I am back. I was in Minnesota from October 4 to December 22 assisting my son Sam and his family into the next phase of their lives. That was a very different role to step into, and from all accounts, I would say we were very successful. In that time period, I had no desire at all to write. Yet I know many pieces opened for me with clarity. In this moment, the only one I remember was this new vision that opened. There were several times that I knew the next step was imminent and started to shift energies to accommodate it with the greatest ease before it physically was accessible. I remember that was made apparent because as soon as I was conscious of it and started to make new plans, something would happen in the physical that said, “No, that is definitely not happening.” So there became the opportunity for trusting my own knowing at a deeper level. And there was the opportunity to become become more aware of the vision and the knowing that I do have access to.

I am back home in Glastonbury. And I find myself back here writing again. There does seen to be a time and a place for everything. Things that I am drawn to do spiral around.

It is a very different experience being in Glastonbury now than it was the first four months we lived here. There is a local magazine called The Oracle here, published monthly, with all the goings-on in the community. I made a point to pick one up in June when we arrived and never read it through. In December, I picked one up the day after I landed “without thought.” I have read through it a few times. And we have started picking out events to go to and have gotten out and joined some!

We went to a small New Year’s Eve afternoon gathering at a neighbor’s home. That was the first time I had met 3 of them, and had met one when we first moved in but had not seen her since. And it was so much fun. Everyone in Glastonbury has a story. In fact, one of the conversations revolved around “What brought you to Glastonbury?” That afternoon, one of the women looked at me and said, “Will you be my new best friend?” I have never had anyone ask that – and it made me feel great. I realized I would love to have a best friend again who lives next door and we can just pop over spontaneously. And three of us decided to get together more often – maybe to see what we can create. I have seen one of the women twice since then, once was a 5-hour chat where we just went so deep into so many things. We have so much in common. The drive/lane that connects the three of us is one of the few public pathways to the Tor. So we are in a position where people from all over the world walk through our space. She has ideas about how to interact and use the opportunities here. I am in heaven.

We have gone out twice to a Glastonbury Positive Living Group meeting where a speaker – authors so far – presents a topic for an hour or so and there is time to socialize and meet people after. And, of course, finish up at the Pub – The George and Pilgrim – if interested. The first night we went, there were probably 40 people in attendance. Rick was drawn to talk to the woman hosting the event before we left. As I weaved my way through people to follow him, I was stopped by a gentleman and we started chatting. He has a fascinating story about how he and his wife came to Glastonbury. And spoke a little of his discoveries of the myths and legends of Glastonbury in the 5 years they have been here. I am really interested in talking to him more. Rick came over to join us at some point, as did the woman he was talking to, and she “just happens” to be this man’s wife. I just thought the synchronicity in that was amazing. More friends, more people we connect with. Life is changing.

Following from the New Year’s Eve party, Rick has since met with one of our neighbor’s, the husband of one of the women at the party. They had a long chat also. This gentleman is 89, came to Glastonbury about 30 years ago (I think) and helped to set up much within current Glastonbury and how it is run. He and Rick have much in common, and they both felt like more was to come from this meeting. The plan made was for the four of us to get together for dinner next so I can meet him as well.

One of the statements he made to Rick was, “Of course your landlord had plans change that will keep him away this year, you are meant to be here now. That is how Glastonbury works.” And that comment made me happy, too. I really noticed it. I really looked at it. It is not so much the truth of the comment, but it was how I felt about staying in Glastonbury longer. It excites me. I have lined up for us several houses to walk through to consider owning a home and settling here. We even looked earlier at a large Victorian home, steeped in grandeur and royalty and spaciousness, and considered what might be possible from a space like that. So, mentally, I have been there. But this made me see this deep level of excitement in me at the possibilities here.

Today we have two homes lined up to view. One is a “regular home” that would be simple to move into. The other is a 10-bedroom, 4-kitchen expansive establishment currently set up and running as 4 self-catering units. It is called Hillside, and it is located just down the street we live on, so it is on the foot of the Tor and has gorgeous views out the front. I have picked out some amazingly different properties to look at, and am really just looking forward to getting out and looking  and feeling.

It may really be that we make our home in Glastonbury, that we create a life here, really engage with the community. As always, I am excited about possibilities. I am excited about the openings with people here. I feel so much more to explore in writing here, but I will have to come back to it. That is enough time for today.