Good evening, dear friends. Tonight it is an aspect of energy that steps forward that we refer to as, Archangel Metatron.

In particular, there is a desire to bring forward a greater awareness of the process of incarnation, for that spiritual aspect of yourself is attached to these bodies. With my dear friend, Thoth, there has been this development of process, with the idea of stepping back slightly from the body, of dissociating from levels of consciousness, recognising them as not being the same as oneself, creating this view point and this opportunity then to perceive with greater clarity mechanisms at work.

Now, we wish to experimentally open with you here an additional way of looking at this, for this stepping back is the beginning stages of this establishment of your awareness as that light energy that has connected to this physical body in the first instance. In the process of growing this body, in the process of being present through the birthing process, through childhood and adolescence, there are processes at work that help to bind this spiritual aspect to this body. And in the work that has been done, there has been this process of the beginnings of loosening those binding links.

Now, my friends, this is perhaps more easily done from an experiential perspective then an intellectual perspective. Let me invite you, in the first instance, to maintain a certain awareness of the body, comfortableness of the body, the breath, perhaps a certain uprightness in the body, if that suits your current position. Let us notice the ability to bring a sense of awareness to the back of the neck, the back of the head region.

From this vantage point of the body, let there also be some attention directed to a point above the head. And let there be the intention to connect to a powerful source of energy. You may experience this is a connection to a ball of light. Let us allow a flow of energy from this sense of a ball of light to this area at the back of the head, the back of the neck, such that there is a growing there of light, a sense of ball of light. Let us just hold this for a little while, and just breathe into it and breathe into the idea.

Let us nurture this flow of energy from the connecting point of a ball of light above the head to this connecting point at the back of the head, the back of the neck. From there, allow this flow of energy into the physical body. There may be curiosity, a sense of interest, certainly a sense of well-being and there may be a stirring of memory.

This ball of light connects to the physical body, by extending a little vortex into the body, into the head, to the back of the eyes, into the neck. They are little vortices of spinning energy. Typically, the process of connection and greater connection into the body is through a clockwise rotation of these little energy probes. The extent of connection may be varied by inviting an anticlockwise spin in these connection points. It may be easier to simply focus on a single one that you notice, and if you can simultaneously focus on a group, so be it. This is fine.

I would like you to try now experimenting with this connection from this point slightly at the back of the body, this sense of ball of light, and inviting this anticlockwise spin into these connection points. Notice there is an opportunity to ease back. You may notice a loosening of tension in certain areas of the body if you allow this sense of easing back or widening back.

As you relax into this perspective, you may start to notice several or many such links, little energetic vortices, almost like the way veins may form in a body. As these links propagate in connection to a body, then there is a deepening of the connection, the binding between the spirit and the physical body.

Let us stay with this mechanism yet a while and play with it, if you will. You may play with noticing a group of vortices and loosening them somewhat. You may play with tightening those vortices into an area of your body for a greater level of experiential connection. And all the time in the background, as this link to spirit, this ball of light, if you will, above, providing a flow of energy that is sustaining the life force in this vehicle. Let us allow a sense of relaxation, of refreshment, of nurture into the cells of the body.

Sometimes at this level, there is another experience that may be triggered, of this light ball that is connecting to the body, beginning to merge more into the body, and also spreading itself through these many connections, and beginning to take the shape of the body. In this state, there is usually a different feeling of awareness in regard to the body. A different feel to the body is experienced. There is a greater quietness, the presence of ease. I wish to bring to you now, my friends, the seeding of possibility. There may be memories, or a distant or dawning awareness of this process, something that feels familiar.

And so, we work on building this awareness of this energetic interface. This experiential awareness of the ability to begin to operate and feel and perceive from a viewpoint slightly separate from the body. The potency to begin to operate from an awareness of a light form. With a beginning experiential awareness here, of how that light form connects to this physical form. Let there be the seeding of the possibility of exploring this in moments and times of your own choosing. There is a beautiful radiance in these light energies that I refer to as balls of light.

I have described some mechanics, if you will, and yet allow yourself to explore what you feel, to follow your curiosity, which may not map exactly with the words I use. And yet, my friends, we seed right here this ability to feel in relation to this living light aspect as most with, but distinct from, the physical body. This light nexus offers an extensive range of perception. Also, in the awareness of these energetic links to the body, there is opportunity to make an adjustment to these links.

Your electronics typically use probes of frequency to explore and reflect back imagery over both short distances and in some cases long distances. And this is, in part, a mimicry of the capabilities of this level of light awareness. This establishes its probes and connections, living probes, living connections, into the density of physical body.

These seeds, my friends, are now sown. There is a flavour of awareness and a potential for opening a different set of perspectives available through the body. There is also potential for the beginning recovery, or expanded recovery, of the capabilities of this light energy, of you choosing to exist as this light energy, which in essence is simply another body for your consciousness and awareness to rest in and upon. Yet it is one with an expanded range of capabilities.

In this next two weeks, there is opportunity simply to take moments of quietness, a meditative quietness, perhaps 5 to 10 minutes, fed by curiosity. What is this that you feel? What is this that is opening? What is this that is possible?

There are some ideas, challenges, if you like, in life, where these points of binding have become tight. I offer to you, simply this conscious seed that there is the opportunity to recognise that there is an energy thread, a vortex established that can be softened upon request with the allowing of this light consciousness to step back slightly. To observe that link and simply choose, let it be slightly or perhaps significantly redefined for the energy responds to your intention. All feelings come through these energetic links, these little micro vortices.

My recommendation, if this is of interest to you, is to play with this subject matter. Realise that if something is binding you in a manner that you may not prefer, that there is an opportunity to engage with that tendril, that energetic link, with intention to allow that vortex to spin in an anticlockwise direction, to allow for a loosening of that connection. That automatically brings with it an altered viewpoint of perception.

Let us just be here quietly, just for a few minutes more. Feel this, feel the energy of this space. Let us seed the idea that it shall become progressively easier to return to this space at your choosing, at your convenience, that the discipline of moving to such a space shall become increasing easier.

In the event that a difficulty is encountered, then simply look for the energetic link which may be found through feeling. Allow for this slight withdrawal until a sense of ease is re-established. As this increasing ease is established, the vista that is available to you expands. There is this gathering of energy as a light ball available, we suggest, at the back of the head and the back of the neck, and yet, if a different position comes more naturally, then go with your own guidance. Remember also this connection to a further light source above the head.

The conscious adjustment of these connections to the body can bring a pronounced state of well-being and ease, with the creation of a lighter mental space available for inspiration and creative thought.

My dear friends, this is the gift we wish to offer to empower your move into this New Year. This is a time of change and opportunity. It is our great pleasure to explore with you. Also, we are appreciative of the feedback that you may bring to us mentally or verbally as we look to find ways here to bring through this empowerment into your experience of being, that greater joy, greater resurgence, greater engagement, greater fun, greater opportunity may be fruitfully engaged.

I thank you, dear friends, for the willingness to provide this time, this opportunity for this exchange. It is working with you, playing with you, that also empowers us from the spiritual perspective to bring more angles, levels of engagement, to speed the progress and the experience of these beautiful people who are asking, not simply yourselves, but others as well that you help through this connection with us. So, my friends, for now I will take my leave and offer you many blessings and a start into a beautiful New Year, and to wish, may you never be the same, if you so choose. Many blessings.