From the Rollright Stone circle, we travelled to Glastonbury. We spent the first couple days in and around Glastonbury itself. The first day was the Abbey, St. John’s Church, the Magdalene Chapel, and time on High Street. The second day was Chalice Well, the Tor, and then Cadbury Castle in the afternoon. In the morning of the first day, one of my housemates tested positive for covid. That evening, several more did. I was involved in helping to sort out some logistics. I also had some personal issues going on. I am not sure if it was the combination of those issues or that I have been to most of these sites enough times that I have very little notes of my experiences there.

In the Abbey, probably my favorite local site, I watched Aluna and Marcus talk about the ley lines. I wondered what I want to know about them. What kind of knowledge do I want? How would I want to use that? I was in a conversation later where it was suggested that the ley lines are looking to evolve, step into a new way of being, just as humankind is. This is very close to my heart, as you will know if you play in Moments with Marybeth with me.

We saw the marker where the bodies of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were found. We stood at the site where it says they were buried until the King Henry III dissolution. We learned that they were moved in secret before the king’s men could demolish the Abbey. That made more sense to me than what I was able to put together earlier.  But what highlighted for me most was Aluna’s comment on King Arthur and Queen Guinevere being the archetypal male and female. I am not sure what I wish to do with that, but I noticed it.

Cadbury Hill or Cadbury Castle was new to me. It was a place I knew I wanted to go. I thought there were some ruins there, but there are not. This is thought by some to be the location of Camelot. It is on the Jupiter ring, if Stonehenge is the Sun. I could feel Jupiter expansiveness. There was a rock I needed to sit on. In that spot, with the shape of the landscape around me, it felt like a river flowing right through me. I sang a song about remembering, calling back my memories, while I sat there. Then I climbed back up and found a spot to lay on the Earth, taking my shoes off here. As I arose from that, Marcus was just bringing the group into meditation to focus the expansive energies.