I think I promised to do this quite a while ago. Time just marches on. And so very much is changing and shifting. But it came around again today, so here we are. I received a channeled reading mid-2011 that was a beginning point of a new life for me. I still refer to it as my crystal adventure. And, whereas, it has been past tense for the last several years, it is coming back into my awareness in the last few months. It comes with an excitement, so I do feel it is time to share it again here. I have cut out a lot of it, but I tried to keep enough to allow the energy to flow through it yet.


Beloved Daughter of God, it is I, (Archangel) Michael. I come to greet you in divine benevolence, in divine light, in divine expansion, as you are here to be a planet potentiary of light on the earth plane.

The aspects of your growth now being revealed to you are is leading you towards a reclamation of divine understanding and uncovering of the record keeping that you have been doing since the times of the fall of Atlantis. You have been, my dearest one, a record keeper of many ancient crystals that were safe-guarded at the time of the fall of Atlantis.

You have played many roles across many lifetimes, being positioned close to various fragments of large stones of light that were spread across this planet to be reassembled and reignited at this time. And as you have played this role many times, you have been incarnated along with those who are trying to keep the game in place, so to speak, so many lifetimes have been difficult, many lifetimes have been short, many lifetimes have resulted in being in disillusion at the point of exit.

This is why, as much of the illusion, the tetherings, are beginning to be released in new ways now as new layers are coming up for letting go. The illusion sometimes comes to surface, of being under the surface or perhaps even on the verge of drowning. This is beginning to be let go in new ways to allow to open the aspects of your divine knowledge streams.

Specifically, there is a crystal, a vast crystal that was held in the Temple of Divine Feminine Healing in Atlantis. It was a beautiful crystalline white and pink temple with layers of gold and of silver. In this temple, there were many priests and priestesses. They were both connected to and worshiped the Divine Feminine, anchored it into this earth plane for, before the fall of consciousness, it was all flowing in a balance.

You, in one of your incarnations towards the end of Atlantis, came in with a very specific mission to hold, with 15 others, a space of connection into a geometry of 16 points across this crystal, activating and holding in space, light codes and frequencies that would be aligned with the colors and magnetics of the possibilities of re-envisioning new geometries and grid structures for this planet, anticipating the fall and the ascension even in those times.

In these connection points and node points, you held specific frequencies of the colors of gold and silver, representing the alchemy of light, of the Goddess, energies of the Hathors, aspected also in their twin-flame aspects of Merlin. Finding in that space, in those times, an understanding of alchemy which would be resurrected at these times, along with others, the 15 others I have mentioned, who you will meet, but you do not need to meet on this journey of reclamation of the self, to reignite in your own individual and collective journeys aspects of this crystal which then became fragmented within the Temple of Healing. This crystal was held by the 16 of you in your energetic signatures.

This crystal, which is fragmented, is now being resurrected. It is split into 16 pieces. Each one of you is being drawn to not only the one point of the 16 that you represented, but to others as you so choose. Each time you find a different location and place, and weave the light and anchor in the light, and reignite the codeword within yourself and within the crystal at this time of the ascension, you find yourself being refired anew into new understandings, new enlightenments, and the light of the grids begin to be reignited, going beyond the double-pointed-dodecahedral space into other overlaying  geometries which will be revealed to humanity and to you as time proceeds, which allow for not only accessing beyond not only the higher dimensions of the 9 that have been available to your galaxy before, but uplifting it to 12 and then aspects of those in harmonics of 12. There are then, through the new portals, access to dimensions of variations into 24, or 36, and perhaps beyond depending on where each of you proceed.

The energetics of Metatron and Melchizedek merge with myself. And now the energetics of Archangel Rezial (pronounced Rah-ziel) now connect with our energies, and we build and breath down through your crown, and connect through your root. And as you can feel these energetics coming through your core, please ground them down to the center of the earth. These energetics create a tube for an expanded spiral within your space from your root up to your crown. They are spiraling up and down in loops of infinities allowing for access points to the divine feminine to connect with the etheric aspects of the crystal I have spoken of which exists also in the 5th and higher dimensions to not only help and guide you to specific locations to visit, but also to start transmitting through your very body vehicle to the locations that you travel aspects of your own divine signature.

The frequencies of information that will start coming through and flowing through you both  consciously and unconsciously to alight Gaia and you and to help resurrect the new grids of enlightenment, some of which will be dodecahedral, some will be icosahedral, and some will be new geometries that do not exist yet in conscious knowledge. It will be explained as time proceeds. We spin these energetics out in weavings in gold and silver lights across your cells and across your membranes allowing them to remember and to ignite anew into remembrances of that which are what we have given you. More will come to you in your dreams, in your meditations, in your enlightenments, and in your freedoms.

You guides are going back to the color red that we started the session with and the flowing red colors in your space. There is a connection with Archangel Rezial. He is a being who comes from Elohim light, he is a Lord of Light. He holds in his space many expansive frequencies for the creations of universes and galaxies. The connection points that are being opened to you, the core spiral that was inserted with its energetics in your space is now connecting as red colors and frequencies around your aura, and basically shining fire lights through the El Shaddai into symbology, sound frequencies and templates that you have held in your space as part of your energetic configuration since before the fall of consciousness as part of your light body which you came in with before the fall.