During this last month, when I was stepping into this new willingness to invoke my own power, I had a conversation with Rick regarding my beliefs on protection – spiritual and physical. I recognized that I do not believe I need protection, because I believe I already have it. I also do not believe this must be true for everyone. I do not know what others need. I recognized I believe things do happen to people on this Earth plane, and appropriate protection is very reasonable. What I hold, as Rick stated it, is a belief that I am already Divinely protected so there is nothing I need to put my attention on with respect to this. It is a given. In looking back, I remember two major experiences in my life that really shaped this consciously.

During this conversation, Rick began to see a new light, not sure that is the correct word, around me. He saw a channel of light from above me coming down to envelope me. He saw it as divine protection, or a divine channel, that was personally for me. It did not interfere with others. But as he could see it, he could also see that he had access to it if he chose to. He could tap into it easily, effortlessly. And he started to play very tangibly with the new energetics that were directly available to him through this recognition.

We have also started to do some powerful clearing out of mass consciousness (or astral) energies with this new connection. And it is simple. For me, I really don’t do anything. I helped us to get into a space, but Rick took over from there. I enjoyed when he could tune into the energies he wanted to clear, he had seen a thread of subservient, and he was able to hold the connection he saw with me and “go look for” fragments of this subservient energy remaining to fully clear all of it. It reminded me very much of work we did within the Mastering Alchemy class, but this was more tangible, more precise. It is probably what we were “supposed” to be doing back then.

As I was drawn to bring this last piece into written expression, and I opened my website again, I saw the title, “Awakening to who we are,” and I thought how very appropriate that is. This is indeed what we are all doing, each in our own way.