For the last month, I have become aware on and off of muscles in my face. It is hard to put words to it. It was not a mental thought, like trying to do it. I am not certain if I became aware of changing how I held/used the muscles, or if I became aware of a tension in the muscles and then I chose to relax them. It happens too quickly really. But, suffices to say, it happened several times a day, several days. It was a new experience.

Tuesday this week, after our morning meditation (no, we are not great at doing it daily, but we do enjoy it when we do), Rick commented that for two days in a row he could visually see that my beingness had changed again. I asked him for more information on what he saw. He commented that there is more presence. He sees it in my eyes. And he sees it in my facial features – they have changed. His words brought to my attention what I had noticed in changing the muscle structure in my face.

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