I now have my right to remain in the UK indefinitely. Energetically that felt like a significant step. And it was a bit of work keeping track of various items to meet the requirements and have the proof. From that aspect also, it really felt good to have that piece completed.

A window of opportunity has opened for me to become a British citizen, maybe by the end of this year. With all the travel we were doing for a while there, I was not sure when it would become possible. And although we are making many more trips to the US this year than normal, we are actually spending less time overall there. I will have dual citizenship then. There has another layer of feel, of depth, to that possibility.

Rick and I have hired a full-time personal assistant. It is amazing how fast things can really change and how high the level of precision of synchronicity can be. The week before we made the commitment, maybe even the day before, we had no intention or thought to hire a full-time employee. But as we watched it unfold, watched the energies and the synchronicities, we decided to trust it and go for it. I remember a while back when I felt the brakes had come off. And then more recently in a conversation with Rick, when I was in the US, how I felt we now had a foot on the accelerator. As we were making this decision, I saw it as allowing a foot to stay on the accelerator and not slow things down. It feels like more is getting ready to open, and we will be well-supported in our movements and our needs.

Rick is on the NASA campus at Singularity University this coming week. Energetically I feel much can open from there. That is a big space.

I have had several now, experiences where I felt a heightened sensation in my physical body – and that is such an understatement to some of them. In the more intense experiences, the best words are it feels like it “comes in” through the feet as this is where it is most intense and feels the widest. One of the first times I felt it, and it was much lighter then, I was in Egypt, and I remember I spoke the words with it that I could power a kingdom or a realm through me. I could see more along those lines today. One of the more previous times I felt it, I felt the power run down my arms into my hands and my fingers. I felt like I could direct lightening from my fingertips or mold the energy within the area between my hands before sending it out, say, as a ball of fire. 🙂 (How does one really put words to this stuff??) Anyway, I recognize this vast, wide, high voltage river flow is not actually outside myself, but a part of my being that I have been calling in. So, I am now putting a lot of pieces together to consciously align and flow this level of my being within this physical self so that I can generate and harness and direct these energies now available. It is time. My physical vehicle is ready / prepared, as are the other levels of this body.