Dear friends, a very good evening to you. It is I, Thoth.

So, my friends, let us take forward this space. I would like to commence with a brief review of the focus and approach that we have been taking and then we shall step slightly further forward with this consideration.

From looking at the idea of me and what is the me or what is the I, we are looking at the ability to redefine that, to fluidly reassess what that actually means. Now, from a theoretical stance, we are coming from that stance where the I behind is truly none of these individual I’s in the creation. It is more that an idea is established within the mind of a more expansive being or level of beingness and there is a desire to have an experience as that idea. This leads to a level of manifestation and incarnation into that manifestation to have that experience as. We are therefore approaching this matter of incarnation into the physical from the viewpoint of the ability to manage that which the I is being.

Therefore, if there is a difficulty, let us suppose there is a degree of stress within the human life that is being experienced. As one identifies and acknowledges oneself as the being that is stressed then that is the experience that is gained. We are looking at this opportunity to say, “Ahh, there is an opportunity here for me to be at this level of experience, of a stressed being, for instance, and yet there is also this level for me to step back slightly and notice that there is a degree of a construction here, and there is an opportunity to rearrange that construction once I have stepped back from being it.”

In the course of these two weeks, dear Rick has had some quite sharp experiences of discomfort, apparent lack of wellness. And yet, this has arisen from patterns that have been established within his beingness and within his body over many years and he has been asking for this to change. In the asking for that to change, that which is being focused upon, in other words, that part that one is desiring to change, is being brought from the background more to the foreground. It offers its experience.

There is this opportunity to be aware of that and yet to move, when one may, to that role of observer. As one looks from that role of observer, then there is a detachment from the more direct experience, and there is an opportunity to rearrange the factors of consciousness that are creating that experience. The rearrangement of these factors does not involve a complexity of a mental agility. It is more a focus of intention. With that intention, a certain energy is held, a certain frequency is held, and one allows that frequency to start to become imbued into the physicality, into the composite humanity.

As that experience, as that vibration is changed, then the experience changes. At that point, there is the opportunity instead of being slightly back of the manifestation, as the manifestation is more to your liking, there is the opportunity to rejoin it, and to experience afresh, as you would prefer.

As other life experiences are engaged, and as they continue to be fun, one may remain in relatively full incarnation. And yet, as something comes up where there is a part that is not quite to the liking, then there is this opportunity to engage this mechanism, this mechanism of withdrawal from being that which is uncomfortable or no longer desired. There is the opportunity from being somewhat stepped back to engage with a preferred level of vibration and to bring that level of vibration into the body.

The body then becomes retuned, somewhat alike to physical magnets, where one powerful magnet may overpower a less powerful magnet and reverse the polarity of it. This might be an example in the physical. This is not a matter of a violence or force. It is simply the holding of a vibration and the allowing of consciousness which holds to the vibration to which it has been set to release that vibration and reattune itself to a new vibration. Consciousness is tremendously flexible in this manner. This, my friends, is the essence of the process that we are looking at here.

We are looking at changing life experience by changing that which you are embodying. You are embodying a set of frequencies, a set of attitudes, a set of ideas into that which you are choosing to be, and then holding concurrent with that appropriate vibrational levels that allow that to manifest, to reflect back from your environment the vibrational levels that you are emitting, and then to experience those in the physical. All of this sounds a little theoretical. A theoretical background has some merit here and yet we know the true art is in the experience. We will, of course, be moving to a meditational phase here shortly.

Dear Rick had an experience with a friend just yesterday, in which that friend acknowledged that they had been struggling with some depressive thoughts and spent some days in depression. Her mechanism had eventually been to attune to the idea of Jesus, for she is a practicing Christian. In focusing on the energies of Jesus, her energy was lifted from the energies of the mind focusing on depressing thought. The mind was lifted to be able to focus on more beautiful, more uplifting thoughts. In that process, the experience was changed. She was able to return herself to the level of well-being to which she is better accustomed.

