A friend recently shared with me a public channeled session between Mary Magdalene and Natalie Glasson. I noticed there were a couple sentences that produced a quiet reaction, felt like “Of course.” So I want to put some attention on the pieces “I know” and see what is there, if anything. And what better place to play than this venue where some of you may wish to play also and add to or contrast.

The sentences that I hold interest in are:

“I was and remain a High Priestess of Goddess Isis dedicated to the power, magic, and love of the purest form of the sacred Goddess.

“As a representative of the Divine Feminine, I acted as an anchor, grounding the sacred energy into the Earth and consciousness of humanity.

“I was to develop the presence of the Goddess in many people. I was to distribute energetic codes, templates, and healing as well as physical scrolls, objects, tools and crystals of spiritual value in certain sacred places.”

So, what do you all get when you read things like that? Are you that? Do you resonate that is your truth of who Mary Magdalene was? Does that just seem like history (or her story, in this case)? Does it bring up resistance or resonance? Or do you not notice such sentences?

I know I “was and remain” a High Priestess. That is becoming more and more clear to me. It is still landing, but I do know it. I do not know if it is of Isis, as I do not yet know what that means to me. I know Isis is calling, is a part of me, or I a part of that consciousness. So I am interested in what that sentence means. I am interested in knowing more about Isis for myself. And for contrast, I also noticed that in this past two weeks, for the first time (in this lifetime), I referred to myself as Yeshua, as being Yeshua. So I know this is not about male or female bodies. I do believe (in this moment) that one of my roles here is to expand the Divine Feminine frequencies. Yet, I seem to have an awareness that I do it from holding the balance of the Feminine and the Masculine.

I have been questioning what it looks like to be a representative of the Divine Feminine. I hear many people say that we all are that. In some ways, maybe yes. But I am not so sure when I hear it spoken that way. I feel like there is more to unfold. But I do resonate fully with this one (the middle) sentence. I understand that. And I find that response helpful.

The third sentence is food for thought. What is needed in this time? What does it look like now? If we all are All That, then is anything needed? Are we complete – and just simply unwinding and spiraling back “up” into the All That Is? Or are there more codes and healings and crystals to bring in? Is there yet a role to play? I am aware I am asking the question and looking for what does it look like to express the Divine in this lifetime, in this density. I am not necessarily limiting that to the Divine Feminine.

I am also aware that crazy as this all seems to me in the day-to-day basis, I deeply appreciate that Rick is able to see me as he does and is so encouraging. I have come such a long way with his sight and his support. And I really do like what is opening.