Yes, I think it is good when reality becomes shaky. That is when we are ready to make real changes because we are forced to see them. I was drawn to your statement “the old ‘need money to make money’ quandary, but the vision is there.”  What percentage of the original vision was about making money? Has that changed? If it has, that is part of the stuckness. There is energy in and behind a vision – always. There is not (in my experience) energy flow behind making money. It is rather dead. And, it is super easy when working on projects like this to get pulled into the money aspects.

Another piece that happens is we have a vision, we see the power and magic and flow behind it, and we think that vision is “it”. We think we have to create that. And then we stop listening to the flow. We stop trusting the flow, the synchronicities. And we start trying. And then it becomes work. And then we try harder. Paradoxically, if we stop trying and go back to being in the magic and follow that, then things can open again. Hmm … as I say that, I see that only works if we are not attached to results. To be excited about what you see is great. To then need that to happen, and in a timeframe you put on it, is not so beneficial.

I happened to read something yesterday that helped to put another piece into words for me. How connected to the land is he when he works it? Is he working with the Elementals to honor the Earth? Is there an agreement that the Earth wants to co-create here? Does that make any sense to you? Those are my best words. But let me add some from the Glastonbury Oracle, Carolyn Comberti.

“There is the Divine Law of give and take that is important for you all to understand. If you take something from the Earth as if it is merely a commodity, devoid of spiritual intelligence, with no ceremony or contract, or act of appreciation, then this commodity will not be renewed, regenerated, or replenished. The act of appreciation produces a sacred exchange, a recognition of the spiritual value of this commodity. When this is done, the intelligence, or spirit of the object or being that is taken is refreshed and regenerated and it will then be reproduced and returned to form in the next cycle of life.

“There has to be an exchange of loving appreciation for what has been received. This is a fundamental law of all existence.”

I am happy to play here with you and see if we can find a way to get it moving again – if it is time. Sometimes things stall for very good reasons, which we only see in hindsight. If we can continue to trust ourselves through those times, it makes it a lot easier.