Dear Rick has made the observation that it is not so much that past experiences are forgotten or a zeroed out, it is more that those experiences exist and they continue to exist. But your choice is which tone do you wish to set in the scale of emotions. As you allow yourself to attune to lower levels of emotion, that will draw to you thoughts from past experiences that are similar to that level. Indeed, it may draw new thoughts at that level to you. Therefore, understanding this, it is not so much a case of solving the issues at that level, it is more a case of adjusting the level of your energy to be able to experience of the level that you prefer.

We are addressing this through choosing deliberately the beingness, the human beingness that you wish to incarnate into. The adjustment is done by stepping back slightly, observing, feeling the patterns that are present, connecting more with the energy that you prefer, and then allowing that to flow into the body. There can be a time to be allowed for this. As your certainty grows in your ability to bring in energies of different frequencies, then the speed at which you can bring a turnaround to that which you are experiencing, the speed at which you can do this, increases. Also, the power with which you may do this increases. Issues that have been more deep-set in your energy may be addressed more readily.

My friends, that is the approach we are exploring at this stage. We wish to go a little further here. We may offer one or two tips. For instance, in this process of looking at something that is uncomfortable in the body, there is the opportunity to recognise that that part that is experiencing that which is uncomfortable, which you identified as not being you by warrant of holding a slight separation. There is an opportunity to coach it, to recognize, to help it recognise the consciousness within it, to recognise that it is not inherently the energy and experience that it is having.

This is like coaching a friend. You are now identifying certain parts of consciousness within your own body, for the body is composed of multiple pieces of consciousness. You act as a coach to help that part realise that it can step back from the experience that it is having. There is a chain of this, both a chain leading down to this level of beingness that you hold, and a chain going down into greater detail, but the fundamental concept remains the same.

It could be that the plane with that idea might work for you. It might be that in stepping back, you are able to look at that area of the body, those cells, let us say for you, dear Rick, in your case with difficult digestive organs that you may invite them to look at the fact that they are not the experience that they are having, and that they can choose something different. There may be workability.

We recommend to you, my friends, be drawn by the level of workability as you play with ideas. What we are seeking is the smoothest and most effective way to bring you to this increased level of mastery over the direction of your own experience. These changes made into your own beingness are of course quite independent of that which is going on in the external world. There is not the need to change the external world, or even to change your friends around you, those who are interacting with you in order for you to have a different experience. You can change the level of beingness that you are experiencing, which will bring with it a different reflection of the friends and people around you.

Very well, that my friends, is enough of theoretical background for tonight. Let us move to an experience of some of these changes. Let us adopt a deeper meditational posture, a quieting of the body. Perhaps there is an awareness of feeling of uprightness in the body from the waist up to the head, a vertical alignment. Notice the quieting of the breath, the ease of the breath. There is a sense of relaxation and yet not a sleepiness. There is more an awake-ness, an alertness.

In this alertness, let us hold the idea of moving consciousness back slightly from physical body. There is a slight detachment from the physicality. In addition to this sense of connection to the physicality, but slight separateness from it, let us extend also an awareness of the connection to spirit, spiritual realms, to the availability of a flow of energy. It may be felt as though there is a pool of energy available which may be flavoured, configured by your thoughts.

Let us hold the idea of well-being and imbue this flow of energy that we are establishing now down into the physicality. Let us imbue this energy with a sense of well-being. Let us allow this energy to reach deeper into the physicality. You may notice a deeper breath, a deepening of the breath.

Let us allow this energy to flow deeper into the body, down into the belly, into the hips, into the thighs. You may also notice an increase of energy through the palms of the hands. Sometimes that is felt as a warmth. As this energy is flowed into the body, there may be a reflection of that even at the feet.

In particular, my friends, let us focus this energy that we may flow into the body. Just focuses this to the area of the belly, the solar plexus, the second and third chakras. And as we have added this flavour of well-being into this energy, let us also add the seed of another idea, and that is of persistent well-being and of expansion of well-being, that in this next two-week period, there may be a harvest, a mini harvest or perhaps a slightly bigger harvest, of this seed of good feeling energy into the body.

