The last question I answered was how I found myself responding in a group E-mail. There were two responses to this person following mine that made me think. The first was an acknowledgement to commit your life to what you love and follow your soul’s calling and magic will happen. The focus was on the commitment. The second was an encouragement to follow your big dreams and not lose sight of them, maybe taking a part time job to help with the money aspect temporarily.

Yes, of course, to both. I realize in this exchange just how stable I am now. I never had the thought that giving up what fed one’s soul would even be an option. For me, that was the hard part, getting to that knowing. I am now playing in the arena of knowing that we are following our soul’s purpose, learning to express it, amidst the challenges of being in the physical and being in such transition right now, and looking at how best to achieve it, and how to use our success to open the doors to others. No thought of not succeeding, just shepherding all through that wish to step through. How interesting.