Even though I was introduced to Sanat Kumara prior, I received a formal introduction January 1, 2017. I was not actively aware of Cities of Light at this time. There was just a gentle reference to Shambala and to crystals or crystalline energies. I think as we come back around to a review of Cities of Light, we need also to bring in my understanding of Sanat Kumara and Shambala, as I see Cities of Light being a bringing through of Shambala / Earth energies physically onto the Earth plane. It also comes back to my understanding of the energies available directly in Glastonbury.

“A part of this specifically is this introduction to Sanat Kumara and taking forward potentials at that level. I recommend the continued focus on the book that you are reading. There are examples given in regards to a planetary logos within that book. There is already this recognition within you, dear Marybeth, that you are very much connected, that you are already able to feel that oneness with this space, this energy that in essence holds the heart of Mother Earth.  There is an opportunity for extending those skills that you have already developed in relation to holding space for family and others. There is an opportunity from within that heart-centered space to be holding, not simply holding seeds, but the watering of seeds that can spring through. The work that you have done is, this year, to become more broadly visible and more broadly known. This is the next natural step for you.

“There is an encouragement here in relation to your stay in Glastonbury to open to broader connection with people, to be willing to speak your truth, to be attuned to your intuition, to be reaching for statements which are an expression of your truth, which feel appropriate. In this particular space, those seeds are more easily heard. In the reflection back from that, there is a reaffirmation of your capabilities in process. This connection with Sanat Kumara holds you to the bigger picture that you both feel and love and have always recognized as your own.

“It is my joy to step aside now, and simply invite that energetic connection with this energy, this consciousness, this being, at one level a being, of Sanat Kumara, and to empower a greater flow of connectedness. This connectedness is easily possible from the location at which you now sit for there is a direct connection from the Glastonbury Tor through to the central space held by Sanat Kumara. You might call it, if we were to give it a human representation, the equivalent of a headquarters.”

Within the words from Sanat Kumara at that time, we were invited to consider “accessing this center within the earth that I refer to as Shambala, the setting up of a base from which my consciousness may operate and flow. Such a connection may also empower a greater awareness of crystalline energies, which also are close to your heart and your awareness.”

Later in the year, we did another session specifically with Sanat Kumara to take this forward.

“In your reaching down to Shambala, your reaching out for Shambala, this really constitutes an opportunity to align with the direction of growth of consciousness and well-being on the planet. There is a pace at which change may be adopted into human consciousness. And I, and I may also say we, as coordinators of that change, are empowering that change, and let us say, not forcing that change, for free will is predominant.

“There is a desire, generally, that has been expressed by humanity, and there is a response to that desire. And there are also resistances within the mass consciousness to aspects of change.

“The process of allowing permits an optimum path. It permits humanity in segments to begin to say yes, or a tentative yes, to flow somewhat with an idea. As ideas are experienced, there is a tangible feeling within the body. And through that feeling, there comes a confidence of a new awareness established and gained.

“Let me talk a little more about Shambala. Shambala is not specifically a physical location. And yet it may be considered to be a space that is coincident broadly with the center of the planet. There is an aspect of powerful connection with the Himalayas in the physical.

“There is a powerful aspect of connection to the crystalline nature, of structures within the various materials, crystalline materials that make up the planet’s physical structure. These crystalline materials are capable of holding a vibration that I set, much as a tuning fork. With the willingness of more such as yourself to come and join me, there is the opportunity to increasingly link your vibration to that vibration or include a harmonic of that vibration which I am holding and emanating from Shambala.

“Through the process of resonance, then this program of well-being and evolutionary development of consciousness that is held and thoroughly established within Shambala through connection to beautiful beings, such as yourself, Marybeth, it is possible then to emanate a resonance of this, a pure resonance of this on the surface at a level that can be intuitively absorbed by others. With the addition of a few words, a few pointers, in particular, pointers to what people may be feeling, also to what people may be intuiting, but particularly to what people may be feeling, allows people a recognition, and the grounding of a recognition from which they do not then retreat.

“It is my intention to invoke the further and greater radiation of light, of heartness, of well-being on a frequency level which may be more readily and directly picked up by yourself. This is in response to your own invoking. To make available to you an increasingly direct line into the heart consciousness of Shambala. In Shambala are woven many themes, even as you weave your structures, and have familiarity with that methodology of doing so, so have I woven many structures into our beloved planet. It is my open declaration to you now, and my commitment to you, that I make open to you this channel for intuitive and feeling connection and attunement, also for the reaching of stored wisdom, tempered with experience that you may reach for the principle of Shambala as you connect to others, to allow an expanded flow of synchronistic information to come through.

“As you say yes to me and invoke additional potency, then there is this opportunity for me to gradually adjust that frequency which can therefore work on your structures for you, in addition to the work that you yourself may consciously undertake. In this sense, you become, if you will and if you wish it, an active representation of these energies of Mother Earth, which I embody. And, as you increasingly allow, then our alignment will become greater. These energies that I hold have been very present in some of those beautiful beings and archetypes that you recognize, the beingness of Isis, the beingness of Athena, the beingness of Quan Yin. With all of these, you hold a harmony and a there is a deep harmony and a deep and powerful alignment of these energies with Shambala.

“Shambala is, at one level, a structure of consciousness that is optimized to hold certain frequencies, and in particular holds a love frequency, and simultaneously also holds thoughts of creation. There are aspects of both the will of Prime Creator and also love of Prime Creator. There is also bound within that energy, a great deal of allowing and nurturing, what we may call the feminine energies.

“Let us reach for an analogy. At the physical level, you yourself have held certain energies for others. There has been this energy of the stable space, or wobble-free space as you refer to it, that you have been able to hold consistently. Likewise, Shambala as a space of consciousness holds such a stability.

“If you might envisage perhaps a center of energies that is able to hold certain frequencies, imagine if you will the angelic realm, in which aspects of the angelic realm may hold a consistent frequency, sometimes referred to as song, in glory of the creator. There is a representation of the holding of certain energies within the planet. And yet those energies are not entirely fixed, for there is an evolutionary process occurring within the planet, reflected on its surface.

“So, it is, that in Shambala certain energies are held which are themselves harmonics of the energy of the Creator, and yet also, there is some individuality bequeathed. There is an aspect of exploration, embedded in the energies and the seed, thoughts that helped to form this planet originally. In the process of linking your consciousness with me, there is then an indirect link, shall we say, to the Creator, and to what we might call a Divine Plan. The divine plan suggests, in human terms perhaps, that there is a very specific plan, and yet it is a very broad and accommodating and wide-ranging plan. It is more an overall direction that is desired to be explored, than a specific path. Therefore, there are many paths to be explored, represented by the many individualities who are present on this planet.

“When human beings come together as a group, and they have an honoring principle present, and a desire to share together, then there can be a harmony built within the group. And a joyful experience emerges that benefits each individual member of the group, whilst also building the overall group energy.

“As you choose to align further with this center of Shambala, then there are opportunities for a flow into your awareness of how Shambala is constructed, its purposes, and there is also an opportunity for a backflow. As you understand and perceive with clarity that which is occurring, there is an opportunity for your feedback to make adjustments to the overall plan.”