What an appropriate title I put on this blog all those years ago: Awakening to who we are. That remains accurate. Every time I have come around and thought, “Okay, I am ready to start over, to use this venue in a new way,” I find those initial words sum it up. I am awakening to who I am. I am on a new cycle of putting together my story. I offer it in this venue to those who have asked and I offer it because I believe there remains value to sharing my story as that seems to have the effect of assisting others to become more aware of their own story.

I have several opportunities opening right now. I see them because there is energy behind them. I wake up in the morning with knowings and things to share. I wake up in the morning with direction. I feel I am closer than ever to being able to put words to who I am. I do not expect this to be coherent as I write it. Nor do I know how long the writing will last this time. It feels as though there are a lot of past threads that may be starting to come together that will change the way I use them or see them.

When Rick and I moved to Glastonbury in June 2016, we intended to stay for 6 months. I received this information at the end of June. It is one of the pieces that came to my attention with some of what is opening now.

Now, the energies in Glastonbury are fundamentally different from the other spaces that we have been engaging. Here, there is an energy of consciousness. There is also access in this area to some advanced powers of consciousness. There is a greater aliveness available, a greater connectivity of higher consciousness available here than in, for instance, the London domains and the Thailand domains, for there have been initiates in this area, holding and maintaining and building energies. And these may be tuned into.

An initiate is simply one, in this sense, who has been on the path, and who has managed to harness some of those powers of consciousness beyond the normal mental consciousness and been able to bind them energetically to this space. And therefore, it is like leaving behind a legacy that can be tuned into and picked up, for it is an energetic legacy. Much as one can inherit a monetary legacy, there is this opportunity as well to inherit an energetic legacy where this legacy has been brought through in a tangible way into the physical domain in this location.

So, as you extend your energies into this space, there will be a response. And whereas in other spaces, it has been the case that people may respond perhaps with interest to what is said, and with a potential for the triggering and advancing of their awareness. Here, there is a different level of connection that is possible, and it is good to remain open to that space.

Here, we are not holding back through concern of disrupting something in this space, but rather we are opening in order to align with, attract, support, nourish, and flourish with energies that are present and already in alignment with much that inspires and uplifts you. There are horizontal connections available to peer energies, others on this physical plane connected to strong and powerful energies of consciousness.

There is a theme of integrity in this space. And in this peer space, there is an offered opportunity for an expansion of your empowerment, dear Marybeth, expressly. And assuredly through this process, dear Rick, is an opportunity for powerful energies to land with and through you. I am very cognizant of your desire to support, cherish and nourish dear Marybeth in the process of that which she is doing. For she is the one that holds that connection, that capability, that attunement.

In this environment, dear Marybeth, as you reach for connection, your intuition will be alive as ever, but heightened. It is good to pay attention to that flow. Pay attention to the impulses that you feel.

There are perhaps three more obvious stages that I perceive as I look through this situation. One is the establishment of your own energies here, close to the Tor, the establishment of this as a base. Second, there is the connecting to and the recognizing of other awakened energies that are available within this domain. And then, as some harmonizing and blending has taken place, there is this opportunity for you then to reach and draw considerable power, not only into your own being, but into, and by way of contribution to, this Goddess network that is available here.

Therefore, there is a role for you to expand the legacy of consciousness that has been established expressly in this physical region. This is very naturally aligned with your own becoming, your own growth. There is this wonderful opportunity to connect to and with female energy to review and explore these energies and how they may be brought through and held in a way that is empowering. There is this radiance of your being, dear Marybeth, to be reflected back to you so that you may see it, feel it, engage with it and build with it.


There was a fierceness and a wildness around the goddess energies also, that I have not kept in the above share. As I remember it, it was an energy I was starting to feel a thread into, but the words that came through did not grasp what I was searching for. Yet, I sense it is relevant still, so I add it here.

A couple things stand out. The thought to find these words from the past came through in what is opening with Fiona and Steph. I have established my base here in Glastonbury, although on Wearyall Hill, not at the foot of the Tor. I have learned to draw power since that time. But I have been aware I have not opened to the peer opportunity yet. I feel there is opportunity now to bring more of this power through.

I am also allowing myself to focus on the words, “She is the one that holds that connection, that capability, that attunement.” More and more, I am receiving reflections back that things happen when I am present. I am, therefore, more and more able to own it.