Perhaps the body will be able to remember new ways to move, old or new ways to engage energy, that it may reflect back up to the head. And into the flavour of this energy, let us add a sense of clarity, that the energy that may flow from the digestive system, supporting the operation of the head, may carry with it an overture of clarity, freshness, lightness.

Let us be aware that in that process, if there are energies to be released, they may be disturbed and released by this flow. The solution to that, my friends, is this stepping back and the maintenance of this flow. It is like a washing action. Initially, the action of washing is to bring, in the case of clothes, dirt out of the clothes. The water may appear discolored. And yet, as the processes continued, and a further rinsing is allowed, then there is a freshness established.

There is possible consideration, my friends, on those items that you might consume and bring into that belly. The human digestive system is a masterpiece of energetic capability and can transform and transmute many things. And yet, as the flow of nutrients brought into the body is lighter and fresher and cleaner, then the ease with which that may be reflected from the digestive system back through the upper body into the head is enhanced.

Let us pause a moment here. Feel these energies of well-being that we have engaged, this flow that we are bringing into the body from this space slightly separate from the body, bringing this flow down into and reaching the belly, reaching also the hips, the sexual organs, the thighs. There is some of that reflecting back into the upper body, absorbed into the bloodstream, supporting the vibrations that are carried to the head.

Let us feel this harmony we are establishing. This clarity I am seeing in all of these bodies allows a thought, decided upon and brought to the level of the head, to reflect more truly and clearly through the physicality, thereby bringing back more rapidly and more powerfully the reflection of that thought, and the experience that thought. Be aware once again, my friends, of the ease of the breath.

Let us add as a seed to the thought that this harmony we are establishing in these bodies is not simply a now moment, a temporary moment, but a seed for the establishing, the easier establishment, of this harmony as a regular and enhanced state of being. It is not a seed for fruition over the course of years, although we are happy for that. But let us have the intention that there may be something experiential within these next two weeks: a new level to be attained, a growing confidence in this ability to work with this consciousness of the human being level and to retune it deliberately and to refill it.

In taking this connection with this source of energy from outside, bringing that through into the physical body. Notice for a moment the impact on the cells of different parts of the body. This may be experienced as a certain warmth, a level of nurture. The cells of the body are capable of radiating this both outwards and also upwards, that you may re-experience this feeling of health and well-being of the body supporting, the bringing in of ideas with clarity and effectiveness.

You may notice a general alignment of the body cells as this energy and this glow affects not just one part, but extends: the palms of the hands, the arms, the shoulders, the thighs, the feet. Let us focus again, one more time, on bringing this well-being of energy into the digestive system. That the quality of energy extended to the body from the digestive system may be enhanced.

I thank you my friends, for as I scan across you, I see these changes being able to seed, to ground, to root within your physicality. There is also a thought form which is an overlap of the beingness of this group. This energy, so created, is a keeper of the ideas and forms we have expressed tonight, and it may be drawn upon. It is the energy of the group and available to support the individuals making up that group.

This energy continues to exist between these sessions. If you choose, you may draw upon it between sessions, somewhat the way you may charge a battery from some source. My energy also is bound in this group form and I will maintain this form and allow it to be continually charged. There is an opportunity for an intuitive or deliberate exchange of thoughts between this group form and yourselves individually should you be curious to explore in these next two weeks. Into this thought form that we are jointly creating, establishing, there are some seasonal presents, my friends.

There is a beautiful sense of stillness and well-being established in this harmonious group. Let us move now to a close of this session. Slowly, with no hurry to move back fully into the body. May I just leave you with the notion my friends to consider unwrapping one or two of the seasonal gifts that we at spirit level place into this collective group form and make available to your curiosity.

Let us draw this session to a close. Many, many blessings, my friends. Thank you for honoring me by allowing this evening session to proceed by engaging with me. I shall most joyfully look forward to our next meeting in two weeks’ time, all being well with the group. Many blessings, my friends, for now I will take my leave.