A new day brings such new ways of looking at things.

I was looking at another piece in a recording about Tara the other day. It felt just as significant to me as a previous one had about Quan Yin. And today, I just saw it so differently. Often when I read or hear something that feels very significant to me, I pause and take time to understand or work with the significance, to discover the meaning.

I watch many other people have great stories that I really do not resonate with, except to see their passion around it. And I can play roles in their stories. I can participate. But when I see something that touches me deeply, that has significance to me, I have questioned its truth, looked for its meaning. How could I claim something so wonderful as my own? We are so funny. Today I see it is wonderful (to me) simply because it is my own. It resonates because it is part of my story. I do not know why I continue to expect things to land in different ways than they do. But it is always funny when I see it yet again.

Today there are several pieces that I had wanted to go further into that do not have the same meaning to me as they did a week ago. As I saw this, I had the thought of going to past blogs and deleting things which are no longer relevant. But that would be work. So I will just state that I see I am different today. My views have shifted. Meanings have changed.

Today I feel like I am able to expand my beingness in a new way. And it feels softer, less disciplined from my normal approach. And things just look different.