choose to allow one thread of your alignment to be in alignment with these energies, then may these energies be available as a bowstring, that you may take aim at an idea. And let your aim be true. Let your arrow fly, the manifestation of your inspiration.

There is captured within the energies of Egypt, a certain grandeur, and a gracefulness, a potency and a harmony. This energy is alive, and it is available to draw upon, my dear friends, would you but summon it and use it. Call upon me freely, as you will, in the manner of that usage.

If you physically go to Egypt, in moving through the energies in Egypt, there is an awareness. There is a feeling. There is a connection of which you are aware. There is also a veil to inner vision. And there is an opportunity in the expansion of your being to look at the thinning of this internal veil. This is not as looking through physical eyes. This is attunement to nonphysical sight. This is attunement to seeing my energy directly, a representation of my beingness directly, and other represented beings of energies of Egypt.

So, there is an opportunity for an intention. And yet, it is not held simply in the head. It is held in the beingness. There is an expansion available in the growing awareness and activation of the Ka body. This may be simplest felt as a nonphysical representation of the physical body, with increasing freedom to move somewhat independently of the physical body. There is this opportunity for a slight misalignment between this Ka body and the physical body. And at that point, one starts to see with the eyes of the Ka body, and ceases then to be contained by the physical body, an expansion of your very beingness.

An attunement to the radiation of the color gold is powerful in empowering this separation, this dual aspect of consciousness, conscious awareness, both within the physical body and separate from the physical body. There is intention in this energy. There is a love in this energy. There is a lack of fear in this energy. In my energy is represented fearlessness in the sense of a certain fierceness, and yet this softens into simply lack of fear, an ease of confront, an effortlessness in the sweep of perception.

There is an empowerment in digging deep into your wantings, activating those wantings, knowing what you want. And as you activate them, widening back, stepping back a little and allowing the seed of that wanting to grow in front of you where you may see it and nurture it, nurturing the fire that you are being.

Let us just hold these energies a moment or two longer.

My friends, I leave you embedded with an enhanced key to the access of Egyptian energies. Call upon me at any time. For now, I shall take my leave, many blessings.