As I felt into what to do in this trip to the states, I felt into what I could work on that I wanted to. I have several outstanding projects beckoning that have stayed in the background for quite a while now. In one regard, Richard and I have been very busy on many levels, and much of that may be coming to completion. Yea!! And on another level, I know I still have a pattern within me, or a habit, where I do not really allow myself to see what I really want. I am sure I will share more on this as it is one piece I know I am shifting currently. But what did want for this period?

What I understood for these months of July and August was to not make any plans, to not try to start any of my plans, but just to be very fluid. That has been quite helpful. I did have plans to stay near Farmington Hills where my grandchildren are. That quickly changed to desiring to be near my parents in Grand Rapids. And, wow, I have been so very busy yet again!! Wherever we go, there is much to be done. And yet when people ask me what I “do,” I still pretty much say I don’t “do” anything.

Now, my family that is here, and has been here, has done a wonderful job with Mom & Dad at this time. And I was told by several that July was probably fine to come home by to see Dad again, but December might not be. So this is not new to them, yet I still have noticed, let us call it timing, from my perspective. And let us say I see have a puzzle piece to play.

Things come to me in threes. They still do. There were three events, pretty much one right after the other. I would observe something. One was Dad’s physical body was already transitioning, and his mental body had no thought of that potential yet. He has always been super positive, and really healthy and full of life. I just saw the thought hadn’t crossed his mind. So I knew I wanted to talk to him directly about this, just start to gently plant a seed. I have spent years now being aware of bringing all our bodies into alignment, and seeing the value to this. I was not hesitant. I did not delay. But he started to shift this before I could speak to him about it, and he started on a new path of talking about transition. Two more times that happened. I saw something. I saw how to offer an alternative thought, or how to direct the energy a little differently, and it happened pretty much immediately, and without me even saying anything or pointing to it physically.

I have noticed my power changing.

I need to sideline for a moment since I am sharing these thoughts. I know this story isn’t about me. I know this is all our stories – I just have access to this particular example at this moment. In many conversations I have observed over the years, I notice if someone takes the time to share something, put it into words, then others often see their own pieces more clearly. Sometimes it lands as an obvious “Me too!” Sometimes it lands with an emotion (unnecessary) wrapped around it that says something like, “I want that too, but …”

Please notice that if there is a piece that you know is yours too or that you want for your own experience, it is yours. It does not matter the “source.” I also notice that when we are willing to share our experiences, it empowers others to see it in themselves more clearly, and with that, to then use it more consciously.

This is probably true also for clearing out patterns, but my focus seems to be creating patterns that I like. And obviously, sometimes we hear or see things that are not our experience. In this case, just let it entertain you. So if you read something you don’t want as yours, regardless who says it, just don’t take it in. But my point is, where I like to play is, if you want it, acknowledge that piece and know it is already yours.

So, already, I see that one reason for me to be writing this blog is to bring my attention to that which I can see now. And this will allow me to become conscious of these new abilities and then to grow them by using them more consciously. It helps to look. It helps to see what is there now that has not been there before. I remember the first time I stepped out of the cocoon I knew I was in. I was so very disappointed and surprised to learn that I didn’t know what had changed. I had to live and explore and notice how my reactions were different, my thoughts were different, and what results I could get were different. But I had to have experiences, and I had to observe.

So, I cannot find the thread where I thought I was going with the earlier statement, “I have noticed my power changing.” That topic is such a spiral that I know we will come back to that one again and again. There is much to be said in many directions here, but I have yet another busy day planned. And in this moment, I think I will call this introduction complete.

Love & Joy to you this day!!