Power. Or is it Beauty? Or is it Radiance?

Has it really been two months since I said hello?? Wow! Is there a lot to say? Or there nothing to say? In some ways, life is so very simple now. It is joy expressing. It is authority expressing. It is power flowing through me. It is so very simple. There is no more reaching or trying. There is just an inner smile. And when I notice it, I feel confident. The circular movement, the dance, the knowing, the momentum is now so firmly in place, I simply rest in it.

I was responding to an Email last week and I found myself writing the following:

I wonder if I should write more words or not. I start and I erase.

I will share some. I only hesitate because I feel it is redundant. But sometimes redundancy provides stability.

I am fully and perfectly prepared for this time, yes.

I have long practiced my “tools” when it didn’t count and now I am secure in them. I can rest in them.

I am in joy in every moment because I am capable of being there.

It is an amazing experience.

I am no longer concerned about things I know used to concern me.

What a powerful group we are.

There are many gathering.

Do you all feel it, too?