When a new baby is born, some see clearly the precious gift to the world he or she is. And even if one is not able to see clearly, being our own limitation, not the child’s, we are often able to acknowledge that there is something special about a newborn.

And then we can take it a step further, as we are ready, and re-member to expand that to ourselves. We are that precious gift still – as what was first seen when we were born into this world. We still are that. It is innate within us. And yet, we have the ability as we grow into ourselves, to consciously shine that precious gift, that love and light, where we choose, how we choose. We can choose to use it. All those words that we have heard for so long now.

I have a cousin who reached out to me a bit ago. We had not spoken for a couple years. She was getting involved in a new venture and said she knew she needed to speak to me. I am not sure what she hoped for or if she knew. I listened to her story. More than that, I felt it within me as she spoke. It was one of those stories that are not believable logically. Part of my belief and what I saw was a reflection back of who she is, but another part is this absolute alignment within myself, and even a recognition within myself.

We talked. I shared what I saw. I shared what I “knew.” It did not feel like much to me. I felt like I was just reflecting back to her what she had just told me. But I did know. I remember that feeling. I remember sort of questioning it because I recognized I could not know it mentally. And I knew it was more than just the words she was saying. I did not doubt or second guess myself. I did not challenge my knowing. I was just aware my knowing was within my own integrity. I knew it to be a powerful venture that was beginning. I felt blessed to have been chosen to learn of it at this early stage to be able to put my own energy signature into its unfolding.

I have had some correspondence since then with this cousin, and today I received an E-mail from her. She states:

“So, as you predicted or foresaw, this is coming together, but not in a way I could’ve imagined!

“Thank you so much for that precious gift.”

I found myself reflecting this morning and responding to her. I thought about our commitment here on this website – awakening to who we are. It is powerful as we begin to learn who we are and what our gifts are. It is powerful to begin to know we are the precious gift.

I now know that feeling of knowing. I know the power and authority from which I can speak. On reflection, I saw it really clearly in that initial conversation when I spoke with her and observed what was happening on the different levels. And I am now seeing the gift it can be to others if I am willing to speak what I know.

I also see more clearly the precious gift others are. We are so very interconnected.