Oh, I am so excited!! And there are not words or really a meaning behind it. It is just in the way I breathe today. It is the smile that sits behind my lips and eyes. I feel my aliveness. I feel my beauty. I feel my potency. It is fun.

So, that was a big piece to play with yesterday. By last night or this morning, I noticed I had lost my sense of quiet and knowing. I was into the “but what ifs”. What if it is not true? What if it is an illusion? What if it is a big hoax to trick me? What if it is “just my story”? And I watched myself fall back on my old foundations of: So what? How do I want to choose? What are the results or the experiences I am having? What is reflected back to me? The Bible taught me long ago that you can tell a tree by its fruits. I have trusted that. I still like that one. And my fallback includes – if I am wrong, Universe is going to have to show me. There needs to be a result I can understand. So, that gets me by when I drop out of knowing. It is my old “I don’t know” space. It is neutral. It is rational.

If there is no meaning to life, if there is no shared story, if there is no “the truth”, then what do I have really except my own experiences? I do not have anything else to go by. I have let go of so many beliefs and knowings. I don’t have much left except fluidity and my own sense of alignment. And I have found, in this journey, that I really like me. And I notice the effect I have on others, and I am pleased with that as well. The fruits are good. Genesis 1:31 – God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. This is how I feel.

We did another channeling session last night. Within it, I brought up a reference to the crystal in Sedona that I reacted to / connected to so strongly years ago. Sitting behind that was the story from the reading about the meaning of that crystal and others that are connected to it. I was pointed once again to the meaning of stories, how they can spark our imaginations and give us something to reach for. I see them in the concept of archetypes in that the story is the idea that gives movement to the flow of energy available to manifest it. I believe I was asked to consider letting go of that story. And I saw it in a new way very easily. Not that long ago, my story was that the only piece I really had left in my life to open was that piece on the crystal adventure. Everything else felt complete. (All my relationships with family and friends were good, not over, but not needing anything.) Now, being asked to see it as simply a story was easy. I did not see that coming, but can I let it go? Of course.

Given the pieces I had just looked at on the Divine Feminine, one thing I did see was that crystal from Atlantis was “the” Divine Feminine crystal. I never understood that. But what I saw during the session was that this is yet another aspect of the divine feminine that I hold inherently within me. I have direct access to it. It is available to be used in what I want to create, bring forward in this time. That was kind of cool. And what I was being pointed to in that session last night, yet again, was this deep impulse within me to be a creator.

Stories are great if they inspire me. And then when I have achieved the knowing from that, I set the intention going forward to remember to let the story go. It is so easy to hang onto things! It takes no thought at all. I may yet write more on the value of completion. It is an area I do not believe is really understood. So the greater part of the alignment effort with me, with crystals or anything else, is not so much seeking to align with and reengage a story of old, but it has to do with the creation of the new. It is about engaging my energies and finding ways in which I now can bring this level of divinity that is available, this level of heart connection, this level of current purpose and focus. To what level can this be enhanced through a working awareness with crystals? Or a working awareness of gardening and what I eat? Or a working awareness of yoga / dance / body movement? Or a working awareness of writing or pottery? Or a working awareness of sound and/or color?

I am noticing and enjoying how quickly the questioning and the falling out of knowing comes back to certainty so quickly, and with no effort. My truth in this moment is, I just like this current story. I like feeling the connections and the love with Gaia and Quan Yin, the Magdalenes, the Hathors, and the Nefertiti frequencies. I like the connection and the love I feel with the physical and the non-physical beings that I get to play with. I like the power that I feel run though me. I like the feeling of potency and possibility within me as I reach for what is possible today, in the energetics available on the Earth today. And I like what I see reflected back to me through my experiences with others.

I do believe Cornwall energies have been very good for me. So much has opened in this time here, as I felt it could. The power and the magic that I feel in Cornwall and on the Cornwall coast is now flowing through my veins. It is me. It has opened me, affected me, and is now a part of me and becoming accessible. And we have three months left here. More will undoubtedly open. And much will be anchored within me for use whenever I desire to tap into it. Every experience does seem to expand my beingness. And for me, expansion is joy.