The last words from my last post were highlighted in my space as I wrote them: Life is just beginning. I thought it was highlighted because I have often said that. I thought it was highlighted because I didn’t really see that coming when I started to write that day. And I noticed that I tried to soften it by adding (yet again.)

But that evening, my life did change very tangibly. Some of it is because it is an accelerated change within me and available to me. But some of it also is with deep thanks to Rick and to the non-physical beings that we play with. I have access to instant and direct validation and reflection and guidance or pointers.

So, we did have a channeling session that night because I did request it very directly. It was so powerful for me and so tangible. I can see so much of what has been just around the corner. So much of what has been coming in has landed. I get it. I know what to do. I know where I am going. And I know what I want.

And yet, it is really just beginning. I know how this works. I see the steps and now I have to take the steps. And what is so very tangible to me, even though I played for years with learning how to express this stuff, there are not words that I can use that make it sound like how I experience it. I do not know how to say what I know yet.

Thus, after four short posts, I stepped into an awkward moment. I am not sure what in the world to share in this blog that I was so excited to start. I sort of did not see this level of change coming. But here it is.

In this moment, I remember working in the Beauty project with Wanda and Freya. One of the things I learned in that experience was that sometimes when I spoke from within the experience yet, even though the words did not make sense to me, they could understand what I was saying. It is an odd feeling to share from that space.

And I received an unexpected phone call from a very good friend yesterday and I started to talk about what is happening for me with her. I felt that with what is going on in her life, it may be that my stories would have value to her. And as I shared, I wondered if that may be true for. So, maybe this writing will continue a bit longer. And as I write that I find myself shaking my head no and thinking, “I just have no idea how to put this stuff to words.” Maybe we will just take it slow.