Good evening my friends, it is I Thoth. Thank you for this welcome as I come back to haunt you once again. Let us return to my favourite topic of empowerment and I want to talk about another subject here, a related subject, which is the art of trying. A good deal of effort is focused on trying and it is often noticed that trying does not seem to work as well as it ought to. Results can be somewhat elusive in the subject of trying and we wish to offer you a perspective of trying in relation to some of the broader pictures that we have been seeking to establish.

In the art of trying, it is normal that a condition is desired, a different condition from that which exists. Then there is an action taken with intent to change or overcome that which is existing. This involves a form of pushing. Trying implicitly incorporates an element of resistance to something that is. The different approach might be if you are simply seeking to manifest or do something, you may decide, you may have a gentle thought which leads to an opportunity and a way in which you can simply get up and achieve that which you are desiring to achieve. The art of trying is an intensifying of that intention that you are holding, with a view to bring about the result.

The focus of trying, at one level, is less successful. Usually, in the action of pushing against, then there is some resistance engaged and some difficulty incorporated into bringing about that change. And yet, the benefit of trying is that the focus, some focus, is there on what you are actually seeking. It is that aspect of focus on what you are actually seeking which allows a vortex of energy to form around that. And therefore, it is often at the end of attempts for trying, at that moment when one is relaxing and there is no push against, there is no resistance, then the vortex which has been established, aligned with that which you are desiring, can then slip in, if you will, and make rearrangements and changes and bring into manifestation that which was desired.

Therefore, often this process of trying becomes one of you are trying and you are trying and you are trying, and you cannot achieve it, or it is difficult, or it is awkward, And then, suddenly you get to that point where the subject matter can flow, where there is an ability, where you can do it. Even from that viewpoint, there may be then perceived that “What was difficult about that?” because now that you can do it, there is no difficulty.

This process of trying relates to our model of the idea of seeds. We also wish to draw to your attention a piece of information that we brought forward for Marybeth and Rick in a separate session recently. It is this vision of energy that sits behind you and how that may be working for you. One way of looking at the energy, the vaster energy that sits behind you and the supporting of you from a spiritual perspective, is to view the idea of a dam which is holding up a great flood of water, if you will, such that a weight of water pours into this dam. From that dam, there can be a controlled release of the water, for instance, as you used in the generation of hydropower. And yet, even as the water is released, there is vastly, vastly more water behind that dam wall and available for the generation of additional power for the manifestation of additional activities within the physical. There is this energy sitting behind you and part of being able to utilise that is the recognising of it.

The second part of the process is in then holding a thought which is focused around your desire. Around your desire a seed is planted around which this energy may start to rotate, take form, build, begin to manifest. In your impatience as you extend into trying rapidly or hard, there is a certain experience in that process. It can be satisfying through the idea of much effort that something can be accomplished and sometimes there is a feeling of accomplishment which aligns with that effort.

And yet, my friends, the more precision effort, if you will, is the direction of that flow of energy. It is directing that energy precisely to allow that manifestation to occur in the manner that you may prefer. In the impatience of something manifesting that is desired, then often there is the falling back to this mechanism of trying or pushing to have something accomplished. And yet, that which is being pushed against is typically an established pattern. It might be a pattern in consciousness. It might be literally something that has taken physical form at the level of an object within this physical world. It might be a set of laws. It is something that has, in any event, been pre-created and is operated and running.

There are various more mechanical methods by which certain things can be changed in the physical. And yet, we are encouraging this approach of gaining a mastery of flows of energy and a mastery of the flow of this energy that really is behind you and available to you. If you could hold that as a seed thought, if you could plant that further as a seed thought, or water that further where it is already planted, then, my friends, there is this opportunity for that seed thought, for the realisation of this energy that is looking for your ideas to allow it to burst into the physical. As you begin to realise that, then you begin to realise that your mind may be utilised to direct such flows and to really manifest things and to manifest changes that can appear as extraordinary.

If there is an existing pattern that is not preferred, then the focus is not so much on the pattern that is not preferred but on creating a new pattern which would represent that which is preferred. The focus goes to that which is preferred, and the focus goes to allowing energy to flow towards that creation and towards that idea. In the background, there may be the reality of the pattern that is not preferred. We are encouraging this focus back of that which is preferred.

There is this concept of exponential growth. Dear Marybeth has set up some seeds which are planted in this room in which she sits. She is watching and noticing daily the growth of the leaves of these little plants that she has been protecting. These plants are vulnerable if they are exposed to difficult energies. They are small, they have less ability to survive. But each day they are watered, they become more significant. They become more rooted and more grounded. There comes a point, and it is not entirely obvious when this may occur, but there comes a point where the new creation has become of the size where it is starting to impact the old creation.

And then, as the new creation doubles again, then significantly the prior creation becomes displaced. It may seem then that in ones’ efforts and focus, and in that trying, that the old patterns are not necessarily changing, but this is where the direction is to put attention onto the desired pattern, even though the evidence may not yet be fully showing. Look for signs that the new manifestation is coming through. Reinforce and appreciate those signs when they are noticed. Look for and expect those signs to be stronger as they may emerge into your life.

There are people who may be very successful with monetary flows. They have attained a space of relaxation with flowing energy through a thought process that may allow universal energy to generate great sums of abundance. This energy, when allowed to manifest, does indeed drive abundance. Examples abound as you look at nature and the manner in which seeds in nature work.

