After returning from pilgrimage and all I called forth, there was indeed much change on many levels that happened pretty quickly.

I have moved from the edge of Glastonbury into the heart of Glastonbury. There was so much synchronicity around the move and this home that in some ways I felt I was just picked up and moved.

About two weeks prior to that, I went into one of my deep dives during the day. I laid down for several hours. I was unlocking the next keys, the next steps. I was not conscious enough to see the details, or maybe just not able to bring them back with me, but I know that is what I was doing. Mapping out the next part of my life. I am not aware of ever having done that before.

I wake up so many mornings with information, sifting and sorting through old versions of me, beliefs that have become old, or stepping into new thoughts, maybe even new abilities. One morning, I woke up watching a future me take questions on a book tour. I watched me work the energy and turn it into a magical Moments with Marybeth session, hearing the question as given, but also hearing the underlying structures within it and then answering from the place of offering that subtle shift in underlying structure. It was masterful.

When I started Moment with Marybeth, Rick wrote an ad for me for the local monthly magazine of goings on. One of the things he said then that is highlighted now is: 

“She is committed to positive transformation in life. It is not so much that she is an optimist, rather that she sees positive outcomes before they begin to land. She knows it’s coming. To me it feels like she simply summons them. (Perhaps that is the same thing). In her presence, that art becomes infectious!”

Recently, I was in a conversation with a client, and I pointed to a questioning space of not knowing if I am creating a new reality sometimes when I speak or if I am seeing a reality that the other has not seen yet. Maybe both are true, but from where I was asking the question, the answer is I am creating a new reality when I feel it that way. I am  learning when I question something in that way, that is my internal pointer. In seeing all that I do, I create a way forward, a way to look at something. When one resonates within me as being usable and helpful, I state it without qualification. I state it as a truth. This allows the other to hear the offering at the appropriate level and then they can discern if it is something they wish to try on and take as their own. I see it as a creation or a co-creation.

I love that Rick was able to see this 6 months ago. There are currently many things like this, where they have already been happening and apparent to others, but I am able to start to see how I am doing it. I am able to acknowledge I am doing it. My sight is different than what I might have thought it would look like, but I am aware it is turning on more.

And I am stepping into ceremony or ritual in the last month or so. I had several days where I needed to dress in a certain way. It was so intentional, but not from normal thought.  One day, as I was burning a blue candle that matched the color of the dress I was in, I just noticed more was happening. My breathing was different. My eyes were different. I stepped in and out of that space for quite some time.

And I started ceremony in a Moments with Marybeth spontaneously. That was amazing to feel the power of what came through when we recognized what we were doing and stepped into it, just two of us. It grew from there. Maybe that is another story.

For now, if you are not aware, I am offering the Moments with Marybeth on Zoom on Thursdays. I send out a weekly newsletter with a short update and then the link to join the session. If you are not on that list to receive the reminders and would like to be, just let me know. I also offer Magical Awakening sessions weekly as a group offering.