You ask about energies which lead you to not completing on a particular possibility or item but find yourself putting it to one side. The word that you tend to use is procrastination. There is concern that if you make a decision too quickly that it may not be the right decision. And, referring to the earlier part of my conversation, my friend, I wish to set up to you this polarization. Let me give an example of how that might be applied in this situation.

On the one hand, you have the pole in place for a decision to be made, and you have a further pole in place in relation to that for the decision to be the right one or not to be a bad one. Yet, you may add more polarization in favor of making a decision as you recognize that procrastination is now significantly influencing your ability to flow energy. And as you recognize in these polarities that that desire to flow energy is more important to you than the correctness or otherwise of some particular decision, which in many cases is somewhat arbitrary. As you recognize that the importance is the realigning and the re-establishment of the ability to manage and drive these flows, then there is a clarity for you to proceed and to allow this patterning within your emotional body to be realigned around something that is more powerful.

There is an underlying realignment that is consistent towards what you sometimes refer to as north pole. Within your beingness, there is this emotional piece which allows for a diminishing of some of the energies that would otherwise be available to you. You have addressed this, upon occasion, through the use of anger, which maintains a deliberate and powerful flow of energy in the direction that you may desire. And yet, as you relax, then the more habitual energy level may establish itself and you may find yourself looking at the same issues on several occasions instead of, perhaps, making a specific decision and moving forward.

There will be further adjustments to this polarization as you step forward but let me offer that to you as a guiding consideration which you are indeed ready to play with right now. I suggest that you engage with this in the balance of this week, and indeed, this month. It takes something of the order of a month of sustained focus to realign and retune the body into an altered habit where the energies of the emotional body may then more consistently support you in the direction that you prefer.

Therefore, my friends, to bring about this empowerment that we are desiring, we are indeed exploring with this ability to re-program, if you will, the habitual-self, habitual-human-self, to allow for this greater flow of passion, engagement, expectation.

Very well, my friends, I thank you for this invitation to speak tonight. I look forward to seeing if this may prove of value. We will continue to advance and refine this message as we move forward together. My dear friends, many blessings to you, and for now I shall take my leave.