As you seek to ground a new reality in an area that is interesting you, instead of perceiving it as a single seed, you may perhaps visualise the idea of scattered seed. This is an example of nature. When it wishes to grow into a particular area, it does not sow a single seed with expectation of success. An individual and single seed may or may not succeed. And yet, if you visualise yourself sprinkling a handful of ideas into a space of an area of difficulty for you with anticipation that perhaps not all but many of those seeds may burst forth. Then, my friends, you can sit back and look for an expanded and faster manifestation of change.

There is then this discipline of noticing how the mind may look at that which is not desired, look at that which embodies some grief or some discomfort with a particular idea. There is this role that you may take of stepping back slightly from the body, stepping back from that, allowing that thought to be there. It is part of the patterning of that human consciousness that is established. It may be part of the patterning of the mind that you are using, this human mind that you are using. You can allow it to be there. But at this slightly higher level, you can be casting seeds liberally through that mind, with expectation.

All that comes into manifestation comes first from this aspect of thought. There is a thought arising. We point you to something that changes in that process. Initially, it is a thought. It might be a desire. It might be an interest. It might be a curiosity. It may become an affirmed intention. And yet, as you allow for this seeding process to offer you results, there comes a point when you begin to feel it. When a creation has engaged sufficient energy, then it becomes felt at the emotional body level. At that point, there is then an attunement of the physical vehicle, the body, and its energy around this idea, and then a shift begins. You are looking to deliberately cast ideas of your choosing through the mind, this human consciousness. And then you are looking for signs, for feeling signs of shoots springing forth. As they are felt, there is this attunement within your physical experience as that which is desired grows into fruition.

As this pattern becomes more deeply understood, there becomes a feeling of mastery. It is not that something may necessarily be changed instantaneously. But there is a growing awareness in your competence, in the potency of your decision, in your ability to command energies into manifestation in a way that you may have a feeling experience of that which you are desiring. Some of the body awareness’s have been deeply rooted. You, my friends, are on a leading edge here. You are bringing about this ability to introduce change into a human consciousness with well-established patterns. At the level of the child, this is much easier for there are not all the established patterns in place. The mastery that we are bringing here is introducing a growing and an increasing level of ease to take charge of changes in your beingness deliberately at the adult level.

Insofar as you may seek changes at the bigger level, the planetary level, the same process works, except that it is contributed to possibly by a broader range of minds. When one is addressing one’s personal body consciousness, there is more opportunity to produce a direct impact. As one holds a vision for the planet, then one is offering thought into mass consciousness. I wish to explain to you that from my perspective, our perspective at this level, that as you put thoughts into that mass consciousness, there are responses that you do not see immediately with some others, for there are many beings on this planet. As you offer a thought, there are some who are already somewhat in alignment with that and you add energy to their ability to manifest that which you are suggesting. This process of change offers a very graceful way to allow beneficial exchange to manifest through mass consciousness.

So, my friends, as usual, it will be good timing now to enter more directly into an experience. Let us adopt a comfortable position of these bodies, a space of clarity, a space of clearheadedness. Let us open an awareness of strands of energy in whatever manner they may appear to you. Let us offer an idea of those strands beginning to form a vortex. As that energy spins, its potency increases. Let us allow this idea of more energy joining it. Even without having directed this energy, there is this growing vortex of energy available to you personally.

Let us again allow and invite more energy to join this vortex. As that energy touches into the body, perhaps into the head, or wherever you may feel it touch in, perhaps into the heart. There is an opportunity for you to direct this as a series of seeds, flavored with a desire you may hold, something you would like. Let us weave into these seeds also the idea that as you cast them, when you come to cast them, not yet, but as you cast them, that they will also be able to draw your attention as shoots come forth.

Let us relax into this idea of some desire, some wish. Let us once again draw in more energy, more potency. Let us add another strand to this seed, one that there will be a continuance of connection of energy. The continuing energetic feed to allow these seeds of change to spring forth at your will, at your command, at your wish.

Let us now imagine these ideas, shaped at a mental level, transforming through the body into seeds available in your hand, like a bag of seeds. Let us visualize you taking a handful from the bag of seeds and casting them into an area of your choosing, tiny seeds. They disturb nothing and yet they have that power to grow and to reflect back from this environment that which you would prefer.

Perhaps, let us take some additional ideas. Perhaps we may all reach and bring out a handful of seeds and imbue them with the idea requested earlier of the well-being of these beautiful kittens, young cats. Let us cast that.

Let us take another handful and embed within that the idea of the well-being of this planet and the species upon it. In your own time, cast those seeds.

Let us consider the well-being of these physical bodies. Take a handful of these seeds. Cast these; but cast these more delicately into the space and energy of the physical body, that there can be adjustments within the physical body, with the alignments to the physical body, rebalancing of the physical body, for the support of its well-being.

Let us take another handful of these seeds, my friends. Let us hold the spirit of adventure. The spirit of adventure may be impregnated into these seeds: joyful, fun, uplifting, interesting, opening, expanding, growing. Let us cast these seeds into your environment. Let us once again connect to the higher level of energy, this energy that sits behind the physical, the vast energy behind this dam of spirit. Let us authorise a connection between that dam and the seeds that we have cast.

The hand of God moved across the waters, and as God created, he saw that it was good.

You, my friends, are the agents of that God force, that which allows these miracles of experience to happen. Perhaps in these moments of casting seeds, there is also a dawning recognition of the nature of your own essence as agents, aspects, of that God energy and this extraordinary role that you choose to engage in, in creation, exchange of ideas, exploration of potential.

Dearest friends, I, we offer you many, many blessings and thank you again for attending and being willing to play with myself, and my colleagues on this other level, that we may engage also in your world and its expansion through you. Thank you and many blessings.