A blink of an eye and we are in mid-March, with the Spring Equinox right around the corner. We have more people showing up for Moments with Marybeth in the last month. I am getting used to the changes within that. If you have not joined yet, but are thinking about it, please do feel free to. You are most welcome. Click here for more information.

I look back at the last six weeks of journal entries and am amazed at all I have experienced and done, completed and changed and started. Most of it seems a lifetime ago already.

I read two books in parallel in this time, Of Water and the Spirit by Malidoma Patrice Somé, and The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume One, by Drunvalo Melchizedek. I started delving into the “tests” in The Mystic Test Book by Olney H. Richmond. I witnessed three profound healing experiences with clients/friends.

In my Book of Life reading for this birth year, the predominant theme is endings. It is considered a “notable year with combinations of cautionary influences.” One of the recent Emails I received pointed to Saturn moving into Pisces. My Saturn is in Pisces and I loved the meaning put to this placement – Dissolving What Separates Us. That fits in with some places I am starting to play in. Hopefully I remember to tie that back in later in this. The second piece I noted from this is that Saturn is opposing my natal Sun. It is funny because I felt drawn to look at transits a short time ago to see what was the energy behind these times for me and I missed this one.

In simplified form, this is the “end of a twenty-nine-year cycle in which you have put energy out into the world and built-up important structures in your life. From them will come the foundation of a new cycle. This transit represents a period of endings, which will be followed by new beginnings. For now, your vital energies are at a twenty-nine-year low.” I find this very helpful as I navigate all the endings, old structures dissolving, and all the tears. I don’t remember ever crying so much as I have in the last two to three weeks, and without really knowing why. But this is when the transit was within 1°. I don’t normally see things this clearly from Astrology. But the last time the tears came up, the words around it make sense if my vital energies are at a twenty-nine-year low! And, I always am nice to myself with whatever is going on, but this is a helpful perspective.

I believe this is so spot on with all the new I see landing, pieces I would love to take forward from structures and concepts that I have built-up.

Let me share some of the new I am seeing. I love that there is no hurry to bring it through since it is part of a twenty-nine-year cycle.

From the Drunvalo book, he used different words, but I feel what we are creating in Moments with Marybeth, that we call the “love frequency” sometimes, are what he refers to as the key in turning on the Merkaba. I learned the mechanics of turning on the Merkaba in my work with Mastering Alchemy and Jim Self.

I have confirmed for myself that my Merkaba is activated. Thoth says this is what empowers me to remain in my own energy, my own bubble with my own vision, my own dream, and have that touch down into reality. This is how we change reality. The Merkaba spin creates an energetic separation from physical reality. This is what empowers what I understand as stepping into the 5th dimension.

This is where I am going or part of where I am going. I would love to teach this, bring this through tangibly along with the living divine love, the love and the technology merging. I love working with Thoth. I am on fire to open this communication more directly again. So much revolves around him in my space right now. Drunvalo worked closely with him.

Also from the Drunvalo book is the concept of five levels of human beings, with the “perfected human” having 52 chromosomes. 52! The number of cards in the playing deck of cards, also known as the Book of Life, also known as the Book of Thoth! I don’t think I remembered it is also called the Book of Thoth. The Mystic Test Book is a book to show one how to “test” the knowledge of the book, or of the cards. In my first play in it, I can see that it is not straight-forward, maybe by design. It is going to take some play to open this energy in me, but I know there is more to open here.

Because of some experiences, I was starting to see I have the ability to take people on “journeys”. On the energetic level, if you are not sure what that means, think of a guided meditation. I was starting to feel this in my future and then I read in the Malidoma book that from a shaman perspective, it is the drummer and the drumming that leads people on journeys. I have been aware for some time that I need to get a new drum. Maybe this is why. In reading that piece, I recognized I am a drummer in the same way I am a dancer.

At the same time, there are several participants from Moments with Marybeth that are converging in Glastonbury in April. It was suggested by the leader of the September pilgrimage that I would be taking people out on the land. With this group that is coming, I see taking us out on the land. And so, physical journeying is also looking to start.

Both books spoke of the act of writing shutting down parts of ourselves, both from different perspectives. The Drunvalo book maybe just had one sentence about it, from the viewpoint of Thoth bringing writing to humanity. I sense there is something ready here to be “rewritten”. Funny word to use. But I don’t have more on this one yet.

The final piece to try to comment on is death, or from that Saturn in Pisces description, separation. I have worked with this knowledge in the past, that it is time to rewrite or remap what I will label as the fear of death. That has to be done as we step into this new way of being. There were pieces put into my foundation, even though it was limited what I could do with it before. There is too much to go into in this short introduction, but this is coming through with the healings, with work with Jesus/Yeshua, it is connected to the Merkaba, and it is highlighted by two other personal experiences. There is more opening now.

I love putting all of these in the perspective of the twenty-nine-year cycle. There is no hurry, as I already know, yet the confirmation is great. I will continue to let it open, to evolve, as I have learned to do. Yet, it is exciting! This is what happens when I say “Bring it on” from the last post. And so it is.