I had some feedback yesterday that in my intention to write every day for 40 days that some thought I was going to write a blog every day. That is not my intention, although I will consider sharing daily as it has been brought to my attention. Today, I will share again.

Day two of this time to write, this time to choose to connect.

What is bubbling up today? I see Medieval Astrology. I signed up for a class a long time ago and just watched it this past week. It took me back to some foundational pieces, such as how the orbs of aspects evolved. It makes sense of some pieces I had not understood.

There was a piece we did in John Wadworth’s class where we calculated the Almuten. This fascinated me when we did this, and I put time into that. And the instructor’s knowledge in this class, using the essential dignities and accidental dignities, was impressive to me in an understanding of how the whole chart works, or more precisely, how the planets play together. I would like to understand the planets at that level.

The meanings Medieval Astrology puts to a chart is not something I will use. They focus on planets being malefic or benefic. And houses can be strong, neutral or weak, and there are also malefic houses. In my own chart, four the seven planets considered are in a weakened state due to house placement and five of the seven are in a malefic house, and the rulers of all the angles are in a weakened, malefic house. It seems I have a very unfavorable chart indeed. So, our understanding and use of astrology has continued to evolve with the evolution of the consciousness of humanity, yet I still notice I am drawn to some of what we brought through back then. I notice I am willing to put time into it.  

Maybe there is more to be looked at here with understanding the evolution of astrology for me. There is more arising on this platform. In the last week, I also found myself starting to watch tutorials of an Astrology software program I purchase at least a year ago. It is a work of art and looks like it will be exceptionally easy and informative. I wonder why I have let it sit all this time. But now is the time. Maybe because other foundations have